Armor of Light
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Armor of Light

Creator: KB Montgomery

Genre: Feature Film

Run Time: 58:22

Description: A desperate woman and her daughter struggle to fend off an evil being from their shack with only candles and oil lamps.

COLFF Awards: Best Feature Film, Best Actress, Best Actress Child, Best Overall Cast, Best Director, Best producer, Best Hair and Make-up, Best Costumes and Props

Other Awards:


KB Montgomery (Writer, Director, Key Cast - the evil being and Dad)

Amy Montgomery (Key Cast - Phoebe the Mother)

Maggie Montgomery (Key Cast - Jean Louise the Daughter and the other daughter)

Juanita Montgomery (Crafts and Porps; Key Cast - Gandmother)

Sallie Montgomery (Key Cast - the other daughter)

Rod Montgomery (Set Owner)

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