At Fault
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: At Fault


Creator: Anthony Hartley


Genre: Mini-Film


Length: 4:44


Description: A man at the end of his life faces his choice.


CFF Awards: 'Best Mini-Film', ‘Best Actor Supporting’ for Gabriel Lopez who plays an Angel, ‘Best Villain’ for Greg Zietlow who plays the evil one, 'Best Hair/Make-up’ for Ella Hartley for the car crash scene, and ‘Best Salvation Message’ for Gabriel Lopez and Anthony Hartley


Other Awards: TBD



Anthony Hartley (Director, Writer, Producer)

Greg Zietlow (Key Cast)

Gabe Lopez (Key Cast)

Cinematography and Color Grading-Moulouk Mouzaoir
Sound and Original Music-Christopher Cain
Lighting and A.D-Skip Gragg
Makeup, Catering and A.D-Ellen Hartley
Sound-Mathew Start
Graphics and Web Design-Daniel "Hauss" Cartwright


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