David Hood
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: David Hood


Creator: Josh Ebel and Adam Fielden


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 46:53


Description: An Old Legend...Retold… David Hood is a take on a couple old characters (The biblical story of David and Robin Hood) that have been put into a blender, added twist of lemon and a dash of surprise in brand new tale that is completely unlike either story. David Hood is about our hero David and his best friend Will who has been hiding for years and spends his time roughing up his nemesis, King Saul. This is a film full of action, adventure and even a bit of romance as we follow David on the adventure of a life time.


CFF Awards: 'Best Feature Film', ‘Best Actor’ for Josh Ebel who plays David Hood (TIE), ‘Best Actor Supporting’ for all three of Adam Fielden who plays Will, Jeff Demarco who plays Magic Martin, and Michael ‘Bruce’ Johnson who plays Friar Tuck (TIE), ‘Best Actress’ for Aria Ebel who plays Maid Miriam (TIE), ‘Best Actress Supporting’ for Leah Willard who plays Little Jo (TIE)..., ‘Best Villain’ for both Zack Lemings who plays King Saul, and Adam Blankenship who plays the Sheriff (TIE), ‘Best Actor Child’ for both Noah Radliff who plays Little Richard and Adam Crandall who plays Young David (TIE), and finally the CFF ‘Friend Award’ for showing how best friends should act by having David’s friends stick with him even when the times were tough!


Other Awards: Smokey Mountain Film Festival (Director’s Choice)



Josh Ebel (Director, Writer, Editor, Key Cast - David Hood, Foreign King)

Adam Fielden (Director, Writer, Key Cast – Goliath, Will, Music)

Leah Willard (Writer, Key Cast – Little Jo, Script Supervisor)

Adam Blankenship (Key Cast – The Sheriff)

Zack Lemings (Key Cast – King Saul)

Justin and Stacey Breeden (Cast – Little David’s Parents)

Noah Radliff (Cast - Little Richard)

Adam Crandall (Cast – Young David)

Michael ‘Bruce’ Johnson (Cast – Friar Tuck)

Aria Ebel (Cast – Maid Miriam)

Jeff DeMarco (Cast - Magic Martin)

Linda Fielden, Bob Ebel, Lisa Ebel (Cast – Guards, Peasants, Extras)

Richard Bailey (Special Thanks)


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