Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Fairplay


Creator: Leonardo Gomez


Genre: Documentary


Length: 13:50


Description:  Silvano Espíndola was a famous Argentinian soccer player in the late 70s and early 80s, well known not just because his ability with the ball, but because his arrogance. He describes himself as a foul-mouthed, womanizer, selfish and rude guy. His friends and his wife agree with him.  He had a successful life, he earned a lot of money playing soccer, he had the girls that he wanted. He was player of the Argentinian soccer Team and then a Colombian team bought his transfer. He had everything, but he felt sad and alone. Once, a friend of him invited him to a protestant prayer group, but he rejected to go there. He knew he needed help, but he had to preserve his reputation as a celebrity, so he could not ask for help.  Finally, he decided to go, and his life was transformed completely. He felt the presence of God and he changed his bad habits and bad behavior. Suddenly he threw down his pornography, his black book and he rejected the women that wanted to go out with him, because he felt he could not fail to Jesus.

Two years after his conversion, he became a Pastor in Bogotá. He traveled to Argentina to open the Church in Argentina and then he traveled to the USA to open the church in Miami and finally in Boca Raton.


COLFF Awards: Best Documentary (Leonardo Gomez), and the COLFF Inspire Award (Silvano Espindola)!


CFF Awards: TBD


Other Awards: TBD



Leonardo Gomez (Writer, Director, Producer)


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