Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner

Title: Foreigner


Creator: Jack Savage


Genre: Mini-Film


Length: 10:22


Description: In this Mini-Film a husband makes a very bad decision that almost destroys his family. After she knows what happened, can his wife forgive?


CFF Awards:  'Best Mini-Film', ‘Best Director’ for Jack Savage, 'Best Actor' for John VandenOver, ‘Best Actress’ for Jackie Goldston, ‘Best Actress Supporting’ for Kelly Guthrie-Ladd, the COLFF ‘Best Message’ award for showing we need to forgive, and the COLFF ‘Family Award' for showing families need to stick together no matter what! Thank you to everyone who helped make this movie happen, it was really powerful! COLFF


Other Awards: TBD



Jack Savage (Director, Writer, Producer, Editing)

Jeff Griswold (Producer, Original Screenplay Writer)

Annie MacMillian (Producer)

Jackie Goldston (Key Cast – Sarah - the Wife)

Alesio McKinnon (Key Cast – Jamie the Daughter)

John VandenOever (Key Cast – The Husband)

Kelly Guthrie-Ladd (Key Cast – Mrs. Turner – the Lawyer)

Brian Little (Director of Photography, Editing)

James Savage (Additional Camera Work, Set Design)

Sam Rodriguez (Audio Recording)

Tim Rhodes (Audio Mixing)

David Possien (Coloring)

Seth Meeler (Music)

Chris Patton (Production assistant)

Drew Griswold (Production Assistant)

Special Thanks to:

Amicalola  State Park

Suzy Griswold

Jessica Savage



Award Poster: