Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Gone

Creator: John Hopper

Genre: Mini-film

Run Time: 10:00

Description: When Jason wakes up to a thief breaking into his house, nothing prepares him for what happens next.  This is a story of life, love and faith as the conversation the two men have leads to a decision that will change their lives for all eternity.

COLFF Awards:Best Mini-Film, Best Actor, Best Actor Supporting, Best Salvation Message, Best Villain

Other Awards:


John Hopper (Director, Writer)

Tom Verdouw (Producer)

Jason Muller (Key Cast - Max)

Nathan Hedger (Key Cast - Jason)

Steve Mack (Key Cast - Jason's Father)

Salvatore Merenda (Key Cast - Drug Dealer)

Alex Clegg (Director of Photography, Camera Operator)

Caleb Trevatt (Cinematography, Camera Operator)

Mitchell Poloni (Music Composer)

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