Mob Tithes
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner

Title: Mob Tithes


Creator Krystal Bolden


Genre: Mini-Film


Length: 7:29


Description:  Enforcing the law of Tithes goes deeper than he thinks when Randy, the Tithes Sherriff, starts training his protégée.


CFF Awards:: TBD


COLFF Awards: Best Mini-Film (Krystal Bolden), Best Director (Krystal Bolden), Best Producer (CROSS Network), Best Actor (Bryce Miller – Randy), Best Actor Supporting (Caleb Milby - Timmy, Clay Pool - Oscar, Jordan Tate - Chuck), Best Actress Supporting (Crystal Gix - Tithing Woman), Best Song (Anthony Holdin - theme song), and Best Movie Poster (Krystal Bolden)!


Other Awards: TBD



Krystal Bolden (Director, Writer)

CROSS Network, LLC (Producer)

Bryce Miller (Key Cast – Randy)

Caleb Milby (Key Cast – Timmy)

Clay Pool (Key Cast – Oscar)

Jordan Tate (Key Cast - Chuck)

Crystal Gix (Key Cast – Tithing Woman)


Award Poster: