No Eyes Have Seen
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: No Eyes Have Seen


Creator Krystal Bolden


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 30:17


Description: A teenage boy, Landen, buys recording glasses to record himself skating. But one evening of skateboard tricks turns his life upside down when he inadvertently records a murder being committed in a dark alley on his way home by the city's most powerful mob-boss, Elliot Harker. Being a deacon's son, Landen, has always been taught to do the right thing. But as a witness to a high-profile murder, he soon finds out that doing the right thing is not always so distinctively clear. Landen quickly realizes that doing the right thing will either haunt him morally or put his family and friends in danger.


COLFF Awards:  

Best Feature Film (Krystal Bolden)

Best Producer (Cross Network, Clay Pool, Krystal Bolden)

Best Editing (Mia Roberts)

Best Actor (Trini Green – Landen’s Dad)

Best Actress (Trish Powell)– Landen’s Mom)

Best Actor Supporting (Clay Pool – Elliot, Randy C – Jailhouse Officer, Mark Leenert’s – Eric’s Dad, TJ Werner – Danny, Jack Powell Sr. – Pastor,

Best Actress Supporting (Kimberly Ryan – Rachel’s Mom, Natalie Mai Diaz – News reporter, Shameeka Washington – Police Officer, Ethel Olague – Jordan’s Mom)

Best Actor Teen (Michael Norwood – Landen, Anthony Olague, - Jordan)

Best Actress Teen (Tammy Farris – Rachel, Michelle Wadsworth – Tutor)

Best Villain (Clay Pool - Jordan)

Best Cinematography (K Renee, Brett Cimo, Ailed Tovar, Chris Frame, Kevin Payton)

Best Music (Frankie Alfaro, Chris Frank, Scott Stover. Alex Fitch, Andy Cohen, Jake Sanders, Segie Cheremisn, Dave Depper, Jacopo Tore)

COLFF Best Family Award (Landen’s Family – Michael Norwood, Trini Green, Trish Powell)


CFF Awards: TBD


Other Awards: TBD



Krystal Bolden (Director, Writer, Producer)

CROSS Network (Producer)

Clay Pool (Producer)

Michael Norwood (Key Cast)

Anthony Olague (Key Cast)

Clay Pool (Key Cast)

Trini Green (Key Cast)

Trish Powell (Key Cast)

Kimberly Ryans (Key Cast)


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