Odorico Become Saint
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Odorico, Become a Saint


Creator: Roger Mantica


Genre: Documentary


Length: 1:18


Description: Italian priest Odorico D'Andrea arrived in Nicaragua in 1953 as a missionary of the Franciscan order; his life changed forever the small town of San Rafael del Norte and influenced the peace process of the country during its civil war. Today he has thousands of devotees who hail him as a saint.


CFF Awards: TBD


COLFF Awards: Award Winner for Best Documentary (Roger Mantica), Best Producer (Roger Mantica, Fray Muratori, Louis Fuento), Best Cinematography (Roger Mantica, Alejandro Lopez, Cairo Lopez, Jose Fernando, Ramiro Lopez, Omar Lopez), Best Music & Sound (Roger Mantica, Louis Fuento), Best Performance (Band members who play and sing the song for Odorico), and the COLFF Inspire Award (Odorico D’Andrea for his inspiring life story)! 


Other Awards: TBD



Roger Mantica (Director, Produce, Editor, Music, Cinematography)

Fray Muratori (Producer)

Luis Fuentos (Producer, Sound)

Alejandro Lopez (Camera Operator)

Cairo Lopez (Assistant Camera)

Jose Fernando (Assistant Camera)

Ramiro Lopez (Dolly)

Omar Lopez (Dolly)


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