Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Reprogrammed


Creator: Charter Road


Genre: Mini-film


Run Time: 8:36


Description: This Christian animated film by Charter Road, tells the story where a robotic system controlled by fear, is reprogrammed with the help of some robots Timmy, Aden, and Quin!


COLFF Awards:

Best Children's Movie

Best Visual Effects

Best Message


Other Awards:

Winner "Award of Merit" in the Accolade Global Film Festival
Winner "Award of Merit" in the Indie Fest Film Awards
Winner "Award of Merit" in the Best Shorts Competition



Brandon Chappell (Director)

Charter Road Productions (Producer)

David Robinson (Key cast - Timmy the robot)

Rod Mcclean (Key cast - Quin the robot)

Adwoa Dora (Key cast - Aden the robot)

Charter Road (Key cast - The security door)

Kimberlee Almatari (Lead Animator)

Shen Wen Peng (Lead Modeler)

Mary Beh (Rendering Assistant)


Award Poster: