Silly Robin
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Silly Robin


Creator Ian Woodward


Genre: Documentary


Length: 15:12


Description:  One morning in early autumn the lives of English naturalist Ian Woodward, FZS, and his garden-loving wife Zenka were suddenly changed. In their country garden near London they were befriended by a robin, England’s unofficial national bird. It was the start of an amazing relationship between man and bird that would provoke smiles and induce tears. It was a friendship that would arouse tenderness and stir up emotions of wonder, admiration and trust. “When bird trusts man,” says the filmmaker, “be proud.” Zenka and Ian (a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London) called the red and brown songster “Silly Robin”.


COLFF Awards: Best Foreign Film (Ian Woodward), Best Documentary (Ian Woodward), Best Director (Ian Woodward), Best Producer (Ian Woodward), Best Actress (Zenka Woodward), Best Narrator (Beth Mayoh), Best Cinematography (Ian Woodward), and Best Movie Poster (Stefanie Woodward)!


CFF Awards: ‘Best Documentary’ ‘Best Documentary Fan Favorite’, ‘Best Foreign Film’, ‘Best Director’ for Ian Woodward, ‘Best Actress’ for Zenka Woodward, ‘Best Narrator’ for Beth Mayoh, ‘Best Cinematography’ for all the amazing footage of birds, other animals, and nature, and ‘Best Movie Poster’ for having an awesome movie poster with ‘Silly Robin’ the star of the documentary on it! 


Other Awards: TBD



Ian Woodward (Director, Writer, Producer)

Zenka Woodward (Key Cast)

Beth Mayoh (Narrator)

Silly Robin' himself


Award Poster: