Sister Able's Closet
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Sister Able’s Closet


Creator: Terri Bea-Sopher


Genre: Feature Film


Length: 1:12:30


Description: "Sister Able invites her church family to her home for dinner. The members are in for more than chicken and collards. They soon discover that Sister Able is hiding something other than her famous recipe in her closet, the evening quickly takes a TERRIFYING turn! The members of "Ain't nobody Bznezz Church of Gawd", finds out Sister Able has a closet full of secrets! What comes out of it...depends on what's inside of her!"


CFF Awards: TBD 


COLFF Awards: Best Feature Film (Terri Bea-Sopher), Best Producer (Joseph Sopher Sr), Best Actor (Roddy Williams - Brother Smitty), Best Actress (Kyla Hill – Sister Able), Best Actor Supporting (Anthony Whittacker Pastor McFry), and Best Actress Supporting (Angela Newbill-Hicks - Sister Angella)!


Other Awards: TBD



Terri Bea-Sopher (Director, Writer, Producer, Cast – Mother Able)

Joseph Sopher Sr. (Executive Producer)

Antoine Baptiste (Director, Editor)

Music (Pastor Will Haggins)

Kyla Hill (Cast – Sister Able)

Roddy Williams (Cast – Brother Smitty)

Andrea Newbill-Hicks (Cast – Sister Angella)

Anthony Whittacker (Cast – Pastor McFry)

Chris Willis (Cast – Brother Marcus)

Yolanda Denis (Cast – Sister Rose)

Jessica Lynne Moon (Cast – Mother Evans)

JaNea Benford (Cast – Mother Mable)

Mercedes Brown (Cast – Sister Marcia)


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