The Buttermilk Tree
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: The Buttermilk Tree


Creator: Jonetha Jomea Scott


Genre: Movie


Description: This powerful film is a very touching story about a man that is unable to deal with the death of his wife from Breast Cancer.  At a class reunion, a few of his friends decide to visit him to try and help bring him out of his depressed state, however, he ends up helping them with their problems instead.  It also has a surprise ending.


CFF Awards: TBD


COLFF Awards: Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Producer, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Actor Supporting, Best Actress Supporting, Best Song


Other Awards: TBD



Jonetha Jomea Scott (Director, Writer, Producer)

Snoop Robinson – Key Cast

Deborah Nickerson – Key Cast

Tasha Harden – Key Cast

Autumn Cannon – Key Cast

Raison Thompson – Key Cast


Movie Poster: