The Unexpected
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: The Unexpected


Creator: Gina Carey


Genre: Feature Film


Run Time: 1:32:22


Description: This award-winning amazing feature film is a family fiction and drama about a teenage girl named “Samantha Burkmore” and her difficult and uncertain journey to adulthood. It was Written, Produced, and Directed by Ms. Gina Carey, is a Gina Carey Films Production, and was done in association with Gico Music! The film stars La Shawn Porter, Kyli Tapia, Brian Moore, Brittany Majors, Emerald J. Williams, Lisa Thomas, Lillian Turman-Cherry, Mariah Garcia, Victor Rodriguez, and C. Ty Hearne! 


COLFF Awards: Best Picture; Best Director; Best Music/Sound; Best Actor; Best Actress; Best Actor Supporting; Best Actress Supporting; Best Overall Cast


Other Awards: 



Gina Carey (Writer / Director / Producer / End Song / ) 

John Carey (Music Soundtrack Beginning Song)

La Shawn Poter (Key Cast Actress Lead)

Kylie Tapia (Key Cast Actress Supporting)

Brian Moore (Key Cast Actor Lead)

Brittany Majors Key Cast)

Emerald Williams Key Cast Ms. Williams)

Lisa Friday (Key Cast Police)

Mariah Garcia (Key Cast Angel Group Home Girl)

Victor Hernandez (Key Cast Group Home Boy)

Lillian Cherry (Key Cast Hair stylist)

C Ty Hern (Key Cast Mark)


COLFF Award Picture: