The Trial of Everett Mann
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: The Trial of Everett Mann


Creator: Mike Gerard


Genre: Short Film


Length: 24:00


Description: An arrogant hot-headed man finds himself on the wrong end of the law. Desperate with no place to turn, he finds hope and redemption through an unlikely stranger.


COLFF Awards: 'Best Short Film', ‘Best Producer’ for Sandra F. Bell and Laughton Huggins, ‘Best Director’ for Mike Gerard (TIE), ‘Best Cast’, ‘Best Actor' for Sean Borderes who plays Everett Mann (TIE), ‘Best Actor Supporting’ for Travis Conover who plays the Defender and Rich Roach who plays Baits (TIE), ‘Best Cinematography’ by Guillermo Cameo, ‘Best Hair and Make-up’, ‘Best Costumes and Props’, ‘Best Soundtrack’, the ‘Best Poster’ award for having the best movie poster in the festival, and finally the CFF ‘Good Samaritan’ award for the movie that portrays sacrificial giving the best for the scene where the defender takes the place of the criminal!


Other Awards: TBD



Mike Gerard (Writer, Director)
Sandra F. Bell (Associate Producer)
Laughton Huggins (Associate Producer)
Sean Borderes (Key Cast – Everett Mann)
Travis Conover (Key Cast – Defender)
Rich Roach (Key Cast – Baits)
Flaco Navaja (Key Cast – Prosecutor)
David Ham (Key Cast – Judge)
Guillermo Cameo (Director of Photography)
Jianxi Zhang (Sound)
Carina Rosario (Production Assistant)
Cindy Else (Production Assistant)
Joy Librojo (Production Assistant)
Kim Lee (Production Assistant)

Award Poster: