Tuned In
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Tuned In


Creator: Matthew Marshall


Genre: Mini-Film


Length: 13:10


Description: Emma, a teenager who disobeys dinner table rules of her parents by having her cell phone at the table gets grounded until she learns to get priorities straight and learn the value of relationships..


COLFF Awards:'Best Mini-Film’, ‘Best Producer’ for Florin Marksteiner, ‘Best Director’ for Matthew Marshall, ‘Best Actor’ for Jamie Rainbird who plays Tom, ‘Best Actress’ for Corina Leatherdale who plays the Mother, ‘Best Actress Supporting’ for Talitha Wood who plays Stacey, ‘Best Actress Teen’ for Marly Cabral who plays Emma, ‘Best Actress Child’ for Brittany Sterling who plays Emma’s Sister, ‘Best Props’ for Sharon Marshall, the COLFF ‘Best Message’ award for telling us we need to put down the digital devices and spend more time with family and friends, the COLFF ‘Father Award’ for best showing how a father should interact with his children, and finally the COLFF ‘Family Award’ for showing a family eating dinner together! 


CFF Awards: TBD


Other Awards: TBD



Matthew Marshall (Director, Writer)

Florin Marksteiner (Producer, Editor)

Marley Cabral (Key Cast - Emma)

Corina Leatherdale (Key Cast - Mother)

Jamie Rainbird (Key Cast - Father)

Talitha Wood (Key Cast - Stacey)

Brittany Sterling (Key Cast - Sibling)

Terry Pridham (Cast – Janitor, 1st Assistant Camera)

Julia Brown (Cast - Student)

Helena Rose (Cast – Student)

Tyrel Hindley (Cast – Student, Grip)

Katie Ostojic (Cast – Student)

Morgan Flanagan (Cast – Student)

Riley Krebs (Cast – Student)

Katelynn Carrothers (Cast – Student, Sound Recording)

Amber Hinderer (Cast – Student)

Shannon Siertsema (Cast – Student)

Karl Van Essen (Cast – Radio Host #1)

Helena rose (Cast – Radio Host #2)

David Jackson (Director of Photography)

Corrinne Wood (Production Manager)

Kyle White (Camera Operator)

Rachel Arsenault (Make-up Artist)

Rachel Smith (Assistant Make-up Artist)

Christine Ellwood (Script Supervisor)

Talitha Wood (Boom Operator)

Sharon Marshall (Props)

Charles Peterson (Production Assistant)

Amber Hinderer (Production Assistant)

Donna Pemberton Cabral (Assistant to Ms. Cabral)

Tim Harvey (Photographer – Stills)


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