Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem
Christian Online Film Festival Award Winner


Title: Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem


Creator: Holger Klussman


Genre: Documentary


Run Time: 16:57


Description:  This fascinating documentary, shot in Jerusalem, Israel, walks the road that the Passion of the Christ took place on, from the place where Jesus was sentenced to death, to the place where He was crucified, buried, and rose again.   This documentary is amazing!


COLFF Awards: Best Documentary, Knowledge Award


Other Awards: TBD



Holger Klussman (Writer, Director, Producer, Camera, Editing)

Nicole Nolting (Narration)

Kimberly Kolgrove (Translations)

Patrick O’Hearn (Music ‘Still Standing’)

Michael Reimann (Music ‘Amen)

The Benedictine Monks (Music ‘Amen’)


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