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CBA 2020 Awards
Christian Book Award Winners for 2020!


Below are the 2020 Christian Book Award Winners!

CBA Winners for 1 December 2020:

'Cemetery Plots’ by Michael McClendon. In this fiction story set in the town of Sulfur Fork TN strange things start to happen when they start to move their cemetery!

CBA Winners for 1 October 2020:

‘Man Up To Infertility’ by  Dr. Pete Roscoe. An educational book with a Biblical perspective written to help men whose marriages have not produced children yet.

'Prodigals' by Mr. Sumit Deshpande.  A Tale of Lost Sons and a Loving Father.

CBA Winners for 1 July 2020:

'The Last Christmas Tree' by Deborah Hoffman with paintings by Robert Sauber:  

'The Good Soldier' by Gregory Granderson.

CBA Winners for 1 April 2020: 


‘Lord Teach Us To Live’ by Ms. Jennifer Chamberlain.