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Hi everyone - Welcome to the Christian Movie Watchers Club (CMWC)!


Just send us an e-mail at christianfilmfestival@aol.com with the link to your Christian movie or channel on YouTube, we will sign you up for the CMWC, and then start sending you a monthly e-mail with YouTube links for all CMWC members who have posted Christian Movies on YouTube to watch, like, and subscribe to. 


It is FREE!


Who should join the CMWC? - Any Christian movie maker who wants to get exposure and eventually possibly make money off their movie so they can make another one! As the director for many years of the Christian Film Festival, Christian Online Film Festival, Christian Book Awards, and the producer of an award winning cartoon, I am asked over and over countless times at events by people just like you 'How do I make money with my Christian movie so I can make another one?'


The purpose of the CMWC - is to generate views, likes, subscribers, and eventually advertising money $$$ for independent Christian Filmmakers and Movies that are posted to the web!


The question - How do I make money with my Christian movie?


The answer - Join the CMWC because we have the plan - the same way Christian musicians make money off their music videos and YouTube channels we will do the same thing - you need to post your movie to YouTube, get 10,000 subscribers and views, monetize your channel, and then advertisers will give you money to run their adds on your channel.


How can the CWMC help me? CWMC members promise to watch, like, and subscribe to other members movies on YouTube!


So what does that get me you ask? How do 10 year old YouTube kids make millions of dollars a year playing with toys on their YouTube channels, and why can't I? Well that is the question that perplexes me and every other Christian movie maker - how do I get to that level? How do I make money off my Christian Movie so I can make another one? Well after years of running the Christian Film Festival, Christian Online Film Festival, and Christian Book Awards, and having produced my own cartoon, the question asked of me countless times by frustrated and broke Christian movie makers, is just that. Well I think I have come up with a possible answer - the CMWC!!! So we know there is no shortcut - before YouTube will let you monetize your channel you need to show them that advertisers are not going to be wasting their money, and you do that by getting 10,000 people to go to your YouTube channel, watch your movie on YouTube, like it, and then subscribe to your channel.


With the CMWC we all help each other get to 10,000 subscribers and monetize our channels - together we can do it!


So how do I join the CMWC and get started?  Just send me an e-mail to christianfilmfestival@aol.com with the link to your Christian Movie on YouTube, and I will sign you up for the CMWC below - and each month I will send you an e-mail with the links of other CMWC members' YouTube movies to watch, like, and subscribe to - and in turn they will watch, like, and subscribe to your movie on YouTube.


That is it - if we all help each other we will all get to 10,000 subscribers and be able to monetize our YouTube channel and movie!


So stop sitting around complaining that Christian Movie Making is a dead end business with no money to be made - we can change it - join the CMWC and help us all generate $$$!



1. Send an e-mail to christianfilmfestival@aol.com to sign up with the link to your Christian Movie on YouTube.

2. The founder will put you below with the link to your movie on YouTube and add you to the e-mail distribution.

3. Each month on the 1st the founder will send all CMWC members an e-mail with the link to everyone's movie on YouTube.

4. All members agree to go to the movie links, watch them, like them, and subscribe to them with your movie/YouTube account.


That is it - see you at the movies!! 


CMWC Members

1. Rich Collins

Creator Raegan and RJ in Space - A family friendly Christian Space Adventure

YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFf8fxsHrJnaFk3JGpVIsRQ

Founder 29 Mar 20

2. Paul-Esupofo Oriade

Family Friendly Christian movies

YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/thesedmi?fbclid=IwAR3ssC9QQFyQIEsZtzWGedsBckcjY3ZxsoFNoYVBq1ImDh_m1ZdkqATM040

3. Aashish Rai

CHHAYA – A Gospel Featured Short Film by Aashish Rai [w/ English Subtitle]


4. This is you...





So come on - if you have produced a Christian Movie and you are looking for ways to make money - sign up for the CMWC and let's get started!

Note / Disclaimer - I do not promise you will make any money - the CMWC is my plan that I came up with after stewing on this perplexing problem for years and years - but I think it will work - if your YouTube channel gets 10,000 subscribers and CMWC members go to it every month - there you go - what more could an advertiser want right - you can say I have a Christian movie YouTube channel with 10,000 subscribers that gets regular monthly visits from other Christians - so if I am a Christian advertiser who has an account or is being paid to get the word out about a new book or product - the obvious choice is going to be your channel - and you can't make this up - you will have the views, likes, and subscribers they want!  So there is no guarantee you will make money by joining the CMWC, just like nothing is guaranteed in life - but isn't it better to try the CMWC than sit around cursing the darkness complaining about why you're broke - this is what I have come up with - so join me in the CMWC!