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Ella & Andy of Centauri! R&RJiS2!
Raegan and RJ in Space 2

This is a story called 'Ella and Andy of Centauri!' (E&AoC)

It is the sequal to 'Raegan and RJ in Space!' (R&RJiS)

It takes place about 100 years after Raegan and RJ and the CSS Faith colonize Alpha Centauri.

We plan on doing the same thing for E&AoC that we did for R&RJiS!

The story concept below was illustrated by Jennifer Lusong, the award-winning illustrator who did 'Raegan and RJ Save the Day', 'First to Mars', and 'Celebration at Alpha Centauri'. Thank you Ms. Lusong, you really brought our story concept to life!


The story revolves around Ella, a 12 year old girl, and Andy, her 10 year old little brother. They are growing up on a research starship called the 'Starshine' that is assigned to Alpha Centauri.  Their starship is part of a private space program called the 'Destiny Space Program!' On this starship are 6 families. The story is all about what it is like to grow up on a starship with other families.

At this point, about 100 years after Raegan and RJ arrived at Alpha Centauri, thousands and thousands of people have made the journey to Alpha Centauri.  There are also thousands of people that were born at Alpha Centauri that have never been to Earth!  There are about 10,000 people at Alpha Centauri.  Some live on the planet there.  Most live on a huge research and mining space station called 'Centauri Space City'.  This space station has two functions. First it is the most advance scientific facility in existience and conducts research on medicine, star travel, starship design, and other advanced topics. Second, it is the economic hub of the system.  This space station takes mining ore and other resources that come from the solar system and ships them back to Earth for sale.  So, the transport starships from the space station transport resources and products back to Earth for sale, and then carry people from Earth to Alpha Centauri on the return trip for a fee.  This economic model is what sustains the people at Alpha Centauri. Anything made or from Alpha Centauri is a big hit back on Earth.  

Unlike 'Raegan and RJ in Space!' where there are no bad guys or problems, some of the people at Alpha Centauri are not Christians, and some of them are bad, so that poses some challenges for the kids and crew, and this interaction is what is woven into the stories.

We also did a short animated video on Poser as a demo and posted it to YouTube that you can watch at this link:


Enjoy this story concept everyone - some day there will be E&AoC graphic novels, action figures, and videos for this family friendly story also!

Go Ella and Andy of Centauri!!!

Ella and Andy theme song!

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