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Hi everyone!


Please join us and make history by becoming a part of the only family friendly Christian Space adventure in the world!


On sale now - regularly $15 for a one year membership - now only $12!


Sign up below and be accepted for a 1 year membership in the R&RJiS fan club which includes:


1. A 'Friends of Raegan and RJ in Space digital certificate' signed by both Raegan and RJ and e-mailed to you!


2. A R&RJiS quarterly digital newsletter with information about upcoming R&RJiS products, artwork, graphic novels and animated adventures e-mailed to you!


3. A R&RJiS digital graphic novel in pdf form e-mailed to you each quarter - you can choose your graphic novel each quarter, each graphic novel is illustrated by a Christian artist: DL Maffet and Donny Armstrong (Satellite Rescue, Solar Storm, Mission to the 3 Suns), Jhenna Lusong (R&RJ Save The Day, First to Mars, Celebration at Alpha Centauri), or Robert Stimpson (Raegan and RJ in Space Colonizing the Galaxy for Christ, Raegan y RJ en el Espacio Colonizando la Galaxia por Cristo -Spanish Edition, Drawing R&RJiS)!  Just tell us which graphic novel you want each quarter and we will e-mail the pdf to you!


4. Your name in the end credits of any R&RJiS graphic novel or animated adventure published while you are a member!


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Raegan and RJ in Space 1 year fan club membership  
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Sale: $12.00

100% of the money paid into the 'R&RJiS fan club' is used to produce R&RJiS projects - there is no overhead!


The minute you join the R&RJiS fan club you can know that you are supporting family friendly Christian entertainment!


Imagine what it will feel like being in the end credits of a family friendly Christian cartoon that kids all over the world will enjoy over and over again!


As RJ says - Woo-hoo, Go Raegan and RJ in Space!


So join us - and thank you for supporting family friendly Christian entertainment!