Action Figures!
These are some pictures of the Proto-type Raegan and RJ Action Figures!


Proto-type R&RJiS Action Figures!!!

Note, and very sorry: These action figures are not for sale because there is only 1 of each made by Legends Press Toys of Memphis Tennessee as proto-types. Some day there will be a play set for Moms to buy and kids to play with which will consist of our 6 main characters - Raegan, RJ, James, Imogene, Maria, and Carlos - and a space shuttle in a play set! Kids will get to put the action figures in the shuttle and fly around and have adventures! 'Go Raegan and RJ in Space!'


Proto-type Shuttle!

Hi everyone! This is it! This is a quote and design from an awesome 3D Printing company called Quickprints who said they can make our proto-type R&RJiS shuttle for the action figures to go in!!  Some day kids are going to have a real play set with R&RJiS action figures and the shuttle to put them in and have spaec adventures of their own!! 

'Go Raegan and RJ in Space!'