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CBA 2024 Awards
Christian Book Award Winners for 2024!

Below are the 2024 CBA Award Winners:

CBA Winners for the 1 April 2024 CBAs:

‘I Love You, More’ by Gabriele McCracken. Every parent loves their child. That immense and profound love is difficult to explain to a child in a way they'll understand. In a beautiful, but simple manner, I Love You, More, author Gabriele McCracken explains just how and why a parent could love their child more. This picture book for children communicates how there is nothing quite like a mother's love. The story journeys through the country with a lullaby of love between a mama and her child.

‘Lasting Transformation: A Guide to Navigating Life's Journey’ by Abby Rosen PhD. Lasting Transformation takes you on a journey to experience the process of transformation, which can result in powerful, positive change. Life's journey provides us with many opportunities for self-knowledge, self-love, and deep personal transformation. The road map outlined in ’Lasting Transformation’ gives specific guidance for this journey. It offers important insights and effective strategies for developing a strong self, fulfilling relationships, and deep soul-wisdom. Dr. Abby Rosen shares the experience of her thirty-nine-year pilgrimage integrating psychotherapy and spirituality. Each chapter includes real client experiences that show the process of behavioral change and lasting transformation, humorous cartoons, and practical exercises that together provide a road map to help you navigate the sacred journey of your life.

‘Stumpy the Fox Learns Courage’ by Julienne Lingle. Stumpy, a silver fox, looks and feels different from the other foxes. When danger approaches his calf friend Ivy, he must do something to save her. Will Stumpy find the courage to help her?

‘Donna My Reason’ by Dennis Wright. To love and be loved is the greatest endeavor in life. Donna and I have found that kind of love. It is the kind of love that naturally creates serenity. We are at our best together and have had 4 arguments in 16 years. I write her poetry because of that love and we have a bond that transcends all hardship. We had at one time three teenagers and life got interesting. We have only one child at home now and very soon we are off to see the world. You can help by buying this book. Some of the verse here is from our beginnings and none of it is in order time wise, but it is all positive and we feel that you cannot help but be blessed. Come, enjoy our love with us and you will see why I love her like I do.

‘Cruising Toward Heaven 2: A Spiritual Journey Into Life-Saving Rescues’ by Robert Ekno. Do you have fears that have caused you immense pain or anguish? Has your lack of trust in God led you to pass on amazing opportunities? Have you missed out on some of the greatest experiences that life has presented you as a result of your fears and/or unwillingness to believe in the improbable? If so, you're not alone. Author Rob Eknohas experienced these feelings too, and after a life-changing adventure in Alaska, wrote this book to share how to overcome your fears to live your best life as you cruise toward heaven!

‘Jesus’ Love is Like an Ocean’ Megan Ingles. Have you ever wondered how deep the ocean is? Join Papa as he shares with his daughter that Jesus’ love for her is so deep; the more she seeks Him, the more she will grow in knowing Him.

‘Seekers of the Kingdom’ by Cal Robertson. A fast paced adventure involving a retired Roman army officer Octavius, who is appointed by Rome to be the Mayor of Hippos, a city located east of the sea of Galilee. Repulsed by the lifestyle of Roman’s who only seek to satisfy their every indulgence, he embraces a new life in Judea, searching for the real purpose and meaning of life.

‘You Are What You Think You Are’ by Vernita Simmons. Our Words Have Sound effects! Do you feel you are going through a vicious cycle of defeat? Do you long for a breakthrough but do not know how to be set free? In this book come and travel with Vernitaas she opens our eyes to how powerful our words, actions, and thoughts are. Through 7 valuable principles, she guides us in reshaping our mindset while breaking the patterns of defeat.

‘Behind School Walls: Mind Graffiti’ by Jim H. Darnell and Dawn Renee Darnell. A book written to improve classroom learning based on the two learning types of children. The literary mind paints pictures while the mathematical mind creates movies. The mind graffiti is what keeps the mind stuck in one and blind to the other. Welcome to the uncommon answers to common problems from behind school walls.

CBA Winners for the 1 January 2024 CBAs:

‘From the Back of a Donkey: Journey of a Lifetime’ by Nancy Elaine Hartman Minor. Are you weary of all the commercialization around Christmas? Dive in and discover a new way to experience the Christmas story. This retelling of the Christmas story brings the narrative to life in a way that will leave you captivated and emotionally moved, including 21 full color illustrations!

‘Exile of the King’ by Gary Ivey. This is a book series which brings the Old Testament to life with dramatic storytelling and powerful writing! The second novel in the "Age of the Kingdom" series begins where ‘Quest for a King’ left off. In ‘Exile of the King’ David, whom many believe will be the next king, is forced into exile by the jealous King Saul. Will Azeldesert his post and follow? Will Jeriah continue to loyally serve Saul? How can the young nation survive the forces of jealousy and violence that threaten to rip it apart?

‘The Land of Hearts’ by Antwinette Scott. An adventure story for young children that centers around Wise-Heart, Sick-Heart, Broken-Heart, and their companions as they embark on a journey to meet the King-of-Hearts in the Great City

‘God's Gracious Killer: God's Conquering of a Dark Heart’ by Dwight David Croy. A soldier fighting against the ancient Assyrian Empire, Namaan and his small band of supporters go on an extraordinary journey, and meet Yahweh the true God!

‘Greeny Greenleaf Says, "The Best Gift Ever is in my Bathtub"’ by Pamela Blackmore Collins. Greeny is halfway to being an adult, celebrating his ninth birthday soon, and he just doesn’t want to grow up. But he doesn’t want to be a baby anymore, so he asks his parents for a birthday gift of walking home from school alone. This book for young readers shares a funny, joyful story of a young boy’s journey to growing up and finding God by experiencing a miracle along the way.

‘God's Love and Promises: Bedtime Bible Stories for Young Hearts’ by Mary Jane Coy. A children’s bedtime story book that introduces young children to the Bible and helps them lay a foundation for a lifelong relationship with God. Through engaging narratives, children will be introduced to Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Moses, and more. Along the way, they will learn important lessons about courage, faith, forgiveness, and love.

‘Tabor - A Christmas Tale’ by Betsy Wallace. In this Christmas story, a young camel named Tabor learns to face life’s challenges using faith and prayer, the importance of family and friends, and witnesses an event that will change the world forever!

‘Guided by Wisdom’ by Chris Long. The Bible holds all the answers, and "Guided by Wisdom" is here to help adolescents use the Bible to help them respond biblically to the challenges and questions they face every day. This book will show you how God's Word is relevant in decision-making, problem-solving, guidance, and character growth.

‘Calvin & Coco: The Flying Kernel’ by Julienne Lingle. Calvin and his dog, Coco, live on a farm. When it’s time to plant a field, Calvin receives a seed that’s bigger than the others. Will this seed grow like the rest or does God have a different plan?

‘The Girl and Her Noble Steed’ by Kirthana J. Fanning. Embark on a remarkable journey with an orphan girl determined to conquer a thrilling race. Overcoming obstacles with the power of prayer, she's joined by a cantankerous farmer and his singing, dancing miniature donkey. Together, they defy the odds, showcasing the strength of faith, courage, and friendship.