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A percentage of every purchase helps us donate to these worthy charities!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a product from our web site - you helped us donate to these worthy organizations!!

Charity 1: The 'American Eagle Foundation'

Total Contribution to date: $29

The 'American Eagle Foundation' helps keep our amazing Eagles, flying!'  is located in Tennessee and


Eagles are one of the most amazing creatures God created!  Once Eagles are born they live in a large nest made out of sticks, branches and leaves their parents build on top of strong tall trees or high in the cliffs called an eyrie.  Their parents take turns caring for them and watching over the baby eagles.  After about 20 weeks the young eagles are ready to start life on their own.  They spend the next years on their own hunting and flying.  After about the 4th or 5th year Eagles look to settle down.  Did you know Eagles mate for life! As we say at the altar 'till death do us part', these majestic creatures do the same when a male and a female Eagle bond.  The Mom and Dad Eagle then build their own nest/eyrie that is 4 or 5 feet around just like they grew up in.  Female Eagles lay 1 to 3 eggs each year usually during the spring.  The Mom and Dad Eagles carefully nurture their young eagles for about 20 weeks just like their parents did for them, until their children fly away, and the cycle starts all over again.  Then the next year the Mom and Dad Eagle repeat the process in that same eyrie for the rest of their lives!  Each year the Mom and Dad Eagles enlarge their nest until it reaches some times 10 feet around!  The 'American Eagle Foundation'   is dedicated to helping our great American Eagles.  Here is their web site:


'Raegan and RJ in Space' is proud to donate to this amazing organization, caring for one of God's most amazing creatures!



Charity 2: The 'Homeschool Legal Defense Fund / Association'

Total Contribution to Date: $15

The 'Homeschool Legal Defense Fund / Association'  is dedicated to helping homeschool families in the task of homeschooling the kids of America!


 Did you know that as a Christian family you have a constitutional RIGHT to homeschool!  That's right.  In between 4 and 5% of America's children are now homeschooled, over 2  million, and the number is growing EXPONENTIALLY each year.  If you like numbers here they are: 57 million school age children in America, 50 million in public school, 4.2 million in private school, and 2.8 million homeschooling!  That is right - 2.8 MILLION HOMESCHOOLERS!  As a homeschool family your children can be educated in your home using textbooks you choose.  If you can read, write, and do math, you can educate your children!  Remember, if you do take the plunge, homeschooling is a long 14 year journey, not a sprint, so take the time to enjoy your wonderful life with your children.  Homeschool Dads, don't forget to be extra nice to your homeschooling wives, it takes a lot of time and energy to teach your children English, Math, Science, and History!  Are you ready to take a leap of faith and join the homeschool revolution?  Then the HSLDA is your organization that provides lawyers, advice, previous homeschooler helpers, and an entire website of information and videos designed to help homeshoolers suceed in educating their children!  Here is their web site:


'Raegan and RJ in Space' is proud to donate to this amazing organization, ensuring homeschoolers have all the legal representation and information they need to exercise their rights!



Charity 3: 'Care-net'

Total Contribution to Date: $430

'Care-net' is a nation-wide alliance of shelters that help young women choose Life by providing resources, a place to stay, medical care, and other needs!

This is a Fact: More young women would choose Life if they had the resources, and that is what Care-net provides!


We are proud to donate to Care-net - an amazing charity which helps young women choose Life!


here is the web site if you want to see it!






Thank you to all of you who in purchasing a product from this web site, you helped out these amazing charities.


Go 'Raegan and RJ in Space!'