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Christian Film Festival
Join us for the Christian Film Festival!

Join us for the monthly Christian Film Festival (CFF) which takes place on the fourth Saturday of each month from 12 Noon EST to 6 PM EST at our Church!

The next Christian Film Festival is 22 January 2022 our 47th CFF - For information or to see details on entering a CFF see our FilmFreeway page here:   https://filmfreeway.com/ChristianFilmFestival

Note - we do a CFF the fourth Saturday of every month - you may get bumped to a CFF later than the month you enter because we limit the amount of each type of entry to 3 or 4 at most to give everyone the best chance for awards; ie we only accept 3 documentaries each month, 3 scripts, etc.

The purpose of the Christian Film Festival is to showcase Christian movies, music videos, cartoons, documentaries, educational films, advertisements, script/screenplays, and web series, and recognize the people who made them happen.  America needs to start encouraging and recognizing people who produce wholesome family friendly movies.

The event is at the Menchville Baptist Church on the last Saturday of each month.

Sign up below for $20 through FilmFreeway, send us a link to your video trailer and movie, and join us on the last Saturday of each month at Menchville Baptist Church in Newport News, VA to enjoy the shows, fellowship, and win awards.

The categories you can enter to win digital award laurels are feature film (45 minutes and over), short film (15-44 minutes), Mini-film (15 minutes and under), animation/cartoon, photo, student, documentary, educational, series, music video, song soundtrack, script/screenplay, web series, and advertisement/trailer! 

The address for the film festival is Menchville Baptist Church 248 Menchville Road Newport News VA 23602.

Christian charities!  A portion of every entry fee goes to Care-net, a Christian charity!  So far the CFF has given $430 to Care-net!

What do you win:

Digital award poster and award laurels in both black and white to put on your movie poster, Facebook Page, or web site!

Digital award certificates to put on your Facebook Page or web site - if you attend we will print out the certificate and present it to you so you can have a photo for your web site of you getting your award!

See previous CFFs!  Here is the link to our Facebook Page: 


Enter the CFF!  Here is the link to our FilmFreeway page:


The Director of the Christian Film Festival is Richard Collins, an award-winning Christian author and filmmaker whose first 3D animated adventure, 'Raegan and RJ in Space: First to Mars' won the BEST ANIMATION award at the 'Christian Cinemafest' in Ellington New York in April 2018, the BEST ANIMATION GOLD award at the 'Christian Family Film Festival' in Ellington New York in August 2017, and was selected for, and shown at the 'His' Film Festival in FT Lauderhill Florida in April 2017, the 'Big Cross' Film Festival in Hollywood California in November 2016, the 'Christian Worldview' Film Festival in San Antonio Texas in March 2016, and the 'Faith' Film Festival in Mount Juliet Tennessee on October 2015!!!!
Thirteen awards for the Christian Film Festival!  The CFF was in the 'Top 100 Best Reviewed Film Festivals' out of over 6000 in the world for July 2016 (#24), August 2016 (#26), September 2016 (#32), October 2016 (#65), August 2017 (#46), September 2017 (#44), October 2017 (#50), November 2017 (#62), December 2017 (#17), January 2018 (#16), February 2018 (#15), March 2018 (#11), and April 2018 (#9)!  Here are the award pdfs our film festival was awarded!!!
Christian Film Festival Award Winner T-Shirts! If you are a CFF Award Winner here is the link to order a T-Shirt to display the fact that you are an award winning Christian Film Maker, Actor, Actress, or Script Writer - 

Rules: If you have produced a Christian movie, cartoon, script, educational film, student film, documentary, song, or music video, and own the rights to it, you can pay the fee and enter the film festival. After your payment is processed just send us a link to your video and trailer.  Once your fee is processed, we enter you in the CFF, post your entry announcement to the CFF Web Page below, the Facebook page at the link above, you will compete for the awards, and then after the film festival we will e-mail you the digital awards you won for your use and post your award poster to the CFF Facebook page and CFF award page for future verification!  If you come to the CFF we will print off one of your award certs and we will do an award presentation photo in front of out backdrop that you can post to show your family and friends you are an award winner!    

Note: This is a Christian family friendly film festival which will be attended by people of all ages, including little kids.  Only films that have a Christian world view and contain no adult, innappropriate, or mature content will be accepted. CFF has the right to reject films that are not appropriate for our audience.

Pictures from some of our Christian Film Festivals:

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Below are the Event Posters and Entries for the Christian Film Festivals!

Event Poster for the 20 January 202 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 20 January 2022 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘As it is Written’ by Vincent Nel, Christopher Sotelo, and Philip Piserchio. An original stage musical. Journey through the Bible as a father reads the Good Book to his daughter and the characters come to life on stage.

Short Films:

‘Letter In The Sky’ by Celina Igwe. Every inspiring Christmas story is made complete by a wish fulfilled. With but a letter and a balloon, a young girls wish embarks on a journey towards fulfillment. All it needs to do is land into the right hands.

‘Missionaries’ by Jorge Garcia. Deep in the forest, 3 missionaries enter a village to spread the gospel. But, they immediately meet resistance, to the point that they are threatened with death.


‘Such A Good Boy’ by Cheryl Felicia Rhoads. A woman grieves the death of her beloved dog, Dillon. Meanwhile, Dillon is busy talking to God about joining the heavenly choir!

‘Life, Is My Choice’ by Carrie Simon. A woman planning an abortion has second thoughts when she hears the heartbeat of her child.


‘A long way back’ by Dmitrii Omelchenko. The protagonists of this film have spent their lives searching for freedom, while at the same time escaping loneliness. The choices they made each time led them to new trials, and life punished them again and again. At some point they found out about a  religious community whose ministers help people who are in a difficult life situation. And now the heroes of the film, in their opinion, are on their way to long-awaited freedom. This longed-for freedom has already taken a lot away - time, youth, health, friends.

‘Unfinished Business’ by Cj Espinal. This film follows the journey my brother has been on of chasing his dream to become a professional baseball player but also documenting his growth as a child of God.

‘Faith Walk’ by Kristin Dickerson and Peter Fleisher. To create their first documentary, Camino de Santiago Faith Walk with Kristin and Peter, the married couple carried multiple cameras, a laptop and a drone across Spain to capture their 500-mile pilgrimage. They share personal insights into their life-changing experience and the people who helped guide their path to transformation, while weaving in the significant history of this ancient journey.

Animated Films:

‘The Great Controversy between Good and Evil’ by Attila Iacob Peli. Captivating viewers with stunning illustrations, Hope Discovery’s animated film - THE GREAT CONTROVERSY - offers answers to the most compelling questions of human existence. While fighting for his life, Samuel has a vision of an angel who takes him on a thrilling journey through earth’s history - from the Garden of Eden to the Second Coming of Jesus - highlighting universal themes of loss, brokenness and hope. If you’ve ever questioned how God could allow human suffering, or what the purpose of existence is, this film could provide the answers you need.

Student Films:

‘Artistry in Air’ by Beth Lewis. From autopilots to air show pilots, the Younkin Family of Northwest Arkansas has mastered what many people only dream of in becoming one of the premier families in aviation. Through their innovative spirit and extraordinary talent, they have enriched the industry by preserving its history, inventing ways to make it more efficient and by creating breath-taking, one-of-a-kind performances. This documentary provides an intimate look at the lives of Jim, Bobby, Matt and Amanda Younkinand the passion that has propelled their expertise into an art form and given the Younkinname iconic status in the world of aviation.

‘Peaches’ by Benjamin Hunt. Based on a true story, Peaches follows young Eliza, the first female member of the local Scout troop. Determined to help others, she competes in the troop’s canned food drive. However, constrained by poverty, Eliza must decide whether or not to donate her last can of peaches and risk going hungry.

Music Videos:

‘Life is Like a Country Road’ by Ernest and Susan Wolf. Life is like a country road with many twists and turns, and we need Jesus to show us the way!

Movie Trailers:

‘End of Youth Movie Trailer’ by Carlos Camargo. Official trailer for the upcoming feature film, End of Youth. A faith based, tribulation story about defiance set in the near future. Inspired by the global humanitarian crisis of Christian persecution.


‘Book Women’ by Wanda J. Cramer. A fictional story based on historical event; a group of women band together to deliver books to towns by horseback and buggy. A young girl, who lives with her grandmother is befriended by a woman who teaches her to read and become a woman who leads others to find value in the written word. A story of hope, faith and love.

‘The Paperboy Chronicles’ by Steven C. Martin. A wise and loving father challenges his 10-year-old son to get a job in order to purchase a brand new 1975 Schwinn Stingray bicycle. Residing in the small town of Ojai, California, Steven's only option is to become a Paperboy… and so the adventure begins!

‘On A Shoestring’ by Billie Harris. Amid the Covid pandemic, a woman’s job is eliminated. With her unemployment payments stuck in limbo for months, she and her teenage son must resort to living on the street with the homeless, the same people she abhorred previously. They meet up with a friend from the past in the same predicament and through his friendship, learns the meaning of love and compassion.

‘Special Delivery’ by Jimmie Smith.  A young Marine and his fiancé are separated due to an unexpected deployment!

Event Poster for the 18 December 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 18 December 2021 Christan Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Time Boys’ by Randy Allan. Four boys from 1908 are thrown into 2016 when they accidentally use their father's secret time machine. They have to "fit in" in 2016 while they seek to build a time machine that takes them home. The four "time boys" actually play their instruments in "The Battle of the Bands.“ The all original soundtrack includes performances from rock and roll legends such as Dee Snyder, Corey Glover, Al Pitrelli, Derek Sherinian, Eric Gales, Jeff Scott Soto and more.

‘Zarephath’ by Taysha McFarland. When a widow is down to her last meal, she heads out through the famine-stricken lands in the futile search for more food for her unwell son and herself. While transversingthe vast terrain, she stumbles upon a homeless man who offers her something better than food. She invites him back to her home, where she discovers that there is more to this mysterious stranger than she first thought.

‘Vincent’s Vow’ by Ducon Williams. A young man named Vincent, the product of a broken home and trauma from his sister’s early death, is determined to find out the true meaning of Love, and win the heart of a special girl named Lena. A story of commitment and vows, and definitions of love that the world at large has all but forgot.

‘The Lonesome Trail’ by Arlette Thomas-Fletcher. A film about a small town in Montana in the 1890’s called Red Springs that is run by a ruthless rich man named Mr. McCray who frowns on poor homesteaders moving into the territoryand doesn’t want anything to change the current way of life in the town. Changes start happening when Preacher Brent Carson comes to the town and changes the perceptive of the town’s peoples as he befriends a black family that is drifting through the town and he convinces them to make it their home. This creates an explosion of beliefs and emotions which divides the town among the homesteaders and those that work for the landowner.

Short Films:


‘Christmas Cheer’ by Alyssa Geise. Megan, the captain of the local high school cheer leading squad, has been volunteered to work at the local food bank by her father during her Christmas holiday break. Megan is quite distressed as she wanted to shop and hang out with her two best friends. Through her volunteering, Megan learns all about "doing for others" instead of "getting what she wants". She also gains a few more relationships along the way.


‘Dinner Table’ by Cortez Mack. A story film about the disconnection of the family.

‘The Contract’ by Sansebastian Stewart. A young man tries to break the contract that he made with dark forces. He can't do it himself, and calls for help.


‘Cyrus Nations’ by Stephen Briggs. Thousands of years ago God vowed to Abraham that He would “bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you” (Genesis 12:3). Many individuals, nations, and empires have put God’s word to the test. As one of the greatest superpowers the world has ever known, has the United Kingdom’s history proved the potency and longevity of God’s ancient covenant with Abraham and his descendants?In ancient times King Cyrus had a unique call to restore the Jewish People to their homeland. Is the UK a modern-day Cyrus?

‘A New Day 1’ by Topher Hall. Every year 600,000 men and women return to our communities from incarceration. 95% of prisoners will one day come home. As a result of their criminal record, they face significant barriers to housing, employment, and other elements of a productive life.For Hajee, Jason, and Alona, the first year out of prison is critical to their success. Can they stay the course?

‘America and the Israel Effect’ by Stephen Briggs. The annals of history record the rise and fall of countless empires, nations, and individuals. In ancient times, God vowed to Abraham and his descendants that He would “bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you” (Genesis 12:3). Is there a link? The United States of America is one of the wealthiest superpowers the world has ever known. Has this unique nation evidenced the continuing dynamic power of this covenant promise?

Educational Films:

‘Your Labs Are Normal‘ by Jean Pierre Kathoefer. When Rhisa, an otherwise healthy woman in her 20s, falls ill with debilitating headaches, fatigue, and chronic pain, she and her loved ones search New York for a diagnosis. Even as Rhisa’shealth deteriorates, doctors insist that her lab tests don’t indicate illness. Wracked with pain and dismissed by healthcare professionals, she falls into despair until a chance encounter with a nurse finally gives Rhisaher answer: for years, she’s been suffering from undiagnosed Lyme disease.

Music Videos:

‘All in our Hands’ by Alan J. Chriest. When storms arise and the ground is uncertain, let the light within you be your guide.


‘In The Locked Upper Room’ by James B. Saunders. Astory that tells of Jesus and the Apostles from after the crucifiction, to the ascension, and onto the beginning of the early church!

‘Harper Le and Me’ by Don Thompson. A mid-life crisis prompts a depressed but highly intelligent and sensitive man to research and understand one of the world’s greatest novels and its author, Harper Lee. During this process of self-discovery, he regains faith in himself and reconnects with his family.

‘Jessie’ by John McCarney. An elderly passenger confronts a mysterious young stranger on a city bus in 1955 Alabama.

‘Nurse Christy Saves Christmas’ by James M. Russell. The story of a fledgling R.N. who finds herself surrounded by chaos as she battles to save Christmas when an unconscious Santa is transferred to her ward on Christmas eve.

‘Deceived’ by Karen Stefano. When their son is brutally murdered, it's up to two determined parents to see his killer(s) brought to justice. How far will they go in their quest to find the truth?

Event Poster for the 27 November 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 27 November 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Gods and Spies’ by Garry Matheny. Based on a true story about a young man who reluctantly enters the navy and becomes a diver to please his father, but later finds himself in the most dangerous spy mission of the Cold War.

‘No1’ by Oladipo O'Fresh. Peter, a child from a devout Christian background let go off his guard for a moment and joined with friends to pursue wealth from cyber crime and internet fraud... The desire for greater wealth soon pushes him to take things a step further... and events that followed wasn't pre-planned or prepared for, he now has to journey to make all wrongs right...

‘I Want Out’ by Zoe Films. A woman marries for money and ends up ruining her life!

Short Films:

‘Fahrenheit 3:16’ by Timothy Bennett. The government is trying to find all the remaining bibles on earth and burn them, but one Christian is determined to preach the gospel.

‘The Meaning: God’s Choice’ by Kitsy Dixon. One teenagers mistake becomes another woman’s blessing, when they both decide to allow God to define the meaning of life in, and through, Him. The outcome produces life out of tumultuous life circumstances.


‘Seasoned’ by Aretha Tatum. After 30 years, three friends finally form a singing group to prove to themselves and others that it is never too late to live your dream.

‘Identity 7’ by Meeyong Choi. Story about a man, who has gone through relationship breakdowns and failures in his life, looking for his real identity.


‘Frei (Brother)’ by Nick Goryachkin. The story of a German Franciscan priest Hans Stapelwho worked for 40 years all over the world serving Christ and his flock. He started ‘Family of Hope’ ministry in Brazil which focused on helping those afflicted with drugs, alcohol, and depression, restoring them and then teaching them to become new disciples and servants for Christ all over the world!

‘A Church in Chelsea’ by Tassos Rigopoulos. The little-known story of St. EleftheriosGreek Orthodox Church founded in 1918 in Chelsea, New York City, as told by its priest and some of its longstanding parishioners.

‘An Examination of The Dream’ by Dr. Michelle Pierce Mobley. The Examination of The Dream takes a critical look at the work of Dr. Martin L. King juxtaposed against modern culture and events.

Educational Films:

‘We Want To Be Born’ by Jerry Jacob. An awareness video on abortion, on the basis of catholic pro-life belief.

Music Videos:

‘His Last Command’ by Josh Menning. A music video that shows shows us as Christians we need to  be like Jesus and love one another!

‘A song celebrating Lord God’ by Ryuho Okawa. It's a Japanese song celebrating Lord God.


‘Looking For Morning’ by Gary Ivey. Looking For Morning is a feature-length screenplay about David Porter, a young pastor who has a crisis of faith when his wife dies, leaving him with two small children. His struggle is made worse when he meets Julia, an agnostic with tragedy in her own past. They are drawn to each other because of loneliness and their grief. When David recovers his faith, he can then point Julia back to God.

‘Spectrum’ by Bryan Mero. When a group of college kids find a way to see into the spirit world, they never expected the spirit world would look back.

‘Major League Priest’ by Frank Vespe. A former Major League pitching prospect turned priest, gets a second chance to return to the game he loves, all the while battling a curve thrown by an ex-sweetheart and dodging a hit ordered by the mob.

‘Aboriginal’ by James Beeler. A down-on-his-luck Outback station cowboy takes the law into his own hands after an Indigenous Australian man is acquitted of assaulting his wife.

‘Dancing in Place’ by Jeanne Dukes. Escalating mutual interest between middle-aged neighbors gets complicated when he suddenly remembers their brief and awkward teen summer romance, but she doesn't recognize him. As he devises a plan to stir her memory, painful secrets from the past threaten to keep them apart.

Event Poster for the 23 October 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Official selections for the 23 October 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Divaswapna’ by Naresh Prajapati and Satich Davara. Divaswapnais a story of the journey of a village boy named Kanji who fights for the respect and dignity of the simple family farmers who are being oppressed by an evil Chief and his lackeys. With the help of his friends and the beautiful and smart lawyer Anu, they defeat the evil Chief and save his village. At the end all of Kanji’s dreams come true, including starting a school for educating the farmers children, and marrying Anu and living happily ever after!

‘Letters to Daniel’ by Amy Leigh McCorkle. When two best friends set out to take over Hollywood the unthinkable happens-one of them is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Told through the prism of their friendship, and the use of open letters to Daniel Craig, we follow their journey from breakdown to award winning filmmakers.

Short Films:

‘Perpetua’ by Mitchell Bronston.This is a true story. The events unfolding in 203 A.D. in the Roman Province of Carthage. A young girl of nobility, from the House of Perpetua, is in training to convert to Christianity. As a ‘catechumen’, she is not yet Baptized. Under current Roman law, catechumens are subject to arrest and forced to undergo a ‘sacrifice’ renouncing Christian faith and attesting loyalty to Roman deities and Caesar. If refused, death awaits them in the arena.

‘The Prayer Warrior’ by Marquita Owens Robinson. Twelve-year-old Star often carries the world on her fragile, prepubescent shoulders. Learning the Word of God from the church and her grandmother, she uses it to keep her father Cordell from turning back to the streets; the streets that have claimed her uncle’s life and caused her father to miss the last five years of her life while he served time in prison. Will her faith be enough to bring her father to Christ?

‘The Choice’ by Nicole Stratton. A young college girl has to deal with the real life struggles of an unplanned pregnancy. Poignant, and tragically relevant, the story strikes at the emotional heart of one of societies' most important issues. The film is based on the stage production "The Sanctity of Life" by Dr. Nicky Chavers.


‘Picture Day’ by Alexa Campbell. Anna, a foster child, shows us a day in her life bouncing from to home to home until she may have found a forever home.

‘Breakfast Journey, Overcoming Fear, Finding Friends’ by Josephine McAllister. A young Asian American girl is afraid to go out during the pandemic because she thinks she will be blamed for the coronavirus, but to her surprise when her mother and her go out for breakfast they meet nice person after nice person!

‘The Virus’ by Antwian Walker. Subtitled “How I Beat The Ventilator“, this true to life testimonial interview is motivating, informative and brings a deeper insight into God. Antwain Walker gives his testimony about how his faith and belief in God helped him survive COVID!


‘Daniel Unsealed 2’ by Ben Jones. A brief but clear overview of the history that relates to Daniel Chapter 7, shown with visual effects to give clarity and understanding to a complex topic.

‘Queen of Peace’ by David Sipošand Vid Planinc. The docudrama The Queen of Peace on Kurešček(Kraljicamirus Kureščka) is a story about a forgotten place and newfound faith; a film narrative that reveals to us a fragment of the human life of Our Lady and her presence in our lives, here and today. In the documentary part, we meet witnesses who, in their authenticity, share their own experiences. The play, however, shows Holy Mary's path; the path of a simple girl who gives birth to the Savior and the path that we rediscover over and over again - to Mary, who is Our Mother.

‘118 Fest (The first Christian UkPop Punk Festival)’ by Simon Ward and Peter Field/Szczepanski. In 2018 Peter118 impacted on the UkPop Punk scene and became nationally known in the UK Pop Punk Community as a meme. This is the first of a kind ‘UK Christian Pop Punk Festival' titled 118 Fest.


‘Cubekins, Invasion of the Cubecumbers’ by Andrea and Michael Thoenes. When Kip applies too much fertilizer to his father’s crop of cubecumbers, he and his family scramble to put the abundant crop to good use and learn some critical lessons in the process.

Music Videos:

‘He Wants You Back’ by Ashley Hays-Wright. A music video that shows us no matter how many times we turn away from God He will always take you back!


‘Jesus the Beginning’ bySerina Aramaki. A song about Jesus coming to Earth to save humanity.


‘Mariana - cousins’ by Phil Strongman. Somewhere around the southern Mediterranean two cousins fall pregnant - in the age of the mobile phone, a modern day re-telling of the Virgin Mary's story.

‘Dark Matters’ by James Beeler. COSMOS and A Brief History Of Time meet True Blood and Twilight. Logline: "For centuries the vampires lived in the shadows until the ATLAS Detector experiment was performed in The Large Hadron Collider gave them omnipotent power.

‘Trafficking’ by James Beeler. An undercover police officer infiltrates a human trafficking ring but succumbs to temptation.

‘The Last Christian’ by Justin Wallace. A young Christian man named Johnny tells a far left person he knows at work he does not believe what he is doing is consistent with the Bible. Because he spoke out he gets fired from his job. With the help of a friend Johnny then sues to get his job back under first amendment and religious freedom clause, but the judge denies his claim saying he was fired because he caused his boss problems and it was hurting the business with all the leftists activists running around so he did not get his job back. All the publicity results in Johnny's father getting murdered by the left's mob who mistakes his father for Johnny. Still reeling from what is happening Johnny is invited by a church to come talk about his experience and what it is like to stand up for his Christian beliefs.

Event Poster for the 25 Septemebr 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 25 September 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Dakota Smith and the Search for the Fountain of Youth’ by Caleb Hebert and Christopher Hebert. Dakota Smith, world traveler and adventurer, is commissioned by the FBI to find the legendary fountain of youth. Together with Angela Swift, the two must find the fountain and keep Oliver Racktam, an archeologist with an obsession with time, from taking the fountain as his own. Full of comedy and adventure, "Dakota Smith and the Search for the Fountain of Youth" is a film for the whole family!

‘Josef - Born in Grace’ by SusantMisra. An adaptation of a short story "Joseph" written by UmakantaMahapatraand is set in the foothills of the Himalayas between 1960 and 1980 in India.Father O’Hara (Victor Banerjee), a missionary doctor with the help of his caretaker Maularam(SudarshanJuyal), raises an orphan baby Josef (Hitesh Bisht). While still a young boy, Josef is sent to Dehradun for his studies and vocational training. Josef (SubratDutta) returns back with a reputation as a great cook as well as his love for alcohol.The film explores in its unfolding of time, the different paths that Father O’Hara, Josef, and Maularamtake in their respective journeys for spiritual fulfillment through memories, duty, and search as well as the their interaction with friends and acquaintances. Through static mis-en-scenes, the narrative of the film reflects the all-encompassing nature of time, per-empting and repeating itself in allegorical hues.

Short Films:

‘Sir EmeritoAzofeifa’ by Pablo Solís. Emeritois a funny, loving and imaginative father who struggles to give a beautiful childhood to his daughter in the hardest times.


‘Hit List’ by Jamie Kassler. An eager thief hits the jackpot as he takes on the city, until he steals from an unassuming young woman who might jeopardize his biggest heist yet.The Love Project produces stories of love told without words.

‘Eraser’ by Jamie Kassler. A fiery young schoolgirl would do anything to protect her best friend from a merciless bully - and stumbles upon a dark, mysterious ring with magical powers that just might make her problems disappear.The Love Project produces stories of love told without words.

‘Deceit’ by Christopher Nkem Okafor. Ibrahim is a devoted pastor and loyal husband, after a visit with his doctor eight years ago he was left depressed when the doctor told him he was infertile so when his wife became pregnant he couldn’t help but think it was a miracle. Eight years later, with tow amazing children, his suspicions about whether he is the biological father of the children grew so he decided to take a DNA test.


‘We Came A Long Way by Faith’ by George Wingard. This documentary tells the story of Catholic Hill, South Carolina, the site of a historic Catholic church and school founded by African Americans before the Civil War, and are still thriving today!

‘A Song Can Change A Life’ by Warren Matson. This documentary tells the story of Sarge (Lloydis) and Shirley West who were unique because they were the only African American successful country music duo, who recorded songs with Charlie Pride in 1969 and were signed by Vista  International Productions in 1971, and thier son Joe West, who carried on their musical legacy by singing and playing music and winning the ‘Charlie Daniels Talent Roundup’ in 1994, as told by family and friends! The film shows how both music and the Gospel can break down all barriers between people.

‘Tapestry: Spiritual Music of A Mill Villages’ by Gauri Singh. This film showcases a spiritual musical journey through a Mill Village of North Carolina where Brian Millers ancestors worked in the Mill and attended the churches in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Student Films:

‘Eden’s Choice’ by Samantha Smith, Zac Johnson, and Noah Adkins. After losing her father, a young girl begins to struggle with a reoccurring nightmare of a school shooter asking for all the Christians to stand. Written and produced in under two weeks by the students of Venture Film's 1st Unit Film Camp with staff supervision.


‘Rich Girl’ by KingbeeAnimation. A synchronization of animated pictures with music released on Zoe Records by artists Lil Redhead Somi.


‘An Island Apart’ byPaul G. Andrews & Tasha Walton. Set amidst the backdrop of the civil unrest in Cyprus from the 1950s to the 1970s involving the different factions struggling for independance, Turkey, Greece, and Britain, three childhood friends Emre , Giorgios, and Eleni have their lives torn asunder amidst the violence and chaos of the civil unrest as they each join different sides in the conflict.

‘Sailing Savior’ byKathryn L. Scurry. Friends Alex and Rhonda are forced to confront the demons of their past putting their mutual friend Debra in a compromising position. But when they part ways and Alex accidently books a Gospel cruise, she'll embark on a journey and return a new woman.

‘A Match Made In Heaven’ by James Beeler. An American man is forced to move to the Outback where he meets an Australian woman. Crocodile Dundee: The culture shock of an Outback Australian Bushman in NYC>. A Match Made In Heaven: The Culture shock of an LA MD in the remote Australian Outback.

Event Poster for the 28 August 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 28 August 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Death By Envy’ by Quincy J. Trent. Modern day version of the Biblical Cain and Abel Story. When a money deal goes bad between Ruthless Drug dealer Enrico and neighborhood good guy Abel "Honest Abe" Jones, Abel is shot and killed in front of his wife just minutes before they were set to leave for Florida. No one has a clue who did it, except for his brother Cain, who makes it his business to find his brother's suspected killer.

‘When It Ends’ by Achille Brice. This is a story of a young Christian couple who got married but due to their inability to have children, the wife Harriet decides to go on a 60 days fast as instructed by the wife(Mummy Esther) of her Pastor.


‘Mate’ by Reinhard Fustand Emanuel Engin. Two people are playing chess together. As the game progresses, we see how the chess moves affect the protagonist's life. We experience the ups and downs of the game and of life, until at the end a surprising twist adds a new dimension to the game.

‘The Rainy Day’ by Mario Lopez. A boy searches for his missing father in the streets of New York City in the midst of a global pandemic and social upheaval.

‘Trafficked’ by Doug Stroup. A 13 year old girl named Anna takes the witness stand in the prosecution of some very bad men who tricked her on social media and did horrible things to her.


‘Instruments of Jesus’ by Joshua Campe. Instruments of Jesus is a documentary made inside Las Vegas Nevada of 7 amazing born-again Christians interviews/ stories/ testimonies of working for Christ and community as "boots on the ground" Chaplains and how Jesus transformed them into the work they do today.

‘Since That Day’ by Slavica Šnur. This documentary talks to Croatian parents who lost children in the Serbian Invasion in 1991 with the goal of remembering some of them with stories, pictures, and film. 

‘The Far Green Country 2: At Road's End’ by Eli Pyke. When Eli's father dies of cancer, he and his wife Kelly get their family ready to live on the road in their motor home for a year and travel the country in search of memorable places with Eli's dad. Along the way, they encounter a handful of others who are also grieving losses in their own way, and those conversations add to a vulnerable expression of what Eli's process of grieving was like. The film is filled with stunning imagery of the national parks from the West coast to the East, and is sure to draw out the "roadtripper" in all of us.


‘A Merry Nutcracker Christmas’ by Gina Simms. When deaf, teenager Ruth has the opportunity of a lifetime to follow her dreams of starring in the Nutcracker Ballet, her excitement and confidence is abruptly ripped away when someone’s jealousy clearly wants her gone. Ruth learns how to persevere through pressure and bullying, with her spectacular Holiday performance opening the door to a bright new future.

‘Voices’ by James Beeler. An egotistical businessman does cruel imitations of his workmates until one day he can’t stop talking like them.

‘Greater Things’ by James Berberich. Based on the true story of Kristin Beal and the devastating accident she went through at the age of 14 that left her paralyzed from the chest down. This is the raw perspective on everything from how people react differently to her situation, to learning how to navigate in and through an inaccessible world, to just trying to make the best of a crummy situation. Which will ultimately lead her to greater things.

‘Gold From Heaven’ by Ed Fortenberry. Can a young Thai woman named Amporn forgive her ailing father after being subjected to unspeakable horrors because of his drinkng and gambling?

Event Poster for the 24 July 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 24 July 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Legacy of Love’ by RanelleGolden and Susan Meister. Unexpected tragedy causes a coming-of-age woman to question the meaning of life, until she finds her purpose by helping others deal with the loss of a loved one!

‘Vegas’ by Dr. Lois Ekwe. A movie based on Dr. Ekwe’slife story!

Short Films:

‘Procrastination’ by Marvin J. Lowe. A movie about a young woman who procrastinates about everything!


‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’ by D'Adonis Moquette. An atheist and a conman walked into a church.

‘You Never Knew Me’ by Hugh Anderson. A hectically busy clown too absorbed in his daily life doesn't make time for something that really matters.

‘Numbers’ by Chester Goad. A quirky, fun, thoughtful peek into the inspiring but tiresome life of beloved widowed minister "Rev" Whitt, and the broken but hopeful people of St. Luke's Parish Community. Stop in for some therapy or a piece of pie. If this quirky dramedy doesn't make you smile, well--we'll be praying for you.

Student Films:

‘Game of Clues’ by Jamison Moore. Enter the world of the Cluester--YouTube superstar and amateur online sleuth--and try to escape his puzzle rooms if you can. Join Logan, Alex, Riley, and Emma as they compete to see who is the true fan of the Cluesterand puzzles.


‘Nali’ by Nathan Pfaff. Spending 33 years on one of the most remote islands of Papua New Guinea, a missionary couple translates the Bible into a tribal language with less than 4000 speakers. In their last week before an elaborate dedication ceremony of the published portions of Scripture, they must push past the challenges of underdeveloped village life, publishing difficulties, and an emerging Coronavirus in order to help address the spiritual needs of the community and preserve a dying language.

‘A Boy's Journey: Crossing The Alenuihaha Channel’ by Deveraux Gallagher. On August 6, 2020, eleven-year-old Bobo Gallagher became the first person ever to cross the AlenuihahaChannel on a wing and a foil and only the second documented solo crossing of that crossing in history. This is his story.

‘Homeless Not helpless’ by Changhee Chun. An observation of homeless individuals’ struggles in Dallas, TX and the story of Raul Mendez helping homeless. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:3)

‘Let Me Live Again’ by Duda Penteado. Bishop Nuñezwas born in New York City. His father abandoned the home before his birth, and at the tender age of eight, he lost his mother to cancer. This left him in the care of government institutions and forced him to live from home to home and in the streets of New York and Puerto Rico. Living a life of hopelessness, he succumbed to a life of violence, gangs, and drugs. But God's hand was upon him and through all the suffering and pain he was able to understand the meaning of life.


‘Time’ by Massimiliano Tedeschi. The first animated short film by the filmaxcultural association tells of a tragedy today, a virus that has crept into our society and which at the moment does not want to go away. Obviously it is partly dramatic, with positive implications. We can say that a mixture of short film and documentary.

‘Ci Credo’ by Massimiliano Tedeschi. A talent show, an artist, an event that will change your life.

Music Videos:

‘Take Me Away’ by Michael McCallum. A music video for singer/songwriter, Justin Richard, about a couple who struggles through love, loss, and the distance of time and tragedy.

‘Back By Popular Demand’ by Flo Logan. Back By Popular Demand is a music video and first song on the soundtrack of the upcoming full-featured film, Back By Popular Demand. The movie is going to be about the second coming of Christ in the modern-day!


‘Barsys’ by James Becket. A devout Christian in 4th Century Egypt faces challenges to his faith.

‘No Small Things’ by David Nelson Ozmun. Blessed with MacGyver-like skills, an introvert Christian missionary earns success bringing water and sustainable practices to hardened Qechuavillages of western Bolivia in the mid-1990s. His success is challenged by one village when a life or death choice threatens all his work.

‘Ashes to Ashes’ by Jaime Gonzalez. An ex-military hacker must come out of hiding and stop a dystopian government he helped build from destroying his family.

‘Feathers of Faith’ by Joseph D. Kent and Duane E. Burcham. A confrontation with the self-aggrandizing pastor of his overly legalistic church sends a disillusioned Ray on a post-graduation trip to the Burning Man festival in search of truth and salvation where he naively finds himself drawn to the New Age teachings of a shaman and spiritual warfare ensues.

‘Children of a Fatherless Child’ by Robert J Morgalo. A dying man takes a DNA test in order to trace his ancestry before he dies only to discover that he has a daughter. When he finds her, they set out together on a journey of discovery, reflection, regrets, acceptance and hope.

Event Poster for the 26 June 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 26 June 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Branded’ by The Church of Almighty God. Li Chenxiis a Christian in China who has endured many hardships  and persecutions at the hands of the communists for spreading the Gospel. This is her story.

‘Angels Are Among Us’ by Gerry Manus. An inspirational movie which depicts Angels sent from god to help us.

Short Films:

‘Cabinet Stories’ by Richard Rabelbauer. Hendrik can't forgive. On everyone who ever hurt him he set up a file stored in a cabinet deep in his heart. One day he met Maxi, a nice young lady. She gets him into a dilemma. Should he forgive her gaffe or hold it against her eternally? When finally Jesus knocks at the door of his heart he has to make a decision: keep storing mountains of cabinets filled with unforgiven stories in his heart and stay unbearable or create space there for people that mean something to him.


‘The Convo’ by Krystal Bolden. When a proud father finds out a dark secret about his son, he has to re-evaluate how he sees his own life and how to move forward.

‘Annie & Willie's Prayer’ by Alan Moore. A heart-warming holiday tale about the power found in the faith of little children.

‘Tikkun Olam’ by Bob Ahmed. A fiction film about an eight year old boy who tries to befriend a homeless veteran in Washington DC!

Student Films:

‘Retronym’ by Nathaniel Jensen. A young man wakes up in a strange place with no recollection of how he arrived. He is confronted with a series of choices and tests before having to make the most important choice of his life.

‘Agape’ by Sagar Rai. A college age son has a struggling relationship with his dad. Their relationship takes a further toll when the son is diagnosed with a terminal cancer. The father helps his son walk through a spiritual journey to ultimately finding the person of Jesus Christ.


‘Hara El kebira’ by Gilles ElieCohen. A Jewish village in southern Tunisia.

‘America the Great Enabler’ by Jim Ackert. Ten things are set up by America, the great enabler who is never mentioned in Bible prophecy, but none the less, has set the stage for the consummate act of human history, the second coming of Jesus Christ.

‘Women of Faith: Coping with Trauma’ by Angela Heath. Our inaugural project is Women of Faith: Coping with Trauma. This mental health documentary takes an in-depth look into the lives of four women who are survivors of childhood abuse, but who also triumphantly find joy, hope and peace through their faith in God and their community. We know it is a tough subject, but let’s have the tough conversation so women, children and families can find healing.


‘Florentine and the New Neighbor’ by Herbert Stine. This is a story about a family of mice that retail biblical stories to children.

Music Videos:

‘May God Smile on You’ by ZirzeriaL Wright-Beveridge. This is a song to encourage families during this pandemic and keep hope in their hearts.

‘Can’t Get Enough’ by Chandler Bradley and Matthew Mozingo. This is a music video about a young man in love with a young woman.


‘You Are My Best Friend’ by Kathleen Tessalone.  A song written for all the dogs in our lives who provide companionship and unconditional love! This song was written for the story ‘Dogs in Gods World’ about a boy named Willie and his faithful companion dog named Wilbur!


‘Wide as the Western Sky‘ by Jeanne Dukes. When an aspiring young country-western singer vows to honor his faith above his career, he encounters frustrating delays and opposition that threaten to destroy his dreams. A modern-day reflection of the life of Abraham.

‘Joe Louis is Coming to Town!’ by Leonard Varasano. All that a child needs to succeed in the world is to have someone who really believes in them.

‘Faith Wins (The Wildcard of the Strip)’ by John Pate and Rich Natole. A faith-based story; redemption of a struggling soul after tragedy.

‘Dogs in Gods World’ by Kathleen Tessalone. An autistic boy named Willy & his St.Bernarddog Wilbur are returning back from the park, they end up walking down this alley and see this bright light coming from this old abandoned doghouse. They both go over to the doghouse crawl inside and see a heavenly painting, they touch the painting, and transfer to heaven. Willie does have a family, a sister named Wanda, a mother Wynonna and a father Walter, There is Willies nemesis Winston, & his dog Cain). Walter creates inventions. After getting lost from a return from heaven, Willies father Walter creates an invention that ultimately fails and through divine intervention by prayer, the family meets up with Willie and Wilbur, with a glorious ending. The movie is topped off with an award-winning Disney type song.

‘Mother of the Church’ by Sandra Basey-Lennon. A woman with everything loses her daughter and the will to go on until she meets a church family and finds God.

Event Poster for the 22 May 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 22 May 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Roe v. Wade’ Nick Loeb and Cathy Allyn. Dr. Bernard Nathansonand Dr. Mildred Jefferson square off in a national battle in this untold conspiracy that led to the most famous and controversial court case in history.

‘The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold’ by Seth Himes. Amy Stronghold, a homeless hustler, must get off the streets, hold a job, move to the strange land of suburbia and find God before her daughter is lost to her forever.

Short Films:

‘The Rapture Diaries’ by David Owen Wright. A little girl struggles with the loss of her mother, and re-evaluates her own salvation. She tries reaching out to her father about what it means to be saved, but he is too lost in his own grief to realize she is struggling with questions about the afterlife. He plans a trip to see the blood moon and doesn’t realize he will be getting much more than he bargained for. The Rapture. Who will be caught up, and who will be left behind? Are YOU ready?

‘Hollie’s Dress’ by Annie Sakkab. As 14-year-old Hollie sews her first dress with her mother, she faces the decision all Mennonite girls must make as they reach adulthood. Will she put on the dress and become a full member of the Mennonite church and assume her role as a mother, or will she join the wider world?


‘Unboxing. I Got COVID’ by EunikaChojecka. It is a story of two men diagnosed with Covid-19. They are in the same hospital room. It seems that they have almost nothing in common but the coronavirus. The older man can’t take it anymore, the younger man – can’t stand it anymore. However, Christmas Eve of 2020 is coming, and it changes everything.

‘Gift’ by Al Julian and Vince Eisenson. A jaded alcoholic has his world view challenged by an unexpected act.


‘Pilgrims of Divine Mercy’ by PrzemysławJan Chrobak. In this road movie four repeat offenders, who converted in prison, set off on foot to the Vatican, drawing a special trolley with a gift for the pope – a painting of Merciful Jesus.

‘I Am A Mennonite’ by Paul Plett. A filmmaker explores his Mennonite roots & identity.

‘Metamorphosis’ by Jordan Hatfield. An ex-drug dealer/addict personally recounts the powerful redemption he experienced through Jesus after living decades of his life in crime, violence and addiction.


‘The Clown’ by ChunxiaoYu. A clown discovered a stair heading forward to heaven. She experienced her unhappy and happy events when swallowed by fur monsters on the way to heaven.

Web Series:

‘The Expats International Ingrams’ by Juanita Ingram. The Expats International Ingramssheds light on the dynamic, exciting, and unpredictable life of EXPAT families; as well as educates and introduces new places and experiences to families. 

Music Videos:

‘Stronger’ by Dr. Lois Ekwe. A music video of Dr. Lois Ekwe’strue life story!


‘Momma Said’ by Steve Harris. A song which extols the sound advice our mother’s give to us when we are young that guides us our whole lives.


‘Turtle City: Cavity Monsters Picture Book Trailer’ by Tienny The. Hinghates brushing his teeth. No one can persuade him to do it, until one day a foul smell emits from his mouth. Let us go inside his mouth and see what is happening there!


‘Mother of Grace and Mercy’ by Dan Willis. After witnessing the death of her son Jesus, Mary must fight the early Church and Jewish leaders while overcoming her own shame and sorrows in a struggle to preserve her son’s teachings about the transcendent power of love.

‘A Few Good Miles - A Few Good Miles – It Takes Juan To Know Juan’ by Michael Nicolosi and J Nicolosi. A situational comedy based on the life of a typical American family in Calhoun, USA. The dad Jim is a writer, the mom Beth is a great cook, and two boys a 5th grader named Josh a great athlete, and a third grader named Benjamin with trust issues.

‘Meet the Beat Saints’ by Edward Fortenberry. In 1964 middle America, Gordon, an aspiring music promoter finds himself at odds with his family and church who don’t approve of his gospel quartet show or girlfriend, Priscilla, who is from a different denomination. The British invasion hits, and Gordon loses Priscilla to a guy who’s more into it. Gordon, a short wave radio fan, finds a British station and learns that there is a Christian band from Liverpool that sounds similar to the Beatles. He makes contact with them and arranges for them to come to the US for a Christian British invasion, at a time when rock and roll is not looked on favorably by religious people.

‘The Church of Joshua’ by R. H. Miller. Pastor Josh Evans is about to build a new church he and his father always dreamed of making. However a corrupt city councilman steals their land from under their feet. Now Josh must do whatever he and his congregation can do to get it back, which may involve some unexpected actions.

Event Poster for the 24 April 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 24 April 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘ZwinglisErbe’ by Alex Fröhlich. A.D. 1519: When HuldrychZwingli begins preaching as a priest in Zurich, the plague affects him. Looking death in the face, God's Word carries him through and he survives. Encouraged, he turns Zurich upside down with the Bible in his hand.

‘Open Wounds’ by Marc Allen. Erica (Emily Conley) is saddened by the lack of faith she finds in the world. Determined to make a change, she tries to convince her school principal, Principal Marks (Karla Dansereau) that prayer and bible study should be allowed back in school. Facing obstacles from her friends and Principal Marks, Erica pursues the matter and gets herself into a mess. With the help of the new performing arts teacher Miss Rainey (Trinity Dobbs) and the power of prayer, Erica finds a way to let Christ shine through her. In the end, sin is defeated and the open wounds in each person begins to heal.

‘It’s A Life Worth Living’ by Keith Perna. John, a man haunted by his beginnings, struggles with finding meaning and worth in his life. This leads him to choose a path of selfishness and drug abuse. Consequently there’s a breakdown of relationships with his family and his wife. When things start to crumble all around him, John gets the wakeup call that he needs in the form of a caring new friend, and others in his life that reach out to him in ways they hadn’t before. God working through them and reaching out to John, guides him on a path of discovery about where his worth and value truly come from, and what in life is truly valuable.

Short Films:

‘Spotlight’ by Spotlight Productions LLC. A shy young songwriter must overcome her fears after she finds an enchanted microphone that makes all of her dreams come true forcing her to make an impossible choice.

‘FOX HOLE’ by Jeremiah Mason. A WWII drama from the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

‘Christmas & Me’ by Sebastian H. Foxworth. A suicidal man on Christmas Eve and the wise cracking psychologist that does her best to point out God's love for him through a series of flashbacks.


‘Jesus of New York’ by Joe Benedetto. It's December 25th, Joseph and Mary are pregnant (well, Mary is pregnant), and they have to deal with a clueless maternity ER receptionist in present day NYC.

‘Faith, Hoop, & Charity' by Roman Jaquez. What do you get when a perfectionist doctor meets a soft-hearted street minister?

‘Inner Peace’ by Severn Lang. How self talk gives us emotions that the world can see but can’t hear the words in our heads.


‘Alaska Long Hunters’ by Mark D. Rose. Tells the story of a brave group of hunters who delved deep into the Alaska interior to explore and hunt in one of the greatest wildernesses on Earth.

‘The Acorn’ by Sophia Mobley. The story of Oakwood University, a Historically Black Seventh-Day Adventist HBCU with a very unique set of rules such as no jewelry, no alcohol, and you must attend chapel every week. The campus also promotes healthy living so meat is not served on the campus grounds. Students from all over the world attend this institution to receive what has been coined "The Oakwood Experience".

‘The One and Only Jewish Miss America’ by David Arond. The surprising story of Bess Myerson, the talented beauty queen from the Bronx, and how she won the world’s most famous beauty pageant 75 years ago, at the tail end of World War II.

Music Videos:

‘Pandemic: Opened RED Door’ by Don Albert. A Music Video: A brief reveal of all that lead up to the Pandemic.


‘Nickels’ by Tim Tuchrello. A middle-aged man reunites with his reincarnated brother thirty years after his brother's tragic death, only to find more pain than joy.

‘Chasing Eden’ by Cheryl McKay, Hayden Bownds, and Norma Joyce Dougherty. When a poor farm girl who escapes her poverty and abuse through fairy tales is suddenly thrust onto the glamorous stage of the national and international pageant world, the lines between fiction and reality blur. Now she must find her real identity apart from a world that just wants to transform her into a marketing protege. A faith-based, inspirational screenplay set in Prince Edward Island, Canada and based on the book ‘Island Girl: A Triumph of the Spirit’ by Norma Joyce Dougherty.

‘Paint Me Something Beautiful’ by TJ Johnson and K. Dixon Ludlow. An old Irish artist and lighthouse keeper, Abraham McDaniels, passes away on Christmas Eve. He is visited by God in the guise of a leprechaun and together they relive Abe's life, loves and losses through his unfinished paintings. Life is art, Paint me Something Beautiful.

‘Believe’ by Hannah Ratnam. Based on a true story; after a woman receives a message from God in 3 separate visions about the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, she begins praying for Mr. Trump, who becomes the eventual winner!

‘A Few Good Miles - The Obligatory Camping Episode - Ep5’ by Michael Nicolosi and J Nicolosi. A situational comedy based on the life of a typical American family in Calhoun, USA. The dad Jim is a writer, the mom Beth is a great cook, and two boys a 5thgrader named Josh a great athlete, and a third grader named Benjamin with trust issues.

‘Pericles & Ruth’ by John Martins III. In ancient Greece, amid earthquake, famine, and war, a young Jewish slave tries to convince a pagan prince to convert to the one true God.

Event Poster for the 27 March 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 27 March 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Miracle On Highway 34’ by Nathan Clarkson. A diverse set of characters find themselves together in a old diner in a small town on Christmas eve during a snow-storm. While a young expecting couple tries to make it home on a night that's anything but silent.

‘5 Cent Life’ by Yueh Phoebe Liu. The true story of Lin Zhao, who is punished and tortured after she questions the Communist party's actions and her involvement in the cause, turning back to her Christian education.

‘The Salt of the Earth, Gunpei Yamamuro’ by Masatoshi Tojo. The story of Yamamuro  Gunpei, a Japanese man who converted to Christianity in the late 1800s and spent his life not only spreading the Gospel to the Japanese but also as an activist for the poor and marginalized in society.

Short Films:

‘Struggle to Victory’ by Aviance Catholic. After a promotion, a loving family man loses everything to drugs; can he come back to the light?

‘A Sisterhood of Signatures’ by Okema Gunn. After a middle school tween discovers a letter from her great grandmother (from WWII era), she challenges her mischievous friends to begin a cursive, letter-writing club.

‘The Thistlewits’ by Nathan Steve Smith. A story about a small town that is full of hate and anger and how one family makes a difference by putting plates of goodies and positive notes on people's doorsteps.


‘Just Lean’ by Ashley Hays Wright. A business man will have a life changing decision to make. God will use wisdom from an unlikely source to guide him in his decision, and help guide him back on the right path.

‘The Nestling’ by Christiane Hitzemann. While struggling with her grandmother about the household lead, a young girl has to cope with her mother's seemingly fatal illness: cancer.

‘Pentecostal Activity’ by Andrew Schwartz. It is the Pentecost season, and when the board of a church in a small American town meets to figure out how to help the congregation during a pandemic, they experience bizarre occurrences that only add to their problems.

Student Film:

‘The Catholic Project’ by Grace Kleinschmit. What does it mean to be Catholic? I set out to find what it truly means to be Catholic by asking several people several different questions about the faith.


‘Barefoot Doctors FLC’ by JP Ferraro. Individuals from numerous marginalized people groups of Myanmar learn about community health and life-saving medical treatments. They become the village health technicians in their local areas administering medication, treating wounds, and aiding medical professionals.

‘Ray of Hope’ by Anthony Hackett. The powerful true story of a couple who's hopes of having a child went from infertility, to a miracle, to tragedy... to a Ray of Hope.

‘A Witness To Aloha’ by Dennis James Lee. Documents the true history of the first Christian missions to Hawaii. How the Hawaiian royalty worked with the missionaries to save their people from the onslaught of the encroaching modern world as ingenious Hawaiians were dying by the thousands from diseases in the early 1800s. This collaboration helped to bring much needed medical care for the islanders as well as creating an explosion of literacy in their own native language. This documentary explores the history of the missions which has been misinterpreted over the generations with the first missionaries unjustly blamed for the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.


‘Adam, Eva, and the Serpent’ by Carolina Hindsjö. An animated retelling of the ‘Garden of Eden’ story.  

Music Videos:

‘The Wood Patent’ by Keith Hudson. An unusual look at a simple thing that God created that we entirely take for granted. The question is what is the significance of the invention of wood?

‘Flight 116’ by Ethan Feaster. A spoken word recitation detailing the journey of musician Justin Dallas Pendergrass, as he finds faith and comes to Christ!


‘Oak Ridge Christian Camp Ad’ by Natalie Hudson. This commercial was part of extra level support for a family-run Christian camp that's trying to survive 2020.

Movie Trailer:

‘End of Wyntor’ by Owen Hisles. Ocean Gralightis a servant of evil but gets exiled Earth by Lord Wyntorfor trying to be part of the Good-Light!


‘Rock Star Karaoke’ by Paul Foote, Steve Jensen, and James Giles.  A song about a wanting to become a famous singer in a band.


‘Bless Me Father’ by Thomas Louis Castiglione. Two daughters are sent to a private Catholic high school for girls in San Diego, California. They befriend each other even though one daughter is from a wealthy family and the other from a blue collar family. They learn to become strong and understand both have the same dilemma, of getting love from their unemotional fathers!

‘Escape to Egypt’ by Rex Perkins. When the Holy Family narrowly escapes a raid on Bethlehem, they take a dangerous journey to stay ahead of Herod’s forces. It’s a biblical thriller inspired by The Protoevangeliumof James, various Christian Orthodoxies, and the Writings of Josephus.

‘Confessions of ST Mary’s’ by Eric Sollars, Geoffrey Sollars, and Michael Sollars. A burglar witnesses a shooting and flees to his childhood haunts at St. Mary's Church and Hospital where he must outsmart more crooks to save the hospital before the police catch up with him.

‘Hannah’s Dream’ by Hannah Ratnam. After her mom's death, Pakistani Christian, Hannah, shares a persecution story with her family. Received a prophetic dream about church deadliest attack and saving the lives.

‘Jeremy’ by Jonathan Turner Smith. A story about Jeremy who stands up to school bullies with the help of his friend Margaret and advice from his Native American Grandfather.

‘Darby Whales’ by Mark Hurless. A man reflects on his life as Nantucket Whaler and Soldier on English Warship during Napoleonic wars.

Event Poster for the 27 February 2021 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 27 February 2021 Christian Film Fetsival:

Feature Films:

‘The Day of Wrath’ by Jacek Raginis-Królikiewicz. A World War II drama set in Nazi occupied Poland; Ater hiding a Jewish man, an  offense punishable by death, a monastery and the monks living there come face to face with an SS commander and his squadron.

‘The Stranger’ by Marc Allen. A young girl befriends a homeless man who is in search of the family he lost years ago.

‘Song of the Tree Frogs’ by Josh Menning. After growing up in a household with an abusive father, two brothers try to find meaning and forgiveness in their lives.

Short Films:

‘Angels Are Among Us’ by Gerry Manus. An inspirational movie which depicts Angels sent from god to help us.

‘The Old Farm’ by Matt Alden. An Alberta farmer and his wife cope with the reality of his progressing Alzheimer's on their last night at the family farm.

‘Saved’ by Dr. Jay Alappat. A movie which depicts the story of Job and its ancient wisdom in modern times!


‘Prodigal’ by Jeffrey Conley. After his daughter runs away from home, a father prays for her safe return!

‘Makeup’ by Imoleayo Ladipo. This is a story about a woman who is going through abuse in her marriage but is obligated to put on a mask outside. It captures the challenge we all face in having to project an image on the outside and the realities we face within.

‘The Game of Life’ by Aren Woods and Evan Carrington. Maria is a hardworking young woman who has recently had to take care of her ailing sister, Hailey. After losing her job and Hailey's health takes a turn for the worst, Maria begins questioning everything. With life appearing an unyielding opponent, it may take an unlikely ally to remind Maria that she’s not in this alone.

Student Films:

‘Our Father’ by Jacob Watkinson. A terminally ill priest must confront his dwindling faith as he visits a childhood friend on her deathbed.


‘Komorebi: Light Shines Through’ by Hayden Wilkens. This is God's story of using MayukoShonofor His glory, a talented Japanese artist who studied in the US then returnedto Japan as a missionary.

‘You and I we will live’ by Alexander Shiskin. This documentary dedicated to memory of Valery Koropa talented Russian musician and friend of Israel who started a praise and worship band called ‘M-16’ because he loved the 16thchapter of Mark. 

‘A Life to Live’ by Evans Munyuki. This film celebrates the life of an amazing woman by the name of Mrs. Martha Munyuki; her life was noteworthy, and her faith was mountain-moving.

‘The choice of a life’ by Fanny Chrétien. At the age of 22, Marie-Hélène interrupted her teaching career to enter the novitiate of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres.


‘Absolution’ by Clayton Foy Udd. A repentant man seeking relief from his burdens is tormented by temptation from his  flesh.

Web Series:

‘The Vybe Online’ by Michael Reed & William Leecan.  Amonthly online series for young adult Christians which highlights positive developments in entertainment, sports, ministry!

‘Life on Purpose’ Fred and Beth Townsend.  TV Host Beth Townsend speaks with guests who have  found their life’s purpose in this inspiring series.

Music Videos:

‘Dream’ by Mike Erickson. Dream represents the plan of life. A father has a dream about the plan and purpose of life as it relates to his family. He makes his way through the world and the pitfalls along a path holding on to an iron rod that leads to a tree of light containing fruit of great value.

‘Rapture Watch’ by Keith Hudson. A short devotional piece that's also a daily reminder that Jesus will be returning....will you be ready for that day?


‘Song of the Tree Frogs’ by Josh Menning. After growing up in a household with an abusive father, two brothers try to find meaning and forgiveness in their lives.


‘The Ridge Ad’ by Natalie Hudson. This commercial was made by extra level support for a family-run Christian camp that's trying to survive 2020.


‘The Christians - Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile’ by Tony Gioutsos. The story of Cristos, a Christian and brilliant mathematician who loses his family and his way due to pride and the love of money; can he find his way back?

‘Raggedy Anne Heart’ by Heather McPhaul. In 1970s rural West Texas, 12-year-old Lindy Logan has big dreams, and wants to become the next Karen Carpenter!

‘Journal of A Dinka Boy’ by JomoMerritt. Thee story of 3 brothers in Sudan whose lives are turned upside down by the civil war.

‘The Garden: a parody’ by Skipperdoodle Productions. An adapted screenplay short based on the Synoptic Gospels of the Holy Bible.

‘The Miracle of Isabella Herrera’ by Jomo Merritt.  85 year old Isabella Herrera experiences a miracle of Biblical proportions by becoming pregnant just like Sarah, and then using her situation to help a young expectant mother in need!

‘You Found Me’ by Ben Sarro. A non-believer with a tragic past meets with a firm believer, who tries to bring him back to the light.

Event Poster for the 23 January 2021 Christian Film Festival!

Official Selections for the 23 January 2021 Christian Film Festival!

Feature Films:

‘Dolphin Island’ by Mike Disa. After losing her parents, fourteen-year-old Annabel lives with her fisherman grandfather on a Caribbean island paradise. She is surrounded by an extended family of loving, but quirky, oddballs and her best friend, a dolphin named Mitzy. Everything changes when her maternal grandparents arrive with a shifty lawyer to bring her back to New York. It's up to Annabel and Mitzyto save the day and prove that love conquers all.

‘Treasure of Beijing’ by James Broadwater. Two deserving teenage siblings take on a quest to solve a series of challenges to earn a large reward, and encounter incredible obstacles along the way!

‘Weightier Matters’ by Doug Phillips. A young woman re-evaluates her life choices while trying to win a singer-songwriter contest!

Short Films:

‘Judge of Courage’ by Clint Hanna. After seeing a vision and praying, a young man being held prisoner by an invading army convinces everyone in the camp to escape, culminating in a dramatic confrontation! Based on the story of Gideon from the Book of Judges.

‘Ain't God Alright’ by Rasheed Lanier, Andrew J. Bullard IV. After a struggling musician loses his job and gets dumped by his girlfriend, he re-evaluates his priorities to find out what really matters in life!

‘A King’s Daughter’ by Don Richards. Sometimes a mother and daughter spend a lifetime wondering about each other and a miracle answers their questions.


‘Pretty Little Warriors: Paisley’ by Cynthia Mallick. During a prom makeover, a makeup artist blends scripture and Kung Fu to help a bullied teen stand up for herself.

‘Sometimes Bought Sense Is Better Than Borrowed’ by Crystal A. Joseph. The forces of good and evil are depicted in this real life drama between a mother and her daughter.

‘Saints of Anarchy’ by Jamale Ellison. A Hadron Collider explosion merges Earth into another dimension. An inaccessible portal now allows evil spirits to freely access to the Earth in order to hunt the remaining humans. Only a few come together against this new threat!


‘The Love of Jesus’ by Holger Klussmann. This film discusses the message of Jesus Christ and visits several historical places in Bethlehem and Jerusalem!

‘Blood Debt’ by The Church of Almighty God. This documentary recounts the true experience of Chinese Christian Yu Dehui, who was arrested by the Chinese government and tortured in prison for being a Christian.

‘Documentary of The Church of Almighty God | Almighty God Speaks In The House Churches Of China (Part 1)’ by The Church of Almighty God. This documentary discusses how God is moving in China through the use of house churches.


‘I Am The Light Of The World’ by Harriet Cudal. This story is based on how we get distracted by Satan upon following Jesus. Some distractions are illustrated in this video and how the boy was slowly getting all the devil's attention. See how the boy was saved!

Web Series:

‘Soul Of The Family’ by Russ Fulmore. The Rolstons were a close knit family until the death of the youngest sibling, Teddy; but now he is mysteriously resurrected and tasked with a mission to save his family from self destruction.

‘Rapture Chronicles #3 Our First Baby’ by UndraHill, Carmen Greer.  A series which shows what happens to ordinary people when the rapture comes. In this episode a woman realizes it is too late after her baby and sister are raptured and she is left behind!

‘Life on Purpose’ by Fred and Beth Townsend. TV Host Beth Townsend speaks with guests who have  found their life’s purpose in this inspiring series.

Music Videos:

‘There Are Heroes (Stay Put Blues)’ by Paul Helou. A musical "thank you" to frontlinersand a humorous look at my "stay put" experience. (yes, I really do have three plants called Larry, Curly & Moe!)!

‘Prepare For War’ by Jody Mortimer. It is a battle between good n evil the darkness vs the light!


‘PineviewCamp Ad’ by Natalie Hudson. This commercial was made by extra level support for a family-run Christian camp that's trying to survive 2020.


‘Jeremiah 17’ by Jordan Hatfield. Created in correlation with the short film, Tree By Water. it is an album of cinematic music inspired by Jeremiah chapter 17 verses 5 through 13.


‘Open Wounds’ by Marc Allen. Erica knows that her school is full of wounded people. She's put together a plan to turn things around but one person stands in her way. She'll do what she has to in order to stand up for what she believes in. Her faith guides them all to the truth.

‘Trail’ by Mary T. Driscoll. After detective Lacy King’s little sister is murdered, her life begins spiraling out of control and she gets suspended; at the direction of the police chief she signs up for a ‘horseback riding trail to healing’ which starts out peaceful but will it help her?

‘The Little Dino’ by Matthew Curell. A little brachiosaurus wanders off in search of grandeur canopies, and comes to an important revelation!

‘The Significant Others’ by Dean Wilson. Small town aspiring filmmaker unsuspectingly aligns with a pair of Hollywood imposters only to discover he must stop them from fleeing the country after they bilk the townspeople on the pretext of making a blockbuster!

‘A Caterpillar’s Tale’ by Carlos Perez. A young caterpillar, determined to learn why all his older friends go up the Great Tree and never come back down, takes off on a solo journey to climb the Great Tree and find out!

‘InnerVerse’ by Jay Stamatis. In death, a father leaves his son letters that tell of a place he visited when he flat-lined long ago. A place within, where he fights his inner demons, finds his soulmate, and saves his son.

Event Poster for the 26 December 2020 Christian Film Festival!

Official Selections for the 26 December 2020 Christian Film Festival!

Feature Films:

‘Be The Light’ by Malcom J. Goodwin. The film is about a down and out girl who tries to make amends with her estranged and dying father. She tries to raise money in an effort to save him with the community she loves, and the music within.

‘Finding Home’ by Jim Underwood. Finding Home is based on a true story of one mans journey to find his purpose...to find forgiveness...to find love. A love that heals our hearts, tells us that our lives matter, and gives us Hope.

‘Faith in God 3 - Rise’ by the Church of Almighty God. MengChanglin, a Chinese Christian, and his family, face persecution when he switches from the state sponsored Three-Self Church to the home-based Church of Almighty God.

Short Films:

‘The Mystery Date’ by Arlette Thomas-Fletcher.  After her Mom dies, a 12 year old girl has to compete with her father’s job for his love because he doesn’t what to say or how to relate to her!

‘LYT’ by Oladipo O'Fresh. A devout Muslim teenager named Gaffarhas the shock of his life when his Dad announces at dinner they are converting to Christianity.


‘Lucidity – Lucid Dreams’ by David King. A young man has dreams that are so real and vivid he would rather dream than live in the real world!

‘Visitor’ by Jeremy Minard. A woman with tattoo sand piercing comes to a church to learn about Jesus, but the judgmental deacons treat her like trash.

‘Just a Little Christmas’ by Thomas Castiglione. A story about Jesus' birth narrated by a four year old!


‘Before the Wrath’ by Brent Miller Jr. Based on true discoveries from the time of Christ; researchers in the Middle-East have rediscovered ancient anthropological evidence that reveals how and why the Rapture must occur; unveiling new biblical insight that will reignite hope for believers and prepare the world for what's coming.

‘Virginia’s Calling’ by Barry Lyons. A family disaster throws a conservative Christian homeschooling mom into emotional and spiritual crisis, through which she comes to a new understanding of her calling.


‘Sticks & Stones: A Story of David’ by Nate Carroll. A tormented king struggles to protect his people from an advancing army, but can this young, shepherd boy defeat the Philistine's champion and ensure the Israelites' freedom?

‘Bad Reputations’ by Micah Chambers. Mr. Wickmanis unable to meet the deadline he promised to have Kari's windows installed. Kari is very upset. Could Mr. Wickmanhave a good reason for them not being installed yet?

Student Films:

‘Love & Selfishness’ by Nathaniel Wolfe.  An anti-love documentary filmmaker attempts to keep his best friend from pursuing a relationship.

‘Boy Wonder’ by Alessandro Gordillo. An angel and a demon have a heated argument over the course of an optimistic boy’s destiny.

Web Series:

‘The Book of Revelation’ by Jose F. Nieves.  John the Disciple is exiled to the Island of Patmos because of the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. This First Episode presents a brief summary of Chapters 1 through 3 of the book of Revelation.

‘Life on Purpose’ by Fred and Beth Townsend. TV Host Beth Townsend speaks with guests who have  found their life’s purpose in this inspiring series.

‘Little Image Bearers’ by Caleb Phipps. Little Image-Bearers is a children’s show designed for children ages 2-10. Each episode introduces a unique item to explore, a simple puppet pretend story, and a fun “try it yourself” project, all pointing towards a biblical concept discussed at the end.

Music Videos:

’On the Outside’ by Bethany Brandt. A Christian music video showing the importance of Christ in your everyday life!

’Baptized In Jordan’ by David L. Wilcox. an animated illustration of the original Gospel song “Baptized In Jordan “ by Dwight L. Wilcox II


‘The Story of Job’ by Jose F. Nieves. Original Soundtrack by Jose F. Nieves "Job Loses Everything". 


‘Moment (Theme Song from Countdown)’ by Scott Michael Branan and Karissa Branan. This is a song about how Christians should live in this  world as ambassadors for Jesus and not live life like unbelievers do!


‘Can You See Me? by Kimberly J. Richardson. When Jessie faces sickness as a young child, this begins her journey through a life of struggles, disappointment and fear. Is there really a God who cares? And can He see what she's going through?

‘The Ghost on the Brooklyn Bridge’ by M. David Frango. Two women mathematicians bump into a group of men on the Brooklyn Bridge who are contemplating suicide, and using math and Christian beliefs talk them out of it.

‘Sorry, I Never Knew You’ by Jimmie D. Smith.  After a family is torn apart by a tragedy and the husband walks out, he has a dream about a second chance to make it right. 

‘Fiona’ by Lauren Speeth. The story of a college student in the 1960s trying to make sense of her world and relationships. It’s a story of resilient hope that questions whether it’s the events of our lives that define us or the thread on which we choose to string them.

‘A Boy Named David’ by Robert McIntosh. A young Jewish shepherd pursues his father’s love but his father’s refusal to retort forces the boy to seek affirmation from Another.

‘I’m dreaming of a Christ Christmas’ by Warren A. Rhodes. I’m dreaming of a Christ Christmas tells the story of a precocious and imaginative 11-year old girl’s dream of Christ’s birth.

Event Poster for the 28 November 2020 Christian Film Festival!

Official Selections for the 28 November 2020 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Disruption’ by Debbie Harmon. Three ladies try to help an arrogant young man named Alex Archer who takes advantage of everyone, including his family, and because of that no one will have anything to do with him anymore!

‘Discarded Things’ by Karen Abercrombie. An elite music teacher loses her job and status after some difficult circumstances, but finds a new purpose for her life teaching at risk youth!

‘Hannah More’ by Anthea Page. A young woman in 18thcentury England  breaks societal norms by fighting for causes like abolishing slavery and starting a school for underprivileged children! 

Short Films:

‘Where are you?’ by Caleb Smiley. After a lifetime of romantic disappointment, 21-Year-old Dillon wonders if he will ever find this so-called right person for him.

'Saving Private Bear' by Gideon Khachadourien. Two boys are on an adventure in a world of their own imagination. Is the danger real or are they making it up?

‘The Magic Hour’ by Kyle Parks. Two strangers who find themselves debating God’s existence on Facebook, decide to meet for coffee and talk further.


‘Passed Over’ by Aretha Tatum. When a gunman goes on a rampage, five co-workers discover that prayer is their best defense.

‘Jesus Awakens the Little Girl’ by Emmett Loverdeand Christopher Estrada. A comedy where Jesus has to deal with a cranky teenager’s hard to understand reaction after he brings her back from the dead!

'Finding Worth' by Tim Bangle. The film explores how addiction and denial can affect relationships as well as ones own well being.


‘God's Living Treasures Volume 2 - Animals of Alaska’ by David Rives. Come join Dr. JobeMartin, Buddy Davis, Dr. Jim Johnson, Micah Bowman, and David Rives as they reveal the wonders of God’s Amazing Alaskan treasures including Grizzly Bears, the Musk Ox, Salmon, Arctic Tern, Caribou, and the Arctic Ground Squirrel.

‘Go Tell It On The Mountain’ by Taylor Brant. This film highlights 5 stories of Christians making an impact and spreading the good news to ski and snowboard enthusiasts in a unique way!

‘Davies’ by Shannon Chance. An inspirational film that follows artist DA Davies on a recent tour across America. 


‘Jingle The dog – A Christmas Story’ by Chris & Erin Abbey Bishop. A heartwarming tale about a happy and clueless family pet in a wild Christmas adventure as Jingle the Dog is thrust into the real world.

Student Films:

'Finding Worth' by Tim Bangle. The film explores how addiction and denial can affect relationships as well as ones own well being.

Web Series:

‘Life on Purpose’ by Rachel Bosterand Beth Townsend. TV Host Beth Townsend speaks with guests who have  found their life’s purpose in this inspiring series.

’25 Songs of Christmas’ by Lea & Eric C Jones. A holiday Web Series that spotlights one joyful Christmas Song for each day from the 1stthru the 25thof December!

Music Videos:

‘Kingdom Anthem: The Kingdom Descends Upon the World’ by The Church of Almighty God. A stirring music video telling the world the Kingdom of God has come. 

‘Safe and Warm (Lullaby for Jesus)’ by Alan Mascareno & Katie Garibaldi. A music video thanking Jesus for taking care of us and never forgetting us.


‘Sheep Amongst Wolves’ by Allen Johnson. A moving soundtrack.    


‘Mr. Big Shot’ by Scott Michael Branan & Karissa Branan.  A song that asks Hollywood to produce more family friendly entertainment!


‘Trial by Trial’ by John Martins III. Based on a true story, three Christian missionaries face criminal charges in Greece after Communists falsely accuse them of kidnapping.

'A Good Example' by Lawrence Whitener. A white high school coach adopts a non-white athlete and both heal each other's child abuse scars as they build a winning team for the first time in their school's history. Based on the True-American story.

‘A Moses Prayer For Easter’ by Robert Harmon. On Easter Weekend, two girls pray "A Moses Prayer" for God to change their Dad's heart and let their family go to church on Sunday.

'Finding Worth' by Tim Bangle. A man dealing with drug addiction is forced to redirect where his personal worth comes from.

‘At The Mercy Of Faith’ by Samuel Taylor. A preacher renounces his faith in God in the wake of a terrifying and traumatic encounter, and years later he is tormented by evil spirits.

The Near Death Experience of Dr. John Dantry’ by Michael William Hogan. The story of a gifted surgeon who lost his faith after some hard life experiences, but may find redemption after his heart attack gives him a glimpse of the afterlife for non-believers.

Event Poster for the 24 October 2020 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 24 October 2020 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘The Reliant’ by J. P. Johnston and Paul Munger. An economic catastrophe precipitates widespread rioting and looting, forcing a 21 year-old lovesick girl to care for her siblings in a stretch of woods bordered by lawless anarchy, wondering why a good God would let this happen.

’12:30 PM’ by Jose Rivera Garcia. Two police officers are called to remove a man from blocking an intersection in the country side. What happens next only God can make happen at 12:30pm.

Short Films:

‘Daring To Be Different’ by Marvin J. Lowe. A girl faces losing her identity from being bullied while dealing with heartbreaking family matters. A surprising event helps her regain her distinctiveness.

‘Reckless Love’ by Josh Wichaison. An alcoholic father struggles to overcome his grief and neglecting his own daughter.

‘The Rescue’ by Noel Munyurangaboand and Julian Campbell. A wealthy businessman who does not know how to cope with life after his wife suffers from amnesia, forgetting everything, finds hope.


‘The Package’ by Anthony Hartley. Set in a dystopian future, a film that exposes some of the persecution outside of the U.S.

‘God I’m Not Ready’ by Bena Klier. The story of Megan, a woman who is scorned and torn with how she is living her life, has a brief encounter with Jesus and Lucifer, and both try to influence her.

‘Minefield’ by Michele Bellio. Two Soldiers have to cross a minefield, but before they do they reflect on the war, faith, love, friendship, sacrifice, and the loss of innocence. 


‘Hope for Breast Cancer’ by Eric Zielinski. Tells the true life story and journey of Angela Lima a wife, mother, and athlete who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017.

‘Ordinary Commission’ by Jacob Valk. Two young men travel across America talking to Christians who have found mission fields surprisingly close to home.

‘I Can’t Stay Here Anymore’ by  Daniele Ricci and Alessio Morello. Tells the sad story of a homeless man living near the Vatican who has cancer and suffers from delusions.


‘True Love’ by Andres Reyes and Cecilia Pacheco. The story of a carpenter who sacrifices himself to rescue a disobedient glove he created. 

Student Films:

‘Accused’ by Mona Hilton. A woman who was mistreated by her husband must face the truth when she is accused of mistreating her daughter.

Web Series:

‘Cece’s Universe’ by Dave Siriano. Cecetalks about how to follow God as a kid. From reading the Bible to obeying your parents, 8 year old Ceceshows you how it's done.

Music Videos:

‘Happy News Song’ by Cynthia Walker.  A music video which tells us God is alive in us.

‘Jesus Nation’ by Jody Mortimer.  A music video which tells us as a nation we need to have a revival and get right with God.


‘My Amazing Grace’  by Debra Gussin and Dale Effren. A song that tells about God’s grace and His how He saves us from our sin.


‘Go For Broke’ by Stephanie Parker.  A group of 6 individuals searching for significance and worth from the world realize after a series of tragic events that, if they lay the broken pieces of their lives at the feet of Jesus, He can help them heal the world around them.

‘A Manger Miracle’ by Jeanne Dukes. When three young teens cause mischief in their small town during their Christmas vacation, their community's compassionate response leads them to life-changing encounters with God. Inspired by true events.

‘Redeemed’ by Robert Leo Cox. After an angry and abusive man gets arrested for hitting his wife and son, he tries to turn his life around.

‘Illation’ by  Ryan Reece.  After praying with a female student, a college professor finds himself falsely accused of inappropriate conduct with her, leading to his dismissal but her spiritual liberation.

‘Call The Hogs’ by Kelly L. Perine and John Gloria. Two aging former high-school football teammates who don’t get along because they lost the big game, must work together after 25 years for the sake of their children. 

‘Giant’.  The true story of Clarence Jordan, Millard Fuller, and the founding of ‘Habitat for Humanity’.

Event Poster for the 25 August 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 25 August 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘One Nation Under God’ by Jarred Coates.  In America today, what are we directed to believe in? What as a society do we trust? This is the first question that gifted student- David Gutierrez is asked as he enters his new school - Lee Magnet High. When the lead Presidential candidate comes to speak to the Lee High student body, David seizes the opportunity to address the Senator. “If our founding fathers placed God at the center of our Nation, shouldn’t God be a part of our schools and government today?” The Senator and student’s paths become intertwined after a video is leaked of the encounter. Both struggle to have the faith and courage to stand up for what they truly believe in.

’30 Day Promise’ by Corey Branch. Having been told that she has two months to live, and on the same day Dan, Heather’s husband ask for a divorce. Instead of telling him that she’s dying, Heather agrees to give Dan the divorce but only if he carries her from the bedroom to the front door every morning for 30 straight days.

Short Films:

‘Denied’ by Gina Marie.  A couple reconnects within a space of forced reality.


‘Victorious’ by John Hopper. A short film about fighting temptation. Josh and Daniel discover that victory is a battle worth fighting for when they are pushed to their limits both physically and spiritually.

An Old Fool’ by CarrieAnn Lee. Eighty year old Samuel Wallace has one mishap after another or could he be trying to reunite with his deceased wife?

Foreign Films:

‘Inspection’ by Jacek Raginis.  A film about the Soviet Spy who was tasked by Stalin to go to the prisoner of war camps to recruit Polish Military Officers who were captured by the Soviet Union at the beginning of WWII to join the Soviet Army and help fight the Germans .


‘Ireland The Celtic Way’ by Lauren Speeth. Three years in the making, Ireland The Celtic Way is a cinematically rich exploration of the land and legends of the emerald isle.

‘The Saxon New World’ by H. Paul Moon. This film tells the story of one of America’s largest early immigrations, that of the 19th-century Saxons who settled in rural Missouri.

‘Foreclosing On Faith’ by Viktoria Somogyi. This is a film about the heartbreaking struggle the Catholic Church has with the closing of their Parish Churches, how it is affecting the communities they serve, and the Bishops who have to make tough real world decisions based on hard facts like attendance numbers and finances.

‘Brickyard Village: Acts of Love’ by James Kim. When Pastor Kim is called to evangelize to the people of ComunidadLa Ladrillera(Brickyard Village), Mexico, he comes to realize that true transformation is similar to how the village people has been surviving for many years.

Web Series:

‘Soul of the family’ by Russ Fulmore.  The Rolston's were a close knit family until a tragedy took one of them away. Teddy the deceased, returns as a ghost with the task of bringing his family back together before he can move on.

Music Videos:

‘Voice Surrounding The City’ by Maria Rago.  This is the sermon on the mount set to piano music and city scenes. 


‘A Good Old Fashioned Redneck Country Christmas’ by Kris Bauske.  This hilarious, yet tender and respectful re-telling of The Nativity with a country twist, is just what the world needs to remember the real reason for the season.

‘My Father’s Shoes’ by Ileah Moore. A real life story of human perseverance against all odds. Bela Zelikowicswas a humble Jewish shoemaker that lived through a Pogrom, Two World Wars, the Great Depression, Nazi Work Camp and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

‘Dreams of Petaluma’ by Jeanne Dukes. When an ambitious young woman grudgingly puts her success on hold to visit her widowed grandmother's vineyard, her life-long cynicism collides with her grandfather's legacy of unmovable faith.

‘The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold’ by Mr. Seth Himes.  In and out of jail her whole life, Crazy Amy Stronghold seems to be stuck in a rut as a homeless street musician, until her estranged daughter wants to reunite but not until she gets a real job and a house in suburbia. But when her daughter arrives unexpectedly, at her white-washed house, full of all her demonic strongholds, Amy must learn how to be set free from within before her daughter is lost to her forever.

Event Poster for the 28 July 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 28 July 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Mattie: The Discovery’ by BJ Arnett. Mattie is a redemptive story that is filled with revelation as it pertains to God’s unfailing love for all of us.

‘A Touch of Stardust’ by Rob Rickenbaugh. A heartbroken romantic gets a divine second chance to marry the woman he believes is his fate.

Short Films:

‘The Police Pay A New Year Visit’ by The COAG.   A short film about communist police coming to get a devout Christian in China. 


‘First Love’ by Ms. Akeba Gaddis.  First Love is a short film about a woman on a journey to seek forgiveness from her one true love. But has she gone too far? Will he decide to take her back?

‘Wake’ by Michael McCallum. Kelly and Meg are humoring their father, Richard, who believes he's dying (he isn't).

‘Deep In the Heart Of Texting’ by Michael McCallum. A super short film that shows the distance we have when it comes to connecting face to face because of technology.

‘Stay’ by Ryan Schroeder. How could you love a place and its people, even though it can be difficult at times?

Animated Films:

‘The Prodigal’ by Tod Polson.  An animated retelling of the Prodigal Son parable from the Bible. 


‘The Shroud Documentary' by Joe Olson and Dave Glander. A presentation on the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. 

‘1517 The Flame Rekindled’ by Clayton Van Huss. A documentary about Martin Luther and his impact on history.

‘I Believe In Freedom’ by Daniel Waghorne. This is the story of two missionaries who have dedicated their lives to saving young women from exploitation in Tete, Mozambique.

‘Essie’ by Brook Pruitt. A film about an immigrant named Essie Ebrahimiwho is a very accomplished wood turner.

‘After a Suicide: Moving Past Why’ by Leona Krahn. This film tells the stories of a range of Canadians who have lost someone dear to suicide.

Web Series:

‘House of Praise’ by Tony Wright. A web series to show that young people can do more than just cause trouble that they can be a great and we can always show positivity does not have to be negative.

Music Videos:

‘The Letting Go’ by Natalie Jean. "The Letting Go" is about allowing yourself to be free. It is about not caring what anyone else thinks and allowing yourself to love and be loved.

‘Paranoia’ by Mr. ToñoEA Amin.  A music video feature a number of different faces. 

‘Come Before God Often’ by The COAG. A music video about reading the Bible.

‘Song for the Moon’ by Michael McCallum. A music video for singer/songwriter, Alex Mendenall, by award-winning writer/actor/director Michael McCallum about a journey between a young wife and husband trying to reconnect.


‘Special Delivery’ by Mr. Jimmie Smith.  A young Marine and his fiancé are shamed because they get pregnant before marriage in a very conservative part of the country.  

‘Of All The Days’ by Phillip Hardy. A successful American man and committed atheist mysteriously crosses a time barrier, meets Jesus. 

‘Beyond the Vows’ by Joan Montreuil. This is an inspirational film about marriage and love's imperfection.

‘At The Mercy Of Faith’ by Samuel Taylor. A story about keeping faith during life’s good times and bad.

Event Poster for the 30 June 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 30 June 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Lost and Found: A New Beginning’ by Gina Davis. After 15 year old Jordan witnesses his dad's criminal activities and mother's self-destructive drug addiction tear their family apart, he begins his own journey with worldly temptations. He meets an array of new friends who try to inspire and support him along the way. However, a dramatic change comes after an arrest and a fatal accident that brings his world to its knees.


‘Preach Preacher Preach’ by Harrella Goodwin. Ickford Sebastian is the pastor of Mount Carmel Church. Both the pastor and members are dysfunctional and need help. Funny enough, Pastor Sebastian was promoted to be the Bishop over the Caribbean Region and had to attend training in Trinidad. He informed his Board Members that within two weeks, a minister from Headquarters would assist in the ministry. Until his relief arrives, he decided to leave Deacon Benson and Sister Ophella to take over the helm of the ministry for the first week. Deacon Benson and Sister Ophella? How will this congregation respond to their leadership.


Short Films:


‘Marilyn Lights’ by Tanmay Singh. Marilyn Lights is a cigarette brand that is smoked by ‘cool people’ who are not quitters. Quitting is an easy option in life, be it one’s career, dreams, love or marriage. However, it pays off in the end to not quit and Marilyn Lights (the film) explores this theme via an accidental meeting between two friends who chance across one another in a cafe, six years after their breakup. The guy finds her just as charming as before, however, as the conversation progresses over a cup of coffee, the girl discovers that the guy has changed drastically and even changed his cigarette brand from Marilyn Lights to something inferior and insignificant. She feels hurt to know that he didn’t live up to his idealistic notions. She makes him realize that he is in a comfort zone that is taking him downhill in life. They seek closure.


The Fiend At My Elbow’ by Robert Hodges. Forced to work late on a dark and stormy night, Bill learns he has to find a new way to face down an old temptation. He discovers that sometimes when you kick a bad habit, the habit kicks you back.


‘Crave’ by Micah Versemann. For Olivia her first year of college has been far from pleasant. Between her boyfriend stationed overseas, failing grades in class and dreams that keep plaguing her sleep, she finds herself empty and searching. Now when tragedy strikes she is sent spiraling, questioning everything she was rooted in.




‘The Grave Inc.’ by Debbie Soni. The days leading to Jesus' death and resurrection, Mrs. Grave and Lucifer's demon, make plans on how to keep Jesus of Nazareth in the tomb and stop him from coming back to life.


‘Waiting For You’ by Roy Mazzagate III. When the tragedy of a miscarriage, still birth, SIDS, or other infant passings occurs, it is devastating. But she still has a voice. And she has something to say to the parent she never had the chance to know


‘Moving on’ by Michael Lewis. A man must choose to stay faithful to his marriage vows, or move on with the new woman he's in love with.


‘The Garden’ by Daniel Glaser. Scene from the modern opera film in development, The Last Jew. This scene takes place in the Garden of Gethsemane when Yeshuah (Jesus) prays over his impending death.


‘Signs’ by C. Nathaniel Brown. After the untimely death of his wife, a man returns to the last place he spent with her seeking closure.


Animated Films:


‘Carola Christmas’ by Maurice van Brast. An animated film about the meaning of Christmas.   




A Sense of Home’ by Silvia Schmidt. A Sense of Home is a documentary about identity, migration and faith. It’s about the many ways national/cultural and religious belongings intersect, and how different people, for different reasons, come together as a group to create community.


‘Song of the Wilderness’ by Huayu Yang. The 70-year-old Mother Xu travelled 200km to the mountain area of Yimeng, Shandong province, far way from her own children. She lived in a cottage without a rooftop while taking care of Fan Jianxiu, a paralytic. Despite the sarcasm and ridicules, she persevered in looking after Fan for ten years as if it was one day. Yet still the sound of her praises spread out and rising from the wilderness. Mother Xu spent miserable childhood during the war against the Japanese and she lost her mind after seeing her loved ones killed before her own eyes. Subsequently, a unique experience prompted her to embark on a journey of life transformation. After many years of searching, she finally found a place of spiritual rest and her life was totally transformed. A Faith that is supernatural, holy and merciful was revealed through an original and true account. As the main photographer and director, throughout these five years recording and interviewing, Huayu witnessed how the power of faith changed people’s life. From the recorder’s angle, she is presenting this simple and extraordinary story.




‘I. M. Movie Trailer’ by Kristen Collier.  A trailer for the upcoming movie about guardian angels.


Music Videos:


‘I love to follow Thee’ by Dr. Frank Cheng. A music video about a young man who misses his father who has already gone to heaven. 


‘Come and See’ by Tim Walter.  A music video about seeing Jesus.




Psalm to the Lord’ by Mr. Michael and Ms. Berta Guevara. A song about praising the Lord


‘Jesus Touched My Heart’ by Katie Garibaldi. A song about how Jesus can transform your life for the better.


Scripts / Screenplays:


Hollow Earth Quest’ by Kathy Krantz Stewart.  A story about a man who finds a peaceful civilization living the center of the Earth.   


Escape to Hollow Earth’ by Colin K. Stewart. A draft resister flees the US to Iceland tempted by absolute power and destiny of the world for either good or evil while encountering an advanced civilization living in the center of the Earth.


The Least of Us’ by Todd Hutchinson. A coming of age baseball story where the most overlooked and under used player must be called on to save the season. Sometimes with all the efforts and talents we possess, it can be the least of us that brings the most important message and moments of our lives.


Finding God in Hope’ by Kristal McKerrington. Matthew loses his wife, Julia, suddenly and he falls into a tailspin. He doesn't know how to cope. His family rallies around him and still he feels lost—until he prays to God who leads him into the arms of Hope. She will take him to places he never thought he would go after he lost Julia.


‘The Czar of Hollywood’ by Scott Branan. On her adventurous journey to find the legendary talent agent known as "The Czar of Hollywood", a runaway teenage actress meets a naive politician, a self-centered rapper, and a preacher lacking courage; but she's about to discovers there's no place.

Event Poster for the 26 May 2018 Christian film Festival:

Official Selections for the 26 May 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘The Killer’s Requiem’ by Brian McLane. An End of Days Rock Fable about the fate of humanity, which precariously rests on the fragile faith of an imperfect man, with a chip on his shoulder and a demon in his heart.

‘Derailed by Grace’ by Andrus Strauss.  The story of a rich corporate owner Ralph who has to face the big questions of life after his friend is killed in a car crash. 

‘The Kingdom’ by James Meyer.  A modern day retelling of the prodigal son parable as played by  pampered son of a wealthy Kosovo vineyard owner. 

Short Films:

‘Three Days & Three Nights’ by Adam Jung. A depressed father’s life is turned around by his daughter and God’s word.

‘Oil Wind’ by Alex Graham.  A family’s prayers are answered when they face financial ruin. 

‘Crowns’ by Alek Gearhart. A miracle occurs during the filming of an ISIS execution video where 3 Christians are to be slain.

‘A Better Death’ by Curtis Brooks. A family trapped inside their house from a snowstorm has to come to grips with the turmoil placed upon them by the father who's bedridden in a coma.


‘Social’ by Joey Katches. A tale about a man so consumed with technology that he misses out on the simplest and best parts of life.

‘Mystical Crisis’ by Michele Bellio. A priest is persecuted by a man in a mystical crisis. To help him he decides to involve him in the preparations for the mass.

‘Tara’s Story’ by Tyler Samson. This is the story of Tara Burns, who overcame tragedy at a young age. This is a hybrid of a short film, combined with live worship done in real time.

'Second Chance "If One Wish Granted“ by Kalina De Moura. A Story of a mother "Helen Senders" who suffers from Alzheimer's disease and her son " Sean Senders" who is heartbroken to see and experience all the consequences of this disease. Sean wishes to have more time with his mother and more memory made with her. Will his wish be granted?


‘Devil Get the Heck Outta Here’ by  Joh Andrader.  A Christian comedy that talks about life in a way everyone can identify with - and laugh with.

Animated Films:

‘The End Of Days’ by Patrick Cormack.  An animated story about the end of times where man is fighting an army of cyborgs.  


‘When the Saints’ by David Peterka. When the Saints documents one young man’s mission end sexual exploitation in the African nation of Malawi, a journey that begins in his own heart. The program not only calls us to care about justice for girls trafficked in rural Africa, but also to examine the ways that lust, personal impurity, pornography, and distorted views about romantic friendships serve to feed the problem. The film is a thought-provoking and powerful tool to rally the saints with a call to greater purity.

‘Year 33’ by Shane Pergrem.   The story of a biographical filmmaker who looks back on his first 33 years of life. 

‘Faith in Humanity Restored’ by Dean Kamitsis.  A short documentary exploring the decline in numbers of people being interested in religion and/or attending church.

‘JB’ by Kevin Weaver. Losing is easy. Loss is hard.


‘My 3 Boys’ by Shorni Hardy.  An advertisement for an upcoming faith based film about a promise kept.

Music Videos:

‘Wind’s Whisper’ by Dr. Frank Cheng. A music video about God’s amazing creation and how beautiful nature is.


‘Finding Grace’ by Lawrence Whitener. A story about saving grace.

‘Dragonfly Days’ by Liz Gonzalez.  young girl mysteriously slips into a coma and visits the secret underwater world of wicked eel who deceptively attracts those who fear the dark to its light.

‘To Look Upward’ by Donald MacLaren.  After some dangerous events in his teenage years, Rob becomes a Certified Flight Instructor, and now he recalls the dangers, the spiritual lessons along the way, and how he has helped his flight students improve their lives.

‘The Sound of Silence’ by Thomas Castiglione. A nine year old girl has difficulty overcoming her father's tragic suicide where she enters an orphanage until age twenty-one. She goes on a cross country road trip to find herself and ends up in Sicily where she meets a monastery student that she falls in love with.

Event Poster for the 28 April 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 28 April 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Leading to Revelation’ by James Berberich. Leading To Revelation follows the lives of a family and a just starting out couple. The challenges they face will push some to the edge of madness, and others find the power in forgiveness.

‘We Are Stronger’ by Carla McDougal. WE ARE STRONGER is a faith-based movie exploring a veteran’s battle with PTSD. As he struggles to recover from his injuries, reclaim his marriage, and fit back into the civilian world, Vic discovers he can’t do it alone.

Short Films:

‘Watts Super SistaGirl’ by JG Gary. A 12 year old girl from Watts (urban Los Angeles), deflects bullies and her mom's illness by creating a friendship with Super SistaWoman, a fictional super heroine with a series on TV/stream.

‘Lean Not on your own Understanding’ by Jared Johnson. After the death of their unborn daughter, Marcus and Audrey find themselves struggling to cope with life. Devastated to the point that their marriage and both of their relationships with God are in a state of disarray, the two of them must learn to trust and seek God when nothing else makes sense.

‘The Call’ by Terri Bea-Sopher. The Davis' are your typical dysfunctional family! The parents are abusively sharing mutual addictions while the children are distracted and uncaring. Their lives are abnormally comfortable, until one day a phone call makes it worse...for the better.

‘Amazing Life’ by Ravi Rapaka.  When you are at life’s lowest point, there is still hope.

‘The Dream’ by Richard Grahn. Joshua makes a promise to his wife to attend church five times a year: Christmas, Easter, Mother's day, birthday and a day of her choosing. The day she chooses is the championship game. He reluctantly attends hears the Pastor give a sermon on "take up your cross" Its then he believes, the cross is no big deal and thinks he can carry the same cross Jesus carried until God gives him a dream that changes his life forever.

‘Vesper’ by Keyvan Sheikhalishahi.  Marge Ofenbey shuts herself away from all in a house to flee her sinister and manipulative husband. She asks her nephew Christian for help. But, Christian will soon discover the secrets hidden by Marge and Walter. What are Walter's true intentions? Why is Marge haunted by stars?

‘Judge Not’ by Zivan Holloway Jr. When a disrespectful young girl comes back to her home church, her appearance and actions are judged badly by members of the church. The movie tells a story about how you should reach out to people out of love and not judgment. This tells a story about reaching out to people out of love and not judgment.


‘Help Reach Them’ by Mars Hill Productions. God desires to populate heaven with people from every nation. "Help Reach Them" is a short promo for the  movie The HOPE, which is an excellent way to share the Good News message of the Bible.

‘Profiling’ by Anhtony Hartley.  This is a film about an English teacher held captive in a foreign military base for preaching the gospel, and the government interrogator who's instincts that are challenged.

‘Woe Be To You’ by S. Kim.  A film about how Christianity's spread is sometimes harmed by self righteous and cold Christians. 

Educational Films:

‘Help Reach Them’ by Mars Hill Productions. God desires to populate heaven with people from every nation. "Help Reach Them" is a short promo for the  movie The HOPE, which is an excellent way to share the Good News message of the Bible.

‘Christian Exercise Lifestyle’ by Simon Su. Almighty God wants all of us be well. Do exercise that you like by yourself, with your friends, or with your family. Start to bless yourself. Eat and drink God's words. Eat and drink healthy. 


‘Help Reach Them’ by Mars Hill Productions. God desires to populate heaven with people from every nation. "Help Reach Them" is a short promo for the  movie The HOPE, which is an excellent way to share the Good News message of the Bible.

‘Broken Clay – Trailer/Teaser’ by Owen Hisle. In this story a young girl’s prayers are answered when God sends down a hero from heaven to help her.

Animated Films:

‘A Drawing’ by Brad Condie. A young boy misses the chance to say goodbye to his dying Mother. 

Through a deep desire he wills himself to try to see her again.


‘Jesus: Dead and Buried?’ by Roger Malstead. Jesus: Dead and Buried? looks at the evidence, historical and medical, for the death of Jesus as a real event in history, as presenter, Luke Waldock, gets expert opinion and travels to Jerusalem to see the places where Jesus himself would have walked during the last few hours of his life.  

‘Peace be with you’ by Peter Stewart. A documentary about establishing peace on earth in our time.

‘Patterns of Light’ by Tori Mills.  A series of vignettes on the women of Sacred Heart Catholic Church as they reflect upon their faith and their lives..  

‘HMB History Means Business’ by Rod Morton.  American pioneers past and present, paved the way for all of us. We open on location near Orlando with an allegory, linking over time, our Founding Fathers and Cicero while our host is standing in front of a 2000 year old tree, aptly named Lady Liberty. The journey continues in Florida to the oldest American permanent settlement before landing in Boston and ending back at Lady Liberty. Along the way, we explore how history benefits us today and possibly can help solve some of our biggest challenges. The oral history of a wise elder can bring unimagined mutual benefits and cultural change. Imagination is the critical key. We explore this vein from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump.

Student films:

‘A Prodigal’s Prayers’ by Grant Cowan.  A film about the Prodigal Son from the Bible.

Web Series:

‘Chances’ by Autumn Canaday and Jared Leon. Written, directed and produced by Autumn Canaday, “Chance” is a faith-based web series with many layers that examines God's providence, the path of salvation, life options based on socioeconomic status and hope.

Music Videos:

‘For the Beauty of the Earth’ by Dr. Frank Cheng. A music video which showcases God’s amazing creation, the Earth!   I felt like I was almost meeting God in the cloud when I produced this song. That was why the key of the song was so high. I modified the lyrics with modern English so that it is easier to understand. Last but not least, I want to thank Eva Liu who sang this beautiful song with me. 

‘It’s Such a Joy to be an Honest Person’ by the Church of Almighty God.   A music video that highlight's how being an honest person results in a joyful life.


‘Opposite Ends Of The Bridge’ by Danetta Barney and Ron Todd.  A song about how sad it is that we hurt the ones we love.    


‘A Father’s Revenge’ by William Keller.  Sent to prison for the death of a patron in a grocery store, a young man battles the perils of prison and his own guilt, until finding hope in the father of the young man who was killed.

‘Joseph’ by Bagu Marius. The screenplay presents the story of Joseph from the Bible, who is sold into slavery by his brothers out of envy. After Jacob gives to Joseph an expensive technicolor dreamcoat, his brothers start to envy him. Out of hate they sell him into slavery. After tribulations he raises to power and deals with his brothers once and for all.

‘Fish’ by Richard Grahn. In “Fish” one will learn to be a champion from the inside before they can be a champion anywhere else. It has similarities to the movies “Karate Kid" and "Facing the Giants.” 

‘Salvation: A Gospel Oratorio’ by Obediya Jones-Darrell.  Tells the story of the Rev. David George & the origins of the Black Baptists Church in North America.

Event Poster for the 30 March 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Official selections for the 30 March 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘Home Away From Home’ by John-William Noble.  A Chinese student travels to Edinburgh to study. She soon encounters many cultural differences and the need to adapt in many situations. However, she begins to explore bigger questions about her very purpose in life which leads her to explore the teachings of the Bible about Jesus Christ.

‘Corky & Bob Get A Job’ by Ed and Leah McKelvey. A family-friendly feature length comedy about two hapless guys in a quest to pay the rent who unwittingly endanger their lives when they mess with the wrong man!

‘Dawn’ by Cynthia Leon. A reserved woman executive begins having vivid dreams about a young girl she barely knows in trouble. Her husband is the last person to believe her, but the first person she suspects. 

Short Films:

‘Dress Code’ by Ernest Johnson. Dress Code is a story about a young teen named Ernest who tries to live a double life as a church camera man and a street gangstarapper. His dress and conduct leads to an untimely death that sends shock waves through his church family.

‘Laura Un Anno Dupo’ by Massimiliano Tedeschi. A young woman is sentenced to jail for another’s crime, but once inside she learns of Jesus’ sacrifice for her. 

‘Aberdeen Covenant’ by Ludi Askins. A story about an immigrant family's plea for a home.

‘Communion’ by Cody Lum.  A comedy about A family-friendly comedy about a man who’s just been hired as the student pastor at his local church. While he has a heart of gold, his eyes are bigger than his stomach and he quickly realizes that leading a bunch of millennials isn’t as easy as it seems.


‘Robbing God’ by Ernest Johnson. Mr. Andre Brady encounters several sudden tragic events in his life that leads him to discover that his lack of church and tithing can be quite devastating. Then he has an angelic encounter that he will never forget.

Animated Films:

‘I Heart Love’ by Dan Brown and Rock Church.  An animated film about sharing the Love of Jesus.  

Documentary Films:

‘Homeless in the South’ by Jeff Akers.  A documentary about disadvantaged people and their struggles.

‘One by One’ by Andrea Franchescini.  A documentary of the many examples of Compassion International child-advocacy ministry, which pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty.

‘The God Who Speaks’ by American Family Studios. This documentary traces the evidence of the Bible’s authority through interviews with some of the most respected apologists, scholars and pastors in the evangelical world. Answering common objections to biblical reliability and the Bible’s formation, this documentary challenges the church to live as if God truly does speak.

Music Videos:

‘Over the Rainbow’ by RicPoulin. Music video and new arrangement of the classic song "Over The Rainbow" performed by Boston artist Michelle Hylan.

‘Voices’ by Joaquin Solorzano and Jeffrey Leon.  Voices is a song and film written and shot by 2 fathers that have schizophrenic sons. Even though this is a faith-based video, we want it to transcends anyone's religious beliefs and let it stand for hope itself.


‘I Keep Giving It Up’ by Francis Reed.  A song about giving up your life for Jesus.  

‘What Happened to this Beautiful World’ by Sandra Reed.  A song lamenting how sin has changed God’s world.


‘The Latter Rain’ by Carolyn Eller. When a disturbance comes to a small farming town, they pray for God’s protection.  

‘At The Mercy Of Faith’ by Samuel Taylor. A story about keeping faith during life’s good times and bad.

‘The Tie That Binds’ by Don Willis. Stitched into Andrew's ugly old tie is a story that weaves two lives together across two continents and three decades. This beautiful tale unfolds at dear Andrew's funeral.

‘The Whispering’ by Terri Bea-Sopher. Dr. Caleb West faces off with an all too familiar opponent, Death! Before he rolls the dice this time, he realizes he could lose far more than his 6-year-old daughter. Between fear, unforgivenessand The Whispering, his life is piraling out of control.

Event Poster for the 24 February  2018 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 24 February 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

‘The Unit’ by Diana Lenska. Is a psych unit any different from the outside world? When a suicidal woman is committed to THE UNIT her life is changed through meeting the quirky, poignant, sometimes funny patients within . A CHRISTIAN Comedy/Drama. The characters are real, the stories true. Most names have been changed.

‘Mahasatta 2035’ by Ramprabhu Nakate. This movie shows the needs of the world tomorrow and what society needs to save nature and itself.

Short Films:

‘The Christmas Crime’ by Selva Devados.  A movie about the true meaning of Christmas.

‘The Game’ by Jesaiah Burnette. A movie about a young woman who meets the man of her dreams, though he may not be what he appears. 

‘The Way Back Home’ by Ali Kerem Gulermen. The film tells the story of a man's journey and finding love of existence with his visions.

Documentary Films:

‘In Absence’ by Kacey Dolan. Sixteen year-old Sudanese refugee Anassteps into a parental role while balancing the challenges of life as a teenager.

‘We Are Here’ by Kelly Portnoy. A documentary that explores the unseen and mysterious world of the Roma 'gypsies' and their encounter with the living God. This collision shatters historical and socioeconomic oppression and brings about complete life changing transformation. Everything changes with Jesus.

Educational Films:

‘Sand Angels’ by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas.  Will Esperanza be able to show Tom the truth about his past, present and future? Will she be able to save all the young people in the world who suffer from depression near Christmas Time? Can Tom be convinced to make the most of his life whilst he has time?

Music Videos:

‘Spring Time Again’ by Dr. Frank Cheng Ph.D.  This is an awesome music video about  new life!  Mr. Cheng used the melody of an old Chinese New Years folk song and composed the Cantonese lyrics.  He would like to thank Annie C., Tim, Lilian, Annie Y., Polly, Vivien, Albert and Fred for singing this song with me. This is one his favorite Chinese new year songs. Mr. Cheng wants to use this song to wish everyone a happy new year! 

‘Soon You Will See’ by Ms. Brenda Turner.  This is a powerful music video that tells a story of a young man who’s life is saved by Jesus! 


‘The Translator’ by Al Sproles.  An ordinary priest becomes Europe’s most wanted man when he decides to translate the Latin Bible into English for the common man. Pursued by King Henry VIII and the Pope, William Tyndale sacrifices his country, his love, and, ultimately, his life to produce the world’s most influential book.

‘Norma’s Sun’ by Kris Courtney.  The life of Norma and her family history of struggle to become the Parent of a child with needs beyond any comprehension, only to find in the end an ending that will touch your core.

‘One More Chance Lord’ by Leonard Anderson. A cantankerous old man dies, but is granted one more chance to get it right.

‘I’ll Never Leave You…Never’ by Gina Davis. In this small town, on a cul-de-sac, several neighbors live their private lives separately even though their front doors are all so close. That is until a new church opens their doors with loving hearts going door to door inviting everyone. The Reed children, Tiffanie and Teagan, make strong efforts to befriend their neighbors when they find out Meals on Wheels delivers free food every day, being as they often go hungry. A tragedy takes place pulling the entire town together which also makes an atheist mother yell out to God to prove Himself. You will be wiping tears from laughing and crying in this emotional roller coaster. You will find yourself on the edge of your seat wanting to jump in the middle of this amazing, beautiful, heartwarming comedy that is also full of suspense and action!

Event Poster for the 27 January 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 27 January 2018 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:


The Hepburn Girls’ by Ashley Raymer-Brown.  A reclusive librarian's life turns upside down when she discovers the high-spirited younger sister she never knew existed.


‘Every Nation Worships the Practical God’ by The Church of Almighty God.  A Musical Drama about Christians learning more and deeper about God and his Word. 


Short Films:


Things That Didn’t’ by Mark Mims. Faith Based Film about a young girl who saves a young boys life but looses her own in the process.


The Secret of True Life’ by Frank Arthur. While searching to make sense of his life, Mr. Man, a stop motion character, meets an amazing 3-D animated book character called Mr. Bible, who offers to help him find the true meaning of life. Mr. Bible opens key pages in the Bible to explain why God made the world and what went wrong. These pages are brought to life in 2D.  Finally, Mr. Bible puts Mr. Man into clips extracted from “The Jesus Film”, making it appear that the stop motion character is interacting with Jesus. Mr. Man discovers The Secret of True Life through following Jesus, and prays a prayer of commitment to Him.


Soul Existence’ by Brad Smith. Twenty-two year old Reid Jensen has a self destructive personality. He thinks no one knows him better than he knows himself. But, in fact, he can't see what others see in him. Including that of Anna Grace- his life long friend.




Abide’ by Molly Vernon. As a man faces the reality of his wife's dementia, he must decide whether to hold on to his guilt or let her go.


Web Series:


The Daily Bread - Episode 1 When the Lights Went Out’ by Nina May. Seven millennial women, the cast and crew of a cooking show, are stranded on a farm when a solar flares strands them. While they are clueless about what has happened, a prepper camp near by has been monitoring the flares and are ready. The sister of a prepper is 300 miles away in DC and must make it back to the camp even though she ridiculed their 'paranoia'. A 13-year-old prepper girl who was bullied in school knows exactly what to do and begins the three week journey through the woods to get to safety. While they are all struggling to survive there are many other scenarios that are all tied to the Cookbook 'Shop Poor Eat Rich', or Tiffany's cooking show that is very popular. The girls camp is divided between the foodies and the gunnies and the discussion is whether they should remain isolated or allow others to join them as they work to not just survive, but thrive.


Documentary Films:


Operation Dynamo’ by Benjamin Owen. A dramatic documentary presentation about the evacuation of British forces from Dunkirk during World War Two. Small events, over the course of a few weeks, influenced decades of world history.


‘Benedictus’ by Julio Cabrera.  The door of Benedictus little house in the death road to the cemetery is the deviation between life and death for young drug addicts.


Music Videos:


Thank You For Your Love’ by Frank Cheng. The author composed the lyrics of this song for my Mom's birthday. She is still living thousands of miles away from me in Hong Kong. He wants to thank her for her selfless love to him and his sister. In addition, he also wants to use this song to thank all the hard working Moms for their loves to their kids. 




Judge Not’ by Zivan Holloway Jr. This script is about reaching out to Christians and non-christians in love and not judgment.


Watts Super Sista Girl’ by JG Gary. A young girl living in inner-city Watts/Los Angeles creates an imaginary friendship with a fictional super heroine to combat neighborhood bullying and her personal trauma from her mother’s fatal illness.


Wild Mind Episode 1 & 2’ by Fujio TorikaiThis fantasy sci-fi story is about the  inhabitants of a town  that have to battle cell phones, science experiments gone wrong, and powerful mythical creatures to win peace for themselves. 


Three Fathers’ by Vicki Bartholomew. Melody arrives in Yinchuan, China, hoping to get to know her American businessman father better. Things do not go as planned and she stays with a Chinese family whose teen daughter is reluctant to welcome her. Both girls learn about themselves, each other, being a part of a family, and a different culture.

Event Poster for the 30 December 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 30 December 2017 Christian Film Festival:


Feature Films:


New Heaven and New Earth’ by The Church of Almighty God.  The amazing Chinese Choir Episode 13 of the Church of Almighty God comprises various performances like Peking Opera, rock, Haozi, Latin dance, and animation. It vividly presents the journey where man, though corrupted and deceived by Satan, receives God’s salvation and returns to Him after rejecting Satan.  


Short Films:


Wasatch’ by Mahadev OK.  Mahadev OK is on his way to find his Astral Body. Through Western states of America, we see Mahadev, the songwriter, travelling, recording songs and meeting American people as Raymond, a wooden plate maker or students from Utah. From Portland to San Francisco, from Utah to Arizona, jaw dropping landscape and poetic moments with great music. Will Mahadev succeed to connect with his astral body? The answer is in this short poetic music movie directed by Mahadev OK himself and edited by Constance Alexandre.




‘Twinkies & Root Beer’ by Andre Campbell.  A young boy on a quest with his scooter, ends up in the park sharing his snacks with a checker player. Later he realizes who the checker player really was.


The Lawn Boy’ by Mark Baird. After the death of their parents, siblings discuss options for the care of their 'dependent' brother, who seems to have it more together then they do.


Life Boots’ by Brad Smith.  Sandra Cartwright- married with two children is a photographer who finds inspiration by creating photo collages containing images that remind her of late brother. Her latest project is a crafting table that is embossed with images of his work boots.


Through His Eyes’ by Aretha Tatum.  Inspirational short film takes you into the life of a man named Bartimaeus on the day his faith changed him forever. Witness his story THROUGH HIS EYES. Based on Mark 10:46-52.


Gift Of Grace’ by Mark Baird.  For Grace, salvation is black and white.


Web Series:


Something Like Sunshine’ by Latoya Waller.  A young woman struggles with her identity after her mother dies.


Documentary Films:


Discovering Heavenby Stephen Gray.  A documentary about Captain Dale Black, a pilot who died in a famous airplane crash which was covered by the LA Times. After coming back to life, Dale shares his near death experience as the sole survivor of a non-survivable plane wreck.


Echoes of the Jurassic’ by David Rives.  We've all heard that dinosaurs roamed the earth 65+ million years ago - but what if we found soft, stretchy tissue inside dinosaur bones. What if we found blood vessels? What if we made this discovery in over 40 specimens? Echoes of the Jurassic shows breaking research that is challenging the field of paleontology... and while the secular world is at the forefront of these new discoveries, the implications are quite "Biblical" in proportion. Hosted by David Rives.


The Last Objectors’ by Andrew Wall. The Last Objectors is a TV-Hour (45 min) documentary on Canada's conscientious objectors of the Second World War - Those who chose to perform alternative service instead of going to war. These young men, many just 18 years old at the time, would spend years working in forestry camps, hospitals, asylums and various other positions throughout the country with little pay and no benefits.


A Bridge Between Two Worlds’ by Pascal Gelinas. A Bridge Between Two Worlds relates how Muslim and Catholic farmers, on the Island of Flores, Indonesia, overcome poverty and enhance their environment with the support of North American and European families. This astonishing chain of solidarity was initiated by Gilles Raymond, a Canadian volunteer from Québec who has forged deep bonds in Flores over the past 15 years. This is the beginning of a worldwide family, which distance cannot affect, a story that is punctuated by hard work, children’s smiles and ancestor worship. This engaging adventure builds a living bridge between our two hemispheres, at a time when foreign aid is too often being questioned.


Broken Hearts’ by Leigha Monier-Williams.  On the streets of Hollywood, Antquan Washington saw the need to give dignity and community back to the broken. We get an in depth behind the scenes look of what it is to work and live on the streets. As we follow her journey to help the broken. 


The Burning Bishop’ by David Sipos. In Yugoslavia, 1952, an event spread across the world like a fire. On the way to bless the new organ bishop Anton Vovk was burnt alive on the train station by the mob agitated by the communist regime. He survived the assassination and became a strong pillar of faith for the simple Catholic people. Documentary film takes us through his life all the way from his childhood and shines a light on the time after World War II when communist regime took over in Yugoslavia. Bishop is remembered by many whom he confirmed in faith, especially by his strong voice and tall figure.


Ask Seek Knock’ by Jason Penza.  The story of Brianna Wittman.  Know her name, know her story, experience the miracle.


From Mass to the Mountain’ by Kurt Sensenbrenner"From Mass to the Mountain" takes you to eastern Panama, where decades of government corruption and neglect have impoverished the region. But thanks to the tireless efforts of one priest to build infrastructure, protect watersheds, and conserve the rainforest, life is looking up for the locals.


Student Films:


Censorship’ by Andrew Paynter. A spoken word video which explores the cultural issue of censorship, and how misuse of censorship causes more harm than good.  Today's media is saturated with asterisks and bleeps. Are our efforts to censor four-letter words protecting us, or simply putting a band-aid on a much larger problem. 


Music Videos:


Willow’ by Mike Ericksen. The dream world comes alive in this ballad of longing and loss by Cedar Breaks ® Band . Stunning scenery and beautiful harmonies. Filmed in the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah.  An original song by band member Rebecca Croft, filmed and directed by Norm Bosworth, and the music produced by Cedar Breaks ® Band and Platinum sound. 




‘Alien Zombie Cell’ by Kathy Krantz Stewart. An alien force tries to take over the Earth and to turn their users into mindless zombies, but a group of unlikely heroes attempts to stop them. An elder Chinese kung Fu expert trying to strike gold in the desert, a sharp-shooting handicapped mother kills zombiefied tumbleweeds trying to save her family, and a B-horror movie actress trying to enjoy vacation all join forces to travel across a zombie-filled California and Nevada. 


Burden Stone’ by William Ray.  Fired DJs find God's purpose for their lives on the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage across Spain to the supposed tomb of Saint James the Apostle


The Door’ by Robert Cox.  The story of Carl and Evan, two young boys with terminal illnesses, who see a door opening in their rooms as their time on Earth is coming to an end.


Managing Andy’ by Matthew Allen. When mildly autistic Andy, a fry cook at a local fast food restaurant, hears there is an opportunity to apply for the manager position, he realizes it would be ideal for him. But despite his good nature and positive attitude, Andy’s demanding and by the book boss, Sharon, is convinced he does not have what it takes to replace her. Over the course of a week, Andy studies the art of business, helps his alcoholic brother, falls in love and more than anything else, learns a kind heart is more valuable than any job in the world.


Shadowplay’ by David Morris and A.K. Abeille. Embittered by the death of his older brother, Matthew withdraws into a world of dark fantasy. His anger against God becomes resentment against his pastor father's profession. As their relationship deteriorates, Matthew defies his father’s express wishes for him to cut all ties to “ShadowRealms,” an elaborate fantasy role-playing game. When a mysterious evil comes to town, Matthew gets what he thinks he wants: a chance to create his own supernatural reality, through the ShadowRealms. Terrifying creatures and dangers from the game begin to invade their mountain town, putting his family and friends, and even his enemies, in great danger. Struggling to defeat the power that he has unwittingly unleashed, Matthew grows in mutual respect for the bully who torments him and restores his relationship with his father. Ultimately, they experience what it means to be “saved by grace through faith.”


Peace Out’ by Lana Casperson. An orphaned teenage flower child and her four brothers struggle with conflicting issues of love and peace, as they come of age during the Vietnam War era, under the guidance of a young man who's not much older than they are. They're an unconventional, yet cohesive family -- up until the summer of 1969 when the draft and domestic turmoil threaten their unity.


The Exit’ by David Goldstein. A major revision of a previously submitted project. The central character is a mental patient who has been mistreated by the staff and is rescued by a new psychiatrist who defies the protocols and misconceptions of those in charge.


Communion’ by Cody LumCommunion follows Brandon, a man who’s just been hired as the student pastor at his local church. While he has a heart of gold, his eyes are bigger than his stomach and he quickly realizes that leading a bunch of millennials isn’t as easy as it seems.

Event Poster for the 25 November 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 25 November 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:


‘Ok’ by Ian Lang. Young Matthew has struggled a lot over the past two years. Losing his mother to cancer, dealing with bullies, and now moving to a new town to get a "fresh start", it seems like everything in his world is upside down. Through making new friends, growing through his grief, and dealing with new bullies, Matthew begins to realize that things are not always black and white and "Everyone has a story" in this personal and heartfelt drama.


‘Trapped in Darkness’ by Renee Poteete. Ali is a young man steeped in conflict and Meri, his sister, is only 12 years old. Clouded in confusion and overcome by adolescence, her desire to find the truth of the world that was created around her grows strong. Ali does his best to deal with the responsibilities’ that have been thrust upon him. He tries to deal with an angry sister, which is pushing boundaries beyond limits, while coming of age. Unable to adapt to the world around them, they strive daily to overcome the darkness that they must exist in. She finds more and more evidence of the true her that she must come to face with. Family secrets and mysteries unravel in the depth of the night. Why can’t she know the truth of what happened to their mother? Why is the sun their enemy? How do you face a new day in life when you can never see that light of the day? How do you break into the light when you are trapped in darkness?


‘Hearts of Mercy’ by Mafa Global. A Catholic Christian woman starts seeing visions of Holy Mary and starts having weird dreams about the blessed mother. She believes she has been called to serve God through mother Mary. She starts experiencing Miracles as she prays for people, but with her spiritual elevation comes persecution from church members and friends. She dosent falter, but continues in prayer and God uses her to liberate people from spiritual attacks and ultimately she is moved to heal the very person who persecutes her the most. The story also educates of the vital role that Mother Mary plays in the spiritual realm as an intercessor between the Human race and God. Most of the story is based on true life events of someone living.


Short Films:


‘Speed Kills’ by Marc Allen. This film is a faith-based film about an all-girls youth basketball team that is determined to show the town council they won't take no for an answer. A teenage girl moves to a small town which is run by corrupt former male athletes. She didn't know that girls were forbidden to play sports, but through her love for the game of basketball and running into one of her idols, she convinces the girls of her church to stand their ground against the town council and the silly by-laws.




‘Access Denied’ by Jerry Cunningham. Mitt Foster, (70 years old) wishes for nothing more in life, but to spend time with his only Grand Children. But because of the lack of technology, he is being denied that chance.


‘Geek Story’ by Joshua Davis.  Dave, a geek and hard core Star Trek Fan i.e. a Trekkie, struggles to escape the “Friend Zone” of his crush Jenny. Dave’s attempts to escape only decrease his chances because Jenny is put off by all his contrived and geeky approaches. Dave discovers that his best chance is not to hide his love of Star Trek but on the contrary Star Trek might be his escape route from the “Friend Zone” to Jenny’s heart.


Documentary Films:


‘Travails To Truth’ by Roger Chiang. An idealistic civil servant, Roger Chiang, puts his belief in the system to help find his sister’s killer, but a corrupt police chief sets him up to take a fall in order to cover-up a series of botched murder investigations. Now imprisoned, Roger relies on his faith to shield him from deliberate abuse and torture at the hands of prison officials, and takes the courageous step to blow the whistle on a corrupt prison drug program. Exiled to solitary confinement, Roger works hard to convince the warden that his claims are righteous to win back his freedom. Join Roger as he sheds a sobering light on and calls for reforms of America’s beleaguered criminal justice and prison systems. 


Diversity’ by Aaron Brown. A brief 6 minute documentary showcasing United States Department of Labor employee's diversity and ethnicity - A short portrait of people through words and pictures.


‘A Cold Day in Hell’ by Randall Terry. A memoir of the Jane Roe of Roe v Wade, tracing her journey from childhood, to a plaintiff before the Supreme Court of the United States, to a pro-choice activist, to her conversion to Christianity to, finally, her struggle to overturn the decision bearing her name.


‘Modern Day Miracles’ by Luke Broersma. Miracles are supernatural. They're also surprising. They happen in ways, and through people, we may not expect.  In this short documentary, we see followers of Jesus doing precisely what he told his followers to do: "Proclaim the Kingdom of God, and heal the sick." (Luke 9:2)  They are flawed people - doctors, nurses, custodial staff, spiritual staff - doing whatever they can, with whatever they're given, to restore broken bodies.  And the result? Miraculous.


Student Films:


‘Ticking Hearts’ by Nick Moon.  Two bomb squad agents are left with the dilemma of disarming a bomb when they discover that the bomb maker is a former boyfriend.


’Down Here’ by Ethan Ness. A small team of young Soldiers are pinned down. They are scared, alone, and tired of this war, and doubting what their purpose is all together.


‘Who is Jade’ by Destry Edwards. When presented an opportunity for advancement, a young up-and-coming journalist determines that the only way to achieve her goals is to sacrifice the principles she once held.


Music Videos:


‘One Perfect Christmas’ by Phil Rynhart. A music video and song about the first Christmas when Jesus was born into the world.


’Worship God in Spirit’ by The Church of Almighty God. The Result Achieved by Knowing God.  One day, you'll feel the Creator's no more a riddle, He's never been hidden, never covered His face from you; He's not far from you at all; He's no longer the One you yearn for day and night but can't reach with your feelings. He is genuinely standing guard around your side, supplying your life, and controlling your fate. He's not on the distant horizon, nor is He hidden in the clouds. He is right by your side, reigning over your all. He's your everything and your only One.  A God as such makes you adore Him, admire Him, cling to Him, hold Him close, whom you fear to lose, no longer want to turn your back on and disobey, or avoid and distance from; you just want to care for Him, obey Him, repay all He gives you, submit to His dominion. You no longer refuse His guidance, supply, care, and protection; you don't resist His sovereignty and arrangement any more. You just want to follow Him, be with Him; you just want to accept Him as your one and only life, as your one and only Lord and God. 



‘One Perfect Christmas’ by Phil Rynhart. A music video and song about the first Christmas when Jesus was born into the world.




‘The Prayer Warrior’ by Andrew Wall. A young man returns home to confront a dysfunctional family only to discover the fascinating spirtual life of his deceased Aunt.


‘Soldiers of God’ by Guy Quigley.  The story of Juliet Clark, an combat medic who served in Iraq, her twin sister Meghan a doctor, and Jack Dalton a doctor – after the death of Juliet she gets to return as a spirit to mend  a  broken relationship with her sister and help her daughter.


‘The Last Ride’ by Victor Martin. A father and son hit the open road on their motorcycles for one last ride through the Canadian Rockies, creating the backdrop as they share their views on life and death and everything in between.  While cleaning out his deceased father’s garage, Dylan stumbles across an atlas with a trip mapped out through the Canadian Rockies, a surprise his father had planned for his 21st birthday that was not to be. Dylan decides at that moment to dust off his Harley and take the trip himself along with his father’s ashes which he plans to spread along the journey. On the morning of his journey’s launch, Dylan experiences the spirit of his dead father who has been granted a “one-day pass” by none other than God to join him for one last ride. Inspired by Mitch Albom’s novel “For One More Day,” ONE LAST RIDE explores the question of what would you do if you could spend one more day with a lost loved one.


‘Good Again’ by Jeanne Dukes. When a star high school quarterback fails his team and his successful father struggles with a failing marriage, they fight discouragement by making a pact to overcome the improbable odds of both making a comeback.


‘Sunday Will Never Be The Same’ by Thomas Castiglione. Three girlfriends from 1968 Chinatown-San Francisco assist one of the girlfriends to get over her lose of her Marine fiancé in the Vietnam war, but then she meets an Italian-American Berkeley graduate student that she eventually falls in love with.


‘Illuminate’ by Seth Himes. When street-art takes more than it gives, Aonani gives up her can of spray paint for a brush made of light, resulting in a battle of the arts, between her graffiti crew from her past and her new family of light painting photographers forging her future. Who will cover the city first? 


‘Suffering in Silence’ by Tamala Coleman. Dr. Wallace a Psychologist must find a way to move forward as he suffers in silence after the death of his wife. Mysterious events take place that awakens his faith.


Event Poster for the 28 October 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 28 October 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:


‘Kids from Camelot’ by Terry Wolfe.   Two cell phone addicted tweens in Spanish Harlem break away from their friends to follow a old sword in the storage locker that their grandpa says might be King Arthur's long lost Excalibur. In Camelot they find a strong family life has resulted in creative fun loving kids. They find out how the Excalibur got to New York City and return to imaginate their parents and friends away from the TV and cell phones.


The Dreamy Schemey’ by Chason Liang.  A group of kids come up with an elaborate plan to keep their Uncle Bob from moving to California. 




St. Miranda’ by Doug Wilder. When Miranda dies more suddenly than she anticipates, she finds a loophole that can send her back to earth for 3 hours to complete her 'unfinished business‘.


Changing Jane’ by Jarrod Anderson. A broken woman utilizes an experimental dream technology in an attempt to contact her past self and alter a life-changing decision. 


Giving Christmas’ by Kerry Everett.  Karen hates  Christmas until an encounter with a homeless woman changes her perspective. 


Animated Films:


Angels From The Sky’ by Christina LaPenna. An animated documentary that tells the true and inspirational story of Edward Banyai, a young Jewish kid from New York who learns to overcome bullies at home and later abroad when he joins the US 82 Airborne as a paratrooper during WWII culminating in the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp of Wobbelin. 


The Street of Anfok’ by Zaili Feng.  A paralyzed man who always stays in bed and looks through his mirror at the window of his room, encounters something different in a rainy day. 


Documentary Films:


The China Mission’ by Peter Kelly. THE CHINA MISSION is a feature length (85 minute) documentary looking at four decades of Christian missionary activity in China. From 1920 to 1954, hundreds of Irish men and women served as Roman Catholic missionaries working in social, pastoral and disaster relief services at an extraordinarily turbulent but fascinating period of Chinese history. The film features rare film and photographic archive, much of it never seen before. All the film was sourced in High Definition – this unexpected collection of footage in B&W and colour includes film of Irish missionaries arriving in China in the 1920s. 


Burning Embers: The Steve Bell Journey’ by Andrew Wall.  Steve Bell has been said to be ‘Canada’s best kept musical secret’ and at one point even ‘the next Michael W. Smith’ but at the age of 54 and after decades of financial and physical stress the question remains if the ever elusive ‘breakout’ will ever happen. 


Our Yolnu Story of Faith’ by Yurranydjil Dhurrkay and Matthew Blythe. Our Yolŋu Story of Faith: a story about our people, our language, our faith, our culture. Hundreds of indigenous Australian languages and traditional cultural practices are dead or dying. In remote communities across North East Arnhem Land, a team of learned Yolŋu has worked tirelessly over generations to keep language, faith and culture strong. The impetus for their work may not be what you’d expect. 


Matthew Blyth. Our Yolŋu Story of Faith: a story about our people, our language, our faith, our culture. Hundreds of indigenous Australian languages and traditional cultural practices are dead or dying. In remote communities across North East Arnhem Land, a team of learned Yolŋu has worked tirelessly over generations to keep language, faith and culture strong. The impetus for their work may not be what you’d expect. 


Student Films:


Little Deaths’ by Hui Huang.  Little Deaths is about a dancer with a unique disease.  She dances through struggles again and again. 


Music Videos:


God is Good to Him I Sing’ by Donny Rock.  A music video about how goos God is to us.   


Prayer’ by Mike Ericksen.  A music video for an original song about the importance of thanking God for all he does for us!   




Resurrection Time Conspiracy’ by James Carroll. A powerful soundtrack to an award winning documentary about the end times. 




The Shroud Trinity’ by Frank McEVoy.   The Shroud Trinity is an action/adventure story centering on a theft of the Shroud of Turin, Christ’s burial cloth. The Shroud is exhibited at the National Gallery of Art and stolen in a brazen, violent daylight robbery during the exhibit preparation.   Happily, a trio of local heroes rise who get it back. One third is a D.C. policeman who has a cults-and-crazies beat, the second is a young, brilliant nun, and the third is a New York City street thug who’s an alcoholic seminarian. 


The Hermit & The Automatons’ by Joe Wakefield. A story about a man traveling the world trying to find himself. His adventure takes him straight into the mouth of madness when he stumbles upon the manor of an old eccentric inventor.


Crossing Time’ by Bryan Mero. Passion of the Christ meets Timeline as time travelers find themselves in ancient Jerusalem at the most crucial of times...the Crucifixion of Jesus. Can history be changed? Should it? It's a race against time itself to keep the birthplace of Christianity intact. 


Pete Simon - Agent of God’ by Mitch Emoff. When a greedy, agnostic music agent worships money, not God, he is sent back as one of Christ’s disciples causing a disruption of biblical proportion. 


Emily’s Stars’ by Bill Baber. A teenage romance with a sci-fi twist. A panicky teenage astronomy nerd supernaturally disrupts the cosmos with her mood swings. When her awkward first romance attracts a cataclysmic comet to Earth, she must learn to keep calm, or it will be the end of her world.


The Healer’ by Joey Kent. Paul Taylor, carpenter, part time musician and full time ladies man, is dealing with the recent departure of his wife and child when he finds he has been given the gift of healing. The Healer is the story of an ordinary man, blessed with an extraordinary gift and a new understanding of God, and his struggle to reunite his family as he works to understand what he is supposed to do and why he was chosen to deliver miracles in the modern era. 


In Fishy Waters’ by Joshua Cohen.  A story about an atheist Big Oil exec who must pretend to accept Christianity, both for his career and his love.


Event Poster for the 30 September 2017 Christian Film Festival:


*** Note: Due to an event at our church on 30 September 2017 the September CFF was held 7 October 2017 that is why the poster says 7 October 2017 - but the award posters, laurels and certs all say 30 September 2017. 

Official Selections for the 30 September 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:


Faith-Hope-Love - Xiaozhen's Story’ by The Church of Almighty GodA musical drama that tells the story of a young woman named Xiaozhen and her friends who drift away from God in search of money and fame, but after realizing those things do not satisfy, return to their faith and the Lord.


‘Streetwise’ by Derome Smith. Street Wise is a story of how one teenager finds his purpose in christ after an enduring journey of a life in the streets.


‘Unwavering’ by Josh Manning. Unwavering is a faith-based drama that tells the story of a girl who is in present day captivity with her peers being held at an abandoned warehouse by a terrorist group. As Sarah (Katie C’etta), the main character, is tested and struggles to stay true to her faith she also has flashbacks from her childhood, her first love, getting engaged, and the event that reveals how she was captured. Unwavering is a mix of loving memories, intense emotional situations, and on the edge of your seat suspense.


Short Films:


‘Alive’ by G. Lane Hillman. The powerful, short story of Jesse Strom and his struggles to deal with the overwhelming guilt of losing his wife, Kyla, to suicide. Jesse discovers the only way out of his mind alive!




‘The Perfect Recipe’ by Richard Grahn. While a man studies scripture he decides to make a cake filled with LAW and Grace, which makes him sick. He makes a second cake filled with grace which brings him heavenly joy.


Educational Films:


‘Inside My Being’ by Roberto Chiesa. This  very personal,  17-minute narrative  portrays the relationship between a mother and daughter as they grapple with the mother's  progressing Alzheimer's disease. Uniquely, the story is presented from the mother's point of view.  The audience is privy through voiceovers to the mother's deepest desires to communicate and relate, despite the  dementia eroding her memories and sense of self.  Determined not to lose her mother,  Jenni taps into her inner strengths, rediscovers the lifetime of love that has bound them, and establishes connection.


Documentary Films:


Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China’ by The Church of Almighty God. This exquisitely-shot documentary details the persecution by the comunist government and encroachment of the religious beliefs and human rights of Chinese Christians. It is a window to understanding the true lives of Chinese Christians and Christian families, as well as a reflection—rarely seen in recent years—of the experiences and emotions of Chinese Christians who have been persecuted as a result of their faith.


Metal Missionaries’ by Bruce Moore. Metal Missionaries is a documentary that brings you into conversations with some of Christian music’s most extreme artists.


Luther The Life and Legacy’ by Stephen McCaskel. Discover the story behind the man who sparked the Protestant Reformation. Told through a seamless combination of live-action storytelling and artistic animation, Martin Luther’s daring life is presented in extensive detail while still making the film relevant, provocative, and accessible.


Student Films:


’Shaped by God’ by Candice Burnette. “Shaped by God” is a documentary about a man named Michael Furchert. Growing up in communist East Germany, Michael faced many difficult trials and choices because of his Christian faith. But God, the master Potter, used the trials in his life to shape him into a stronger vessel for service and blessing. Michael now has a ministry in the USA as he travels all over the nation to speak about how God has worked in his life. 


Music Videos:


‘The Threshold’ by Michael D. Rourke.  AA music video about accepting Jesus and goodness as opposed to what the world has to offer.


‘She’s So Beautiful’ by Eric Scheffler. The song is called “She’s So Beautiful” and it is a narrative style music video that follows events in a young lady’s life. There are themes of hope, redemption from abuse, and love.




‘Prayer’ by Cedar Creek Players.  An original sing about the importance of thanking God for all he does for us





‘The First Time For Penny’ by Janice L. Walker. The story of Penny Monroe, her Dad Charles, Mom Mayda, older brothers Michael and Jack, and older sister Joan.   Penny is her Dad’s favorite.  Her Mom is aloof and has had issues with Penny all of her life, with Penny never understanding the reason why. Her older siblings’ jealousy of special place in her Dad’s heart, results in a lifetime of mean treatment and loneliness.  But alas, there is a first for Penny that she will never forget, and that mends her broken heart. And Penny’s Faith and her love of her family save them all in the end!


‘Heroes from Heaven’ by Scott Glenn. Synopsis: Gen. Barzna, a vicious killer, is commissioned by MaTias—an evil and heartless 7 CA leader who intends to take over the world—to destroy the religious faithful. However, the Heroes from Heaven, biblical characters, arrive on earth, and the religious faithful are resurrected, including LacHain and two of the 7 CA leaders who had converted before they died. Together, they defeat MaTias and Barzna, and help to restore a destroyed world, but not before Barzna comes to a realization that he has been on the wrong side of history all along. 


‘Annie Oakley’ by Ernest Ledvina. A little Ohio farm girl journeys from a horrific, death defying adolescence, becomes the toast of European royalty and America’s first female “superstar,” accompanied by her best friend...her gun.


‘Everest’ by Curtis Merritt. An elderly, black janitor must find the courage to climb from illiteracy in order to read for himself his wife’s final words.


‘Den of Wolves’ by Fabian Martin. A man is held captive in a motel room for three days by three escaped convicts. What unfolds is an intense tale of suspense and a soul-searching testament to the power of faith as the three men heatedly discuss and fight over the fate of the man. Inspired by a real-life event, Den of Wolves becomes a study of complex personalities pitting good versus evil as one man’s life hangs in the balance.


Event Poster for the 26 August 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 26 August 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:


Covadonga’ by Sean Hartofilis. A widowed songwriter at a wooded lake house sees his dark past pervading when a mysterious young couple trespasses on his property.


‘A Safe Place’ by Jeff Adkins. Everyone has hang-up, hurts, and habits and need people to come along side in support.   This movie is about a special program that does just that.


Short Films:


‘Laura’ by Massimilione Tedeschi. A prison, a woman and her loneliness, here is Marianna. His memories, the crime committed.


‘Good Will To Men’ by Clayton Van Huss. Kurt, a toy store Santa, witnesses the selfishness in hearts of people during what is supposed to be the most holy time of the year. He asks God why He would send His Son to save such people and receives an answer from an unlikely source.


Grounded’ by William Craven. Jim, a missions aviator, unexpectedly finds himself stateside after his wife falls ill with an unknown sickness. He takes a job as a flight instructor at a local airfield, but his heart and mind continually drift back to Africa. Jim struggles to accept God’s will because he knows that means letting go of his dream.




Reach’ by Anthony Riggs. An allegory of salvation as a Christian:   A man tries to escape where he lives, without dying from and over looming and impending threat.


Animated Films:


Drew’s Dancing Drum’ by Sherre Chappell. Drew loves playing his drum for people until he is bullied by a boy named Malcolm. His dad encourages Drew to go on drumming and befriend the very boy that bullied him.


Documentary Films:


‘The 30th of May’ by James TheresThis film details the Memorial Day celebration and parade in Natchez Mississippi which has been going on since the end of the Civil War. 


The Last Classman - A Blessed Man’ by David Lee. This Short Documentary tells the story of a blessed man, 93 year old Amos Saines who was born and raised in Jericho Arkansas. Amos tells the story of how he was introduced to God by his grandfather.  His grandfather told him to meet God at a tree in prayer. Amos asked the Lord for many things as they met at the tree and God blessed him with his heart's desire.


‘The Return of the Prodigal’ by Mingi Kim. Paul’s brother Timmy was shot and killed while working his part-time job at a shoe store. Distraught by his brother's murder, Paul swore revenge. Once the murderer was found and tried, Paul would have to face him in court. Would he be able to forgive?


Student Films:


Grounded’ by William Craven. Jim, a missions aviator, unexpectedly finds himself stateside after his wife falls ill with an unknown sickness. He takes a job as a flight instructor at a local airfield, but his heart and mind continually drift back to Africa. Jim struggles to accept God’s will because he knows that means letting go of his dream.


Life In 5’ by Wendy Latella. A 5-minute film following a woman from womb to next as she embraces all one life has to offer and experiences all the love of a lifetime.


‘Sisterly’ by Nina Vallado. Nina and Lisa are two sisters destined to be the best of friends, but with a diagnosis autism at the age of 2, Lisa’s voice disappears. Without communication, Nina and Lisa set out to find connection and sisterhood.


Music Videos:


‘Only Prayer’ by Michael D. Rourke.  A music video about how Prayer by the people can change the world!  


Light’ by Mike Ericson. “Light” is a gentle ballad by Cedar Breaks that emphasizes the human potential to assist one another in significant helpful ways. The metaphor of light is used in this ballad to draw an analogy between our capacities for compassion and light itself.   "Light" is" a song of hope and courage, as one person takes a stand in the service of another and how that act gains momentum as others grasp the vision and become a strong force for change.  The message is powerful and timeless. 


Movie Trailers:


'I'll Walk with God' by Ian Woodward and ENCORE Films!  This wonderful short film and musical romance was Written and Directed by Ian Woodward, and stars Norman Bowman, Virginia Byron, and Claire Heverin!




‘A Heart of a Champion’ by Eric and Sherri Ettore-Carlson. Two rodeo girls are challenged when they are lost in the desert mountains where they face death and their faith is tested, leading them to discover the loyalty of a horse.


‘Tears of the Caterpillars’ by Donald MacLaren. Laura, who is from the Dominican Republic, escapes political persecution by moving to NY USA, and once there, completes her education and finds the Lord! 


‘Perfidies' by Bill Baber.  A repressed high-tech executive, on the losing end of a nasty divorce-custody fight, hacks his corporation’s “Memory Enhancement” technology to re-write his childhood memories. But when he gets a second chance to understand his dead mom and dad, he must learn the first step to becoming a good father -- is to forgive his parents.


‘Aboriginal’ by James Beeler.  An Outback station cowboy takes the law into his own hands after an Indigenous Australian man is acquitted of assaulting his wife.


Event Poster for the 29 July 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 29 July 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Short Films:


Jenkin’s Choice’ by Chris Kelder. A young man graduates from high school and has to decide what the true destiny is for his life.


‘Drawing Hope’ by Chris Le Roy. Eight-year-old Hope and her family lose their home and all their family possessions to a fire. All except Hope’s most treasured possession, her ‘magical’ colouring pencils. Her family has no choice but to live in a homeless shelter. As family relationships begin to fall apart, Hope sets out to save her family with the power of her pencils.




God Can You Hear Me' by Nathan Clarkson.  Short film following a young man's struggle, doubt, and faith in God told entirely through poetic Voice Over.


The Idea 2017’ by Jared LeonA local church media tries to come up with a plan for a video but it gets weird.


Don’t Be Cruel’ by Alaine Huntington. A homeless veteran learns that one act of kindness can change the world.


Animated Films:


Message of the Animals’ by  Elke Hellas MarkopoulosBy strong, epic and unique animated pictures the message of the animals is submitted in poetical and associative impressions and symbols. Mankind who tries to catch and own our world remains with empty hands. At the end, when all animals have gone, when darkness reigned, there’s only hope left. The viewer may find his own way to read this story, nearly as old as mankind.


Documentary Films:


Catch The Spirit of Laughter’ by Charles Kane.  A documentary on faith based comedy featuring clean comedians and Christian comedians who would like to talk about how the spirit of God has changed their life and/or the lives of others through their gift


The Coming Convergence’ by Brent Miller Jr.  A documentary which analyzes current events , statistics, and geologic evidence to show that we are in the end times that the Bible mentions.


Called To Tongo’ by Jery Paquette. The inspirational and true story of a family that decided to move from the United States to a small island in the South Pacific. 


Student Films:


Body as an instrument’  by Maxi Jimenez. A short documentary about Maria Poalasin, who is a christian dancer that has found her passion and transformed her life through dancing for the Lord.


Web Series:


Like Starting over’ by Jon Smith. The story of former Pro Wrestler Aaron Reese who is forced to retire from fighting after a serious injury and moves back to his home town as a single dad and a school teacher and now the fight for life really begins its a story of love and faith.


Transformed’ by Edward Bartell Jr..  Transformed is a powerful documentary series about ordinary people who overcame extraordinary obstacles. This series will explore the dark dungeons of despair and the pain that often accompanies it. Transformed will answer some tough questions we all want to know the answers to, while extracting "tools of transformation" that give us a glimpse into the "HOW" it happened. This series is about empowering people to believe that there is a way out of every seemingly impossible situation.




‘Laugh to Keep From Crying ft. Taesean Blanding’ by Zivan Holloway Jr.  An original sing about Jesus being crowned the King.




‘Signs’ by C. Nathaniel Brown.  After the sudden death of his wife, a depressed man returns to the last place he spent with her to find closure.


‘Noah’s Freinds Season 1’ by Seth Himes. When Noah's Ark lands on the mountain top after the Great Flood it becomes the clubhouse of Abiah the bear and Kemper the otter and all their new furry friends. In these 12 animated adventures they take turns sharing stories of life before the flood and how they overcame the challenges of life with God's help.


‘Camp Commander’ by Greg Hill.  Ten years after surviving a horrifying crash, former NASCAR champion BLAKE JANSEN travels to Louisiana to visit his recently estranged wife and daughter. Due to a series of unfortunate events, he finds himself arrested, convicted and mistakenly sent to a boot camp for hunters who broke the law. Like a fish out of water, Blake struggles to stay up with a hilarious group of rednecks who bask in the joy of the great outdoors. While facing his fears, Blake finds himself engaged in a mission that will set him free from his past and draw him closer to his family and his unlikely new friends at Camp Commander.


The Second Son’ by Leonard Varasano.  As a benevolent farmer from America’s Heartland acquires the Touch of God, enabling him to heal terminally ill children, dark forces converge from far and wide to eliminate him from the world scene.


Event Poster for the 24 June 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 24 June 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:


‘The Astonishing’ by James Ristas.  The true life story of  ‘Christina the Astonishing’.  A simple farm girl dies and is resurrected as a mad saint who blazes through a quasi-medieval landscape shouting of Hellfire, speaking in Tongues and doing battle with the Devil himself. 


‘The Substitutes’ by Ashley HA Williams. The Bible Bots are 2 rusty Bible scribes living in the rusty part of the far away planet Biblelonia. They send Bible scriptures to the Angels from Biblelonia visiting other planets including Earth when they are helping others in need.   After failing their Biblelactic exam Lug Nut and Lil Bit are discouraged. They want to be promoted to Angels going on real missions like the popular Unicyclous and his sidekicks Right Wing and Left Wing. Their friends Screwball and Hammerdora deliver a message straight from The Commander and Chief.   They have their first real mission. Richmond Virginia's youth are in trouble particularly a small detention class within a small independent school located within the city of Richmond. While entering the Earth's atmosphere the Bible Bots cause quite a stir after eye-witnesses report strange lights sending the city into a social media frenzy. The pair now in human form are substituting the detention class full of what most would call hopeless. Bringing hope, encouragement, and the truth of God to the small school the entire city is transformed. They help the children in this class with family issues and overcome personal fears. After returning to Biblelonia they receive their transformed shiny bodies, halos, and wings. Lug Nut and Lil Bit are heroes. Where and what will be their next mission?


Short Films:


‘A Town Called Redemption’ by James Burns. In the small town of Redemption, the alcoholic Sheriff is shot and a ruthless gang of Outlaws see their opportunity to do him in for good; but when an unlikely hero, the Sheriff's Son, overhears their nefarious plans, he attempts to help save his Father's life and maybe even his soul.


‘Drawing Hope’ by Chris Leroy. Eight-year-old Hope and her family lose their home and all their family possessions to a fire. All except Hope’s most treasured possession, her ‘magical’ colouring pencils. Her family has no choice but to live in a homeless shelter. As family relationships begin to fall apart, Hope sets out to save her family with the power of her pencils.


‘The Last Day’ by Steve Curtis. Adam and Jessica are a loving and compassionate couple whose marriage is put to the test after Adam loses his job. When Jessica has to take over and keep the family afloat, he begins to suffer from male image issues, jealousy, envy, and eventually loses his faith in God. Now, they have to fight to find what truly matters to hold their family together or else, they will not survive.


‘Samuel: The Birth of a Prophet’ by Jonathan Bryden. In ancient Israel, a young woman named Hannah is barren, yet desires above all else to have a son. In a desperate plea, she cries out to God in her sorrow and promises that if He grants her a son, she will give him back to the Lord for all the days of his life. God answers her prayer and Samuel is born, but after being with the child for three years, Hannah truly loves her son and cannot bare to part with him. She must now decide if she is going to follow through on her promise or run away from her community to keep her son.




‘Go Ahead and Jump’ by Keenan Murray.  A distraught woman tries to commit suicide, but is serendipitously interrupted by a con man.


Animated Films:


‘Freestyle’ by Anthony Williams. Opposite's attract. A playful 2D pup encounters a curious new toy, a 3D basketball that unfortunately has a mind (and stomach) of it's own...


Documentary Films:


’Glimpse’ by The Melanin Man.  Glimpse is an audio visual treat for the senses. The Melanin Man combines an original, awe inspiring soundtrack with vibrant, mood enhancing colors as he tells the story of his former crack addiction. He travels from his current home in Clarksville TN to Memphis Tn, West Memphis AR, and to his parents home in Turrell AR as he reflects.



‘Invisible: The story and hope of Mexico’s street kids’ by Stephen Spivey. Imagine if your children lived on the street, in a makeshift shack under a bridge, in the sewer, or in a box. This is the reality of 20,000 + kids in Mexico City. This documentary explores the streets of this 22 million person city looking for an answer into this overwhelming dilemma.


‘Bible Knows Best’ by David Rives. Does the Bible contain hidden gems of scientifically sound wisdom, and would that point to the divine inspiration of the Bible?


Student Films:


’Area 52’ by CJ Chan Jun Chun. Area 52 is a SVA BFA Computer Arts senior thesis project. It is the story of war between humans and monsters that were created from nuclear radioactivity on judgment day. The Book of Revelations 12:9 says 'The great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: He was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.' Humans run away and hide themselves, but monsters overrun most of the continents and humans start to build a new weapon that can protect them from monsters. They build their own angel to fight against devils.




‘I Love You Truly’ by Ian Woodward.  A movie trailer for I LOVE YOU TRULY which is the story of two young people discovering and building trust and finding a soul mate they hope will be with them forever. It follows the on-off relationship of the couple as they begin to find out more about each other and experience true love for the first time. It is an abiding Christian faith which, from the very beginning, guides and comforts them on their soul-searching  journey. It stars the acclaimed young English actors Charlotte Frost and Richard Mark as the young couple.


Music Videos:


‘Higher Than Before’ by Katrice Cornett. This particular composition tells the story of God's promises fulfilled. It reminds us to praise the God of Jacob for He is worthy of all the Glory, Dominion and Power. 




‘The Turning Point’ by Terrence Ty Manns. A troubled combat Vet struggles with PTSD and his faith while searching for answers to his parent's tragic accidental death.


‘Black and White’ by Tye Wilson. The love of a young mans life is stricken with a fatal disease. In the instant she is to be taken, he crosses paths with Death. Here is where the veil is lifted to the delicate balance of Life, Death, love, and fate.


‘Where are You’ by Daniel Flores. Where You Are is a coming-of-faith drama with dashes of light-hearted comedy set in the fifties and seventies. JJ Estrada , a young boy taught in the ways of the Lord by his dad, is suddenly plunged into despair with the passing of his father. JJ turns his back on God down a darkened journey of drugs and alcohol. He soon learns that the darkest paths in life are unexpectedly God’s blessed roads of restoration.


‘The Child of Outside’ by Assie BoniEbah and Papnotche are a married couple whose lives are turned upside down when they win 6 million dollars in the lottery.


‘Doors of Miracles’ by Patricia Poulos. Anticipating disaster, a terrified young woman's decision transcends her into the Universe.   Angela Cussons' decisions manifest themselves into light, power and healing. As a young girl she believes she is destined to do God's work until she hits an invisible wall. Feeling abandoned she reluctantly submits to marriage and creation of her two children. But her determination does not wane. She knows deep in her gut-feeling she must continue to do what God wants of her. Having thanked Him for something twice resulting in disasters occurring, she hesitates before thanking Him again. However, believing that credit must be given where due, trembling in the knowledge that another disaster will manifesting itself, she completes her thanks to Him. This time, not a disaster but a flood of Light fills her to the pit of her stomach as she is propelled out of this world to the source of the Light. Turned back, she sees Earth large before her. In her star-studded surroundings she passes between two books, as she travels back to Earth with supernatural powers which heal cancer and other illnesses.


‘Hawaiian Time’ by Michael Miller. Different values make love complicated…Cultures clash when a paparazzi, on his first trip to Hawaii is assigned to find a celebrity wedding on Kauai, falls in love. To her weddings are scared and if he wants to date her, he must not film the wedding and he agrees. Satisfied, she shows him her island paradise as they fall deeply in love. On their last nature-date at a remote coastal valley, a luxury yacht anchors offshore. The celebrities (he was chasing), have arrived for their beach wedding and he takes their photos. She sees him, they fight and break-up. Now he must choose between true love or his lucrative job. 


Event Poster for the 27 May 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 27 May 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:


‘Faith’s Song’ by Frankie Hutto.   A young girl’s faith is tested, when her parents are suddenly killed in a car crash and she is forced to move in with relatives who are non-believers. She finds herself in a new city, new school and no friends… She is a talented singer, who wants to worship God with her songs, but her uncle and others at school challenge her faith. Only one boy seems to see the greatness in her… She has to come to grips with either fitting in or following God, which may cost her more than just her faith




‘Choices’ by Michael Bell.  A man doesn't realize golf has become his God-until he is shown the future.


Animated Films:


‘Citizen of Heaven’ by Bob Ladrach. Joe thought his life was over but he was just getting started. Citizen of Heaven is a fantastical narrative into what happens in the afterlife from a Christian perspective.


Documentary Films:


’Trace our Ancestors in Occitanie’ by Momchil KaramitevA trip to France regarding unknown doctrine adopted by the Cathars in 1100 from Bulgarian enlighteners men coming from the Kingdom of Simeon The First of Bulgaria, reaching breathtaking places mysterious songs and Paneurithmy movements by Beinsa Duno.


Student Films:


’Believe’ by April Woodward. If you have doubts about your abilities God reminds us, I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me


Music Videos:


‘We Manifest Ourselves’ by Rita Figueredo. Benji Kaplan hears and reproduces nature in “A Gente Se Manifesta”  Music video extracted from the álbum Uai (2016) directed and Photographed by Rita Figueiredo.  Nature allows you to familiarize yourself and explore space. Outside the areas occupied by skyscrapers, dwellings, factories and infertile lands, contact with what man has not interfered with raises an expression that requires another language.  Musically, it has flutes, clarinets, violins, cello and viola that, dynamically, dialogue with the immensity of nature's pure air.




‘The Crowning of a Maestro’ by Terri Bea-Sopher. An original sing about Jesus being crowned the King.




‘Lord Change My Heart’ by Tamala Coleman.  Trailer to the upcoming movie ‘Lord Change my heart’ the story of a tragic accident that causes a couple to suddenly place their vacation on hold.




‘The Singing Priest’ by John Tsambazis. A boy without a purpose in life is able to overcome his shady past and find his true calling in the priesthood.  The story of a poor boy from Malta who would become a globally recognized Roman Catholic Priest through the writing and singing of his songs


‘1 Good Thing’ by Kelly Frey.  Capturing the turmoil of societal conflict and the very personal story of one police officer. Paul, a veteran police officer, has seen the darkest side of humanity – and has developed a hard-fisted approach that saves lives, but has earned him the fear and anger of almost everyone on his beat and made a disaster of his personal life. When Manual, a rookie with the same positive attitude Paul once had, is assigned as Paul's new partner, it seems that it might be up to the veteran to teach the rookie how to survive each shift in one of the worst districts in the city. But in 1 Good Thing, the teacher becomes student and through a series of hair-raising and heart-breaking events, reclaims life … as it should be lived.


‘Hell’s Kitchen’ by Leonard Varasano. A tough New York City street cop confronts evidence of satanic ritual on his beat.


‘Insurrection’ by Simon Bowler.  Script for a television mini-series based on John Brown's battles to end slavery.


Event Poster the the 29 April 2017 Christian film Festival:

Official Selections for the 29 April 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:


‘The Faith Line’ by Micah Versemann.  Ryan Davis and Jason Richards are best friends who want to become the best track runners in the state. However, when Coach Rogers offers them a way to fulfill their dream they must choose between listening to their coach or following the Lord. 


Student Films:


‘Rise’ by Ethan Ness. A Man is being chased through the lifeless forest, and while his journey is dangerous and will lead to death, he pushes on knowing that paradise is at the end of the fight. Symbolism of Man's journey through life to PARADISE with GOD.


Animation Films:


‘Seeking’ by Crystal Law.  This animated movie helps viewers think in different ways, the world is so beautiful so there are so many meaningful and inspirational things to see and do, so try to stay optimistic and seek new ways.




‘CHILDHOOD - A New Life in Les Petites Familles’ by Luciene Lanas. “CHILDHOOD – A New Life in Les Petites Familles“ is a reminder how essential it is for a child’s development to have a good education, a regular and stable way of life where it feels loved. A true local, social and human adventure covering several generations and of which the theme greatly surpasses the regional character.


‘Actors Interview’ by Jared Leon. Sitting down with an up and coming actor Patrick Vann.


‘Irreclaimable’ by Justin Toppins. This documentary shows the dark side of trafficking in persons, but also shows hope by highlighting those who have overcome those circumstances and are helping others break free.


 Web Episodes:


‘The Perfect Family’ by K. Addison Young. Greg Perfect the family reporter creates a Web cam for the world to see how imperfect his family really is but as long as his family follows gods guidance in the bible that makes them the perfect family. At the end of each episode is called family time. Greg ask several questions related to the episode to give families time to spend together as they get closer to God.


Music Videos:


‘We are all alone in this together’ by Michael McCallum  Music video for Graham Lindsey by award-winning writer/actor/director Michael McCallum about a musician on the road, missing his wife.


‘LeMarr LaRue "All Nighta"’ by Antonia Arcella. This music video shows the devastating effects that the party life can have on you, but following Christ leads to a better path.  




‘Genesis’ by Robin Piree.  According to the bible, God created all matter over the course of 7 days. On the last day of creation God created mankind, now let award wining menswear fashion designer ‘Mirte van Wijngaarden’ make you a man.


‘Hawaiian Time’ by Michael Miller.  The movie trailer to an upcoming romantic comedy movie.  Different values make love complicatedIn this family-friendly, romantic drama, a down-on-his-luck paparazzi is tasked with chasing a celebrity wedding on the island of Kauai. On his first trip to Hawaii, he is immersed in an obscure Hawaiian sub-culture and making friends with the island locals as he tries to find the wedding. He meets an attractive local girl, Ku'uipo and their romantic journey begins.  But, Ku'uipo's morals collide with his job and he is forced to choose between her love or his assignment. He chooses her. But, as their love grows he finds the wedding and takes his photos. He must then decide on her love or the lucrative payoff of his career. 




‘Angels Versus Demons I’ by Ms. Slavica Bogdanov. In a world where the pact between God and Lucifer has been broken, 5 heroes are trained, armed and given special powers by Archangels to get into Hell and destroy Lucifer's machination to engulf the Earth in complete evil darkness. Gateway to Hell is a fantastic thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat.


Motema’ by Joey Kent. When Luke trades his glamorous life as a private pilot for one flying relief missions in the Congo, he discovers surprising commonality there and is tasked by an ambitious woman with securing a better life for her young daughter in America.


‘Tantalum Mass’ by David Garrett. A genuine quest to understand the meaning of life is kicked off unexpectedly after an artificial intelligence named Dyrette established by the U.N. successfully curbs pervasive internet hacking which had crippled the world economy and compromised human value. At a summit in Denmark for experts debating "meaning," a young web developer with the help of an ensemble cast of “millennials” takes on two arch-villains bent on harnessing Dyrette to reconfigure humankind to their own sense of meaning.


‘Drawing Hope’ by Chris Leroy. Eight-year-old Hope and her family lose their home and all their family possessions to a fire. All except Hope’s most treasured possession, her ‘magical’ colouring pencils. Her family has no choice but to live in a homeless shelter. As family relationships begin to fall apart, Hope sets out to save her family with the power of her pencils.


‘Crave’ by Micah Versemann. As a college freshman Olivia has been struggling. Something has been missing from her life but regardless of what she tries to can't seem to fill the void. As darkness closes in on Olivia she will be brought to a realization and have to make a life or death choice..

Event Poster for the 25 March 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 25 March 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:


Unbridled’ by Christy McGlothlin.  Inspired by a healing ranch for troubled girls in North Carolina, “Unbridled” tells a tremendous story that exposes the atrocities of abuse, neglect and sex trafficking and the healing and redemption experienced by girls and horses who have suffered the same types of abuse.


Provisionby Shorni Hardy.  What happens when a man loses everything? Will he ever again stand? Provision" is a faith-based inspirational story chronicling the life of one such man of faith. As he navigates each challenge a powerful story unfolds about one man's testimony and the restorative power of God!


Short Films:


Samantha’ by Marc Allen.  Samantha is a typical teenager who is faithful to herself, her friends and most of all her father. She has gone against the grain, turning to temptation and had premarital sex with her boyfriend. Now she has to find a way to mend the bond and trust she destroyed with her father. Her father, Tobias, is not interested in mending anything due to the fact he doesn't know how. Before the bridges that burned become repaired, God had other plans for Samantha.




Regret’ by Seth Dirks.   From the mind of Seth Dirks comes an emotionally gripping Christian short film that was written, shot and edited over the course of just six weeks. The film begins with a man struggling with uncontrollable rage and alcohol addiction who's story twists and turns him towards the loving arms of Jesus Christ.


20 Meters of love in Montmartre’ by Pierre Gaffie.   4 lonely women in Paris find a secret connection between them, through their hearts and through their arts.



‘Oppressed Free’ by Ravi Rapaka.  A Teenager trapped in addiction, will she find an exit door.


Educational Films:


Chase You Dream’ by Jared Leon.   An Inspirational Video about Filmmaking.  After attending a one week Filmaking Camp, a young man returns home inspired and begins making movies!


Student Films:


The Road’ by Alexander Baghdasaryan.  Duology of difficult moral choices. Two completely different era, but such similar situations. Failure to comply with an order of a German officer is fraught with death. Sometimes, for the opportunity to stay human cost is extremely high. In the second story, in our time, young businessmen on a country road knocked the child to death. Selection also works - keep on the road, and the corpse of a child to escape or make a difficult, but only correct decision.


Web Episodes:


Under The Pear Tree in Puchheim’ by Matthias Holbert. Abel Hradschek and his wife Ursel are in great difficulty. After their children had died, they were still in financial hardship by Ursel's tendency to "nobility" and Abel's playfulness. While Ursel tried to find a stop in her faith and with Father Eccelius, Abel fled further into the game and into the alcohol. The traveling debt collector Szulski can arrive every day and take away the house and the farm. The village and especially the uncanny neighbor Jeschke observes the decline of the Hradscheks with malice. As Abel under the pear tree makes a discovery.


Music Videos:


Micah Leann - Let The Healing Begin’ by Jared leon.  A music video short film about a girl who's auditioning to be noticed for her talent.




Solace In The Arms Of Another’ by Yvonne Thomas-Harris.  A powerful song about seeking comfort in strangers because the people you love have hurt you. 




Embrace Life’ by Robin Piree.  An advertisement for bracelets.  In a rapidly changing world we all seem to loose ourselves by letting our thoughts rule our daily life.   Embrace your thoughts, Embrace now, Embrace Life.   Earth, Air, Fire & Water form the base of the physical world and are present in all material objects according to Buddha.


Skateboarding / Clothing - Daryl Grier’ by Jared Leon.   A commercial showing how a young Entrepreneur got to where he is today.




Perfect Swing’ by Seth Himes.  After recently losing her swing, a young greenskeeper must defend her family’s home course against clear­-cutting land developers and discover the power hidden within her swing in a high stakes game of golf.


Jepthah The Judge’ by Alvin Fruga.  This is a Bible Story from the Old Testament!  When Jephthah, the son of a harlot, is forced to leave home by his three half brothers, he becomes a mighty warrior in another land, and then returns home to deliver his people from their oppressors.


Fighting The Itches’ by Kimberly Washington. Inspired by true events, “Fighting The Itches" is a four-part story (Church, School, Work, and Home) that explores the isolated lives of Denise, a fearless 5-year old tomboy, and Carla, a God-fearing working Mom, as they struggle with their invisibility in the world.


Cadebyby David Keogh.  When Vikings invade the village of Cadeby a small band of desperately unprepared people must defend it or lose everything.  A cross between Zulu, The Magnificent Seven, Assault on Prescinct Thirteen and Braveheart, set in the Post Roman British Dark Ages at the times of early Viking incursions along the coast.  A love story, an adventure story and a war film rolled into one. The tension builds throughout the piece as the Vikings close in on Cadeby, a real fifth century village populated mainly by the elderly and the infirm. They must defend the village from the Vikings to stop them from travelling south and wiping out all of the villages along the coast.  One man, Faelan, with the help of an unlikely and unprepared band of heroes stands in the way of the invaders. Can he persuade the villagers to defend themselves or will they just become another slaughtered village?  This works as a series of short films, a mini series, a full length series or a movie - this being the movie version. A story of tragedy, loss, love and what people will do when the odds are stacked against them.


Event Poster for the 25 February 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 25 February 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:


‘Sister Able’s Closet’ by Terri Bea-Sopher.  A comedy about a very interesting group of church members who get invited over to Sister Able’s house and find a big surprise.


‘Undeserved’ by Marc Steele. Dawn, a young woman of 18 is suddenly forced to live with her aunt and uncle after her mother is tragically killed. Soon after her arrival at her new home things go terribly wrong and she runs. Finding herself on the streets in unfamiliar territory, Dawn is easy prey and falls into a life she never expected. Her aunt goes and a search for her and with the help of a street preacher they find Dawn and introduce her to the love of God. 


Short Films:


‘I Love You Truly’ by Ian Woodward.  I LOVE YOU TRULY is the story of two young people discovering and building trust and finding a soul mate they hope will be with them forever. It follows the on-off relationship of the couple as they begin to find out more about each other and experience true love for the first time. It stars the acclaimed young English actors Charlotte Frost and Richard Mark as the young couple.




‘Poets of the Mountain’ by Vince Williams.  Deep in the snow-covered Himalayan Mountains of India lies Kullu, the valley of the gods. At the House of Grace, orphans come from various mountain villages in search of hope. Hope to escape the extreme impoverished conditions of India. Hope for an education. Hope to grow-up strong. A safe haven, three decades in the making, allows for a life that begins at normal but quickly becomes free, inspired, and enchanting. Godly love creates a bond among these people that fosters a humble stance and an artistic depth.  Poems written by the children represent the hardships of being an orphan, the desire to break out of that mold, and the hope Christ has given them for a bright future.


‘Hard Place Serveants: A Father’s Perspective’ by Grant Dixon.  A father visits his daughter and family who live in an Asian slum on a rubbish dump, where they endeavor to serve the country's poorest. This film relates his journey and the cultural clashes he observes along the way. Extreme poverty and excessive wealth are contrasted, - where for the poor living outside of the official community means they also live without civil support or basic health care. This film gives good insight into the struggles of modern missionaries as they endeavor to reach out and befriend their neighbors, while holding in tension the expectations of traditional churches and western culture.  


Web Episodes:


'The Network – The Big Red Button’ by Chason Laing.  ’The Network’ is a web series about several Christians who decide to start a film network on their own.  In this episode…. After their first show is broadcast, Chris and Garret scramble to get the network up and running and begin to realize how over their heads they really are.


Music Videos:


‘Joyful’ by Oliver Saint Victor.  A music video about having knowledge that soothes the soul and love toward each other.


‘Hi, My Name is Danny’ by Norman Fisk. A music video about Danny Kees who was hooked on drugs but took a path to recovery and beat his addiction. A true story about how someone can get back to a productive life and recover apart from the destructive cycle of the highs and lows of a true national tragedy


‘Amazing Love’ by Christy Phillips. A music video about how amazing God’s love is for us.




‘All I Want’ by Zivan Holloway Jr.  A New Christmas song which is about wanting Jesus instead of a bunch of presents!




‘Rainbow Binky’ by Kuly Jean Karan. We are all God's children, but a little girl with cerebral palsy called Binky is God's pacifier. 


‘A Blue Knight to Remember’ by Leonard VarasanoA Blue Knight to Remember is the story of one man’s loss of faith as a result of his tragic role in the death of his parents during the attacks of 9-11. The protagonist, a heroic yet compassionate police officer suffers from ensuing bouts of despair and begins a spiritually devastating, downward spiral.  Only through the intervention of his lost parents' undying love can his life be placed back in order.


‘Miracle’s Baby’ by C. Nathaniel Brown.  After becoming pregnant before marriage, 16-year-old Miracle Burnett questions her faith and whether to keep the baby. Her decisions could impact an entire community.


Here is the Event Poster for the 28 January 2017 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 28 January 2017  Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:


‘Restoration’ by Mr. Jeremy McLamb. CK Erwin is a man who's lost his family as well as his will to live.  But, when he takes a job as a mechanic at a small Auto Restore shop, he is soon involved with a new ragtag family who needs him every bit as much as he needs them.  Especially feisty Samantha "Sam" Collins, a high school wrestler, who needs a private coach for her last shot at Finals this year.


‘The Invention of the Year 2016’ by Mr. Jean Seban. A cinematographic essay about time, oriented on the relay from generation to generation. The script is inspired by the Christian poem "Portal of the Mystery of Hope", by Charles  Péguy (1873 - 1914).


Short Films:


‘Why Me’ by Mr. Miguel Gonzales.  In desperation, a man questions God, Why Me? Only to discover that God's plan for each person is perfect.


‘The Towns We Lived In’ by Mr. Robbie FattTwo childhood friends who grew up together in a small church in the blue mountains of Australia run into each other by chance a few years later.  Upon meeting, they decide to go back to visit the town they grew up in.  On the way, they talk about the reasons why one of them left the church and why one of them stayed.


‘The Thorn, the Music, the Flowers’ by Mr. Chris Lythgoe.  The free spirited Scarlet finds herself alone one day when she is involved in an accident. Badly in need of help...then she meets Specter and her life will never be the same as she learns more about herself and him!




‘Tom’s Last Night’ by Mr. Chris LythgoeTom is faced with a very important decision but when he shruggs it off he is visited...


‘Artichoke: The Art of the Choke’ by Mr. Chris Lythgoe.  A New York Mayor dares to stand against the Terranova Crime Syndicate.


‘Snowflakes and Diamonds’ by Mr. Johnick PetryA thought provoking glimpse into the struggles of a young woman's heart as she contemplates love, marriage, children and family during the Christmas seasons of past and present.


Animated Films:


‘The Faith Kids - The Image’ by Ms. Natausha Bushell.  This is a Christian Superhero Movie. When children are lured away by an evil darkness, and come up missing without a trace, God's ordained Hero's including Sam, Samantha, Gwen, and J fight against the wiles of darkness, as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.




‘Sultan and the Saint’ by Mr. Alexander Kronemer. Two men of faith, one a traveling Christian preacher, the other the ruler of a Muslim Empire, bucked a century of war, distrust, and insidious propaganda in a search for mutual respect and common ground. It is the story of Francis of Assisi and the Sultan of Egypt, and their meeting on a bloody battlefield during the period of Christian-Muslim conflict known as the Crusades.


Student Films:


‘The Little Dictator’ by Ms. Nurith Cohn.  Prof. Yossi Kleinmann is an uncharismatic history professor lecturing on political leaders in totalitarian regimes. Neither his students nor his domineering wife show him any respect. At a Sabbath weekend celebrating the 90th birthday of his wife’s grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, Yossi suddenly finds himself in an unexpected situation which forces him to confront history, his family and himself.


Web Episodes:


'The Network – Tuna Salad' by Mr. Chason Laing.  The Network’ is a web series about several Christians who decide to start a film network on their own.  In this episode…After an awkward dinner followed by an impossible filming experience Chris struggles with doubt. Meanwhile, Garret has difficulty talking his old college buddies into supporting the network endeavor.




‘Genes of Our Fathers' by Mr. Braam Ackermann.  rockumentary of my album, "Genes of our fathers" which deals in part with the songs I wrote following my mother's death in a terrorist attack.




'A Touch of Stardust' by Mr. Rob Rickenbough.  The trailer to the upcoming film about a heartbroken romantic who gets a second chance to marry the woman he believes he is fated to be with. 




‘A Touch of Stardust’ by Mr. Rob Rickenbough.  A heartbroken romantic gets a second chance to marry the woman he believes he is fated to be with.


‘Journey of Mortals’ by Mr. Phillip Hardy.  After witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus, Saul Persecutes Christians, sees a vision, becomes Paul the Apostle, journeys throughout the world preaching, healing and facing the wrath of the Roman Empire and violent anger from his own people.


‘Born to Live’ by Ms. Tamala Coleman.  Faced with many adversities even after birth.  A young girl must find her way through obstacles in order to find true happiness and recognize her purpose in life.


Here is the event poster for the 31 December 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 31 December 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

'The Samaritan' by Kevin McAfee.  The true story of Eddie Roush, a maverick Texas lawyer, who stepped in to help rescue a Romanian family from a communist country in 1985.  

'Bells on the Western Front' by Franco Demarco.  As the bells of Christmas Eve ring from a nearby church across the trenches of WWI, Soldiers from both sides come together to declare a truce that history will never forget.

Short Films:

'Adoration: A Natural History' by Ian Woodward.  A docu-drama with amazing cinematography of animals and plants, which showcases the incredible world God created.


'Sacred!' by Ian Woodward.  A CFF World Premiere!  A film which showcases 5 best-loved inspirational songs from the award-winning movie “I’ll Walk with God” into one glorious, continuous stream including “Ave Maria”, “Because God Made Thee Mine”, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, “The Lord’s Prayer” and “I’ll Walk With God”.

'It Could Be Your Daughter' by Gudrun Gundelach.  A powerful film which sheds light on the dark world of human trafficking, and that Christianity needs to step in and help the situation.

'From Noya' by Steve Thompson.  This dramatic movie highlights the problem of depression, and shows how people with this disease should reach out to support groups and receive healing and help.  



'Cowboy Church' by Jim Acker.  A day in the life of a working horse ranch in Michigan leading up to a Cowboy Church event.

'Midnight Oil' by Laura Lewis.  The journey of a West Texas artist as she researches, designs, and paints a large mural depicting the history of oil discovery in the Permian Basin.

Student Films:

'Two' by Benjamin Coffey.  A boy who obsesses over baseball struggles to mentally operate after being told he will only have two days to live.

'Hannah is Beautiful' by Shira Meishar.  A film which tells the true life story of Hanna, a 37 year old special needs person living in Israel, who breaks many stereo-types because she lives an independent life and has a job.  

Web Episodes:

'Pathways' by Stephanie Greene.  Pathways is a web series about choices and free will, and how it affects our destiny and purpose.  The characters in the web series are all on a path, but not all paths are leading to their destiny and purpose.

'2 Become' by Mikael Buxton.  Alex and David want to give up everything to realize their childhood dream – to become stars – except they do not know how…so it’s far from being won.

'The Network - Pilot' by Chason Laing.  After losing his job Chris Hardy agrees to help his father Garret start a television network despite their lack of experience and know-how, but when viewers don’t come and friends don’t support their cause the two of them must find a reason to continue on.


'From Noya' by Steve Thompson.  The dramatic soundtrack to a short film which highlights the problem of depression, and shows how people with this disease should reach out to support groups and receive healing and help.  

Music Videos:

'Lift Up Your Light' by Donnie Rook.  An original Gospel song about lifting and shining God's light so the people can see what is good and right; it is based on the scripture Luke 8:10-16 from the Bible.

Here is the event poster for the 26 November 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 26 November 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

'Road to Revelation' by Paul Cohcran.  This film is a story base on the book of job, Stan Rogers is a police officer and a minister, his daughter is killed by a serial killer who is still on the run. he must come to grips with his faith and what he is suppose to be. will he stand on his faith or fall down.

'Bully's Bane' by James Broadwater.  Bully's Bane is the story of a group of teenagers who turn to their friend, Joshua Brogan, to teach them how to defend themselves against a violent drug gang at school. When the gang turns out to be connected to a crime syndicate kingpin who Joshua's law enforcement father and his team are after, the father and son begin working together to bring the whole operation down. While there is lots of marital arts action and gunplay, the team learns that evil truly is powerless if the good are unafraid, and that some fights can only be won with the Gospel - the most powerful weapon of all!


Short Films:

'Illumination' by Jeff Akers.  Illumination brings light to the mindset of unbeliever, Alexander Scott, who continues to deny that God is real. Scott has to embrace the truth about the plot behind modern day technology and the plan to implement the beginning stages of the 666 revolution. 

'Blossoms of Faith' by Samuel Omole.  Twenty-three days before her wedding, Betsy McLean loses her sister to a stroke. The bride-to-be must take a journey of faith before she can walk down the aisle.

'Knocking Granny's Boots' by Jonetha Jomae Scott.  A loving grandmother tries to teach her ungrateful granddaughter a valuable life lesson and the importance of her name.


'Thank you' by Micah Versemann. Thank You follows the story of Mark White, a U.S. Veteran that is dealing with regrets from the war until a mysterious stranger enters the picture.

'Seeking Solace' by Samuel Omole and Egbe Ode. After the death of her mom, Olivia struggles with a series of nightmares. She seeks solace with her older sister, Nicole who tries to keep the family together when their dad neglects his parental responsibilities.

'First Encounter' by Harold Gordon Woodside.  A young boy encounters death of his grandfather and finds a difficult hope to challenge him.


'A Piece of God's Plan' by Samantha Osburn.  A Piece of God's Plan is about the special education program offered at Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Augusta, GA.

'One Million Wafers' by David Moncasi.  Tells the story of thirteen cloistered nuns of a Havana convent who make the Catholic Mass wafers for all Cuba: one million wafers that travel through the entire island! 

Student Films:

'Mazal Means Luck' by Mazai Ben YLshai.  This documentary tells the story of Mazal, a young woman born to special needs parents, and through footage from both childhood and present day, weaves a moving testimony to the special situation and challenges their family faces!   

Music Videos:

'Feel the Love' by Leonardo Martinez.  A Music Video that showcases the happiness of when you Feel The Love of God and allow that love in.

'Peaceful Life' by Sebastian Bellaval.  A homeless man lies in a crowded street. Ignored by the pedestrians, the old man is robbed of one of his only possessions: a football.  To take it back, the poor man stands up and shows everyone he is not only what he looks like.


'Maggie and the 4 Wisemen' by Carrie Lee.  Every generation of the Sullivan family has had a soldier to protect them and their country. Their sacrifices over the centuries have taken their toll, but the Sullivans have always come out on top, until now. Maggie Sullivan's husband is killed in Iraq. Tension prevails as she cares for a young son with spina bifada, a rebelling teenage daughter and their demented grandmother. Three days before Christmas, her daughter Haley goes missing, and the troops---Maggie's brother Murph, her estranged father Ike, a childhood friend and even her disabled son Conner, come to the rescue.  Together they piece together the clues and go after Haley who has been left alone on by some mischievous teens, drifting at sea on an old sailboat. During their struggles, Conner inspires his family to return to their faith to heal their differences.  This story is a tribute to wounded warriors.

'That Man Came' by Mohsen Azizi.  Just before the general public had the suspicion that a second world war would break out, Jesus Christ appeared in a human body of a mentally disabled child in France. Fighting against the evil and for freedom, he died.

'Perfect Harvest' by Harold Gordon Woodside. Tells the story of three children and an intelligent donkey who forge an uneasy alliance to stop a covetous farmer from stealing his neighbor’s farm, but when all hope is lost after stormy adventures fueled by mystical delusion, one moment of courageous love brings reconciliation between a man and his son and restores life’s balance to all. 


'The Adoration of Nature Woman' by Ian Woodward.  A sacred scene from the award winning film 'Adoration: A Natural History'!

Here is the Event Poster for the 29 October 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selection List for the 29 October 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

'The Second Coming of Christ' by Daniel Anghelcev.   The journey of a  woman scientist named Beatrix who, at the end of times, discovers that true Faith can bring Miracles

'Pass the Light' by Malcolm Goodwin.  A high schooler named Steve runs for Congress on a positive platform of Christ's Love and wins in a write-in campaign.

''Between ashes and hope' by Desmond Denton. After a tragedy strikes his family, a young Preacher must learn to forgive, find hope in despair, and live again.

Short Films:

Agape' by Micah Versemann.  Joshua Smith feels like the luckiest man alive when he marries the love of his life. That is, until things come falling down around him. Now, how far will he go to fight for his bride?


'In the End' by Vince Williams.  A brother and sister torn apart by the death of a family member must find common ground in order to survive.


'The Battle for Brandon' by Chad Bonham.  The true story of a young man named Brandon Gee, the son of NCAA Division 1 basketball coach Jayson Gee, and their family and friends, as they journeyed through Brandon’s battle with child-onset paranoid schizophrenia. 

Music Videos:

'Christmas is Forever' by Tyler Adams.  A music video about the reason for Christmas, Jesus, and how the holiday will be celebrated forever, which shows many traditional items like Christmas displays, a church, a nativity seen, and family and friends.


'The Samaritan' by Mark Johnson.  The soundtrack to the multiple award-winning movie which tells the story of a daring 1985 rescue that took place in Romania.


'Way Down in Bethlehem' by Scott Ennis.  A song about the Christmas story and why Jesus came, which goes through many familiar items including the Shepards, the Angel Gabriel, Star of Bathlehem, and the 3 Wise Men,   .    


'The Piano Gospels' by Tony Gonzalez.  When a town’s wealthy magnate dies, he instructs his heir to have a piano repaired by the man he most wronged in life. 

'These Three Remain' by Jeanne Dukes.  After running from heartache for years, Faith, an interior designer in her mid thirties, has her life turned around when she comes home to reunite with her sister, Kelly, and brother, Shaun, for their mother's funeral. 

'Haria's Worlds' by Houssein Hijazi.   A girl is trapped by the traditions of her family and culture which break the course of her life.  

Here is the Event Poster for the 24 September 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 24 September 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

'Once Upon a Christmas' by Zivan Holloway.  In the film, Once Upon a Christmas, James Johnson invited his family over to his house and they all ended up not only exchanging gifts but secrets!

'Lenteblom (Spring Flower)' by Desmond Denton.  A young man named Shaun returns to his home town after several years learning to farm, but experiences difficulties because the community has changed, along with his girlfriend Karen, mother, employer Mr Coetsee, and his old buddy Papsak.  Lenteblom portrays the dilemma of a man in a community - struggling to stand up against the moral decay of our time.  Lenteblom is a story of hope, where love finds a way to blossom - even in the midst of pain, brokenness and evil.

Short Films:

'By His Stripes' by Stephen Borsales.  A chronicling of the final hours of Jesus' life following him through the crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and flashbacks revealing the message behind the man.

Animated Films:

'Lovely Journey' by Carolina Hindigo.  This is a surreal animation about a woman’s life journey where she starts out curious and hopeful, meets good and evil, gets wounded and hurt, travels to the city, meets a man, and has many different meenings in the voiceover.  


'Nature & Us' by Kevan Keane. Poetic documentary examining our view of nature, and nature looking back at us.

Student Films:

'A Heart Under Shadow' by Adanm Potter. A young woman named Casi struggles after a difficult past when a young man named Justin asks to court her. Wondering if she can even face the possibility of marriage, she struggles to even hope for healing. Can she learn trust for Justin and can he prove he’s not the man her father was?

'Mutzkeh' by Alon Rabinovich.  An aspiring actor deams of playing the role of Shylock in the play 'The Merchant of Venice', but soon learns reaching his dreams will require sacrifice!

Music Vodeos:

'Call of Duty' by Barz Noble.  A Hip Hop music video with a very catchy beat that reminds all Christians that we must spread the word about Jesus - it is our 'Call of Duty'!


'Once Upon a Christmas - Trailer' by Zivan HollowayThis is a trailer made to publicize the release of the film ‘Nujay’s Once Upon a Christmas’.  In the film, Once Upon a Christmas, James Johnson invited his family over to his house and they all ended up not only exchanging gifts but secrets!

Screenplays / Scripts:

'Lord Change My Heart' by Tamald Coleman.  This script is about a newly happily married couple James and Janice Coombs who suffer through a tragic accident which leaves Janice wandering away from her faith in God. She finds comfort in many areas of encouragement from co-workers to friends and a mysterious Therapist. Janice realizes she needs God to change her heart and to give her a heart of forgiveness.A script which...

'Number 28' by Fred Perry.  While watching TV in a doctor’s waiting room, a young woman has an epiphany that alters the course of her life

'Carrow' by Ms. Kimberly Jade Tompkins.  After his release from prison for the accidental killing of his closest friend, a hardened loner who cares for nothing but his sick daughter must choose between letting her die or a life of violent crime to pay for her care.

Here is the Line up for the 27 August 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 27 August 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:


'David Hood' by Josh Ebel and Adam Fielden.  An Old Legend...Retold… David Hood is a take on a couple old characters (The biblical story of David and Robin Hood) that have been put into a blender, added twist of lemon and a dash of surprise in brand new tale that is completely unlike either story. David Hood is about our hero David and his best friend Will who has been hiding for years and spends his time roughing up his nemesis, King Saul. This is a film full of action, adventure and even a bit of romance as we follow David on the adventure of a life time.


Short Films:


'Voice of the Dead' by David Criswell.  A man who was convicted of a murder he did not commit awaits his execution when a new prisoner enters the cell next to him. In the course of conversation, the man in the new cell claims to be the man he murdered!


NYANYIAN Dalam KEKELAMAN (Song in the Darkest Valley)' by Yusak Kantandja.  The true story about a sound man and musician who worked at a recording studio, who was in a devastating car accident that left him paralized.  With God's help, his family and friends help, and the medical personnel, he made a miraculous recovery, and came back to record music and become an author!  


'Live' by Elena Piskavera.  A young woman who is considering having an abortion changes her mind and decides to have her baby.




'Deadline' by Valentine Burkhardt.  A typical office day: Day after day Christoph builds houses of cards up to a red line above his desk. Each time he reaches the line, the line is set a little higher. His Superior Bob postpones the deadline to the next day in the morning.  Seconds before the deadline he manages to finish the last house of cards. He gets the promotion and a nailclipper. After he clipped his nails he's escorted to another room full of Triangle Rulers. He tries to pick one up... but it's futile.


'The Window' by Frank Vespe.  A couple discovers a window may be the portal to the end of life.


‘Glasses’ by Robert Hodges.  A curmudgeon sees only the bad in everyone, until a stranger gives him a special gift that lets him discover the real truth about those around him.


'The Intersection' by Corey Graham.  A man struggling with drug addiction soon finds himself transported to "The Intersection". Which is a stopping point between his world and the next.




'Gospel Radio Man' by Bruce Nelson.  Ninety year old Fred Larkins is the oldest living active African American DJ announcer in the USA, and still going strong. For forty-five years Bro Fred Larkins Slow Train Radio Gospel Musical Review has made an indelible impact on the Black community in the Greater Phoenix Area, Los Angeles, and in the state of Arizona. His radio gospel music review show has provided inspiration during difficult times; as well as a format for business owners to advertise, network and inform the community about current events.


'Being Seen' by Paul Zeher.  This documentary explores the poorly understood subculture of people living with "developmental disabilities." These individuals' candid and articulate self-awareness quickly shatter preconceptions of who they are and how they think about themselves and the world — leaving us with existential questions about the meaning of "disabled" and "normal”.


'Chosen People' by Qihui Wu.  Through Cinéma vérité on the daily activity of a Hebrew Israelite church in the south side of Chicago, the film Chosen People provides a poignant and subtle mediation on relations among history, memory and identity.


'Silly Robin' by Ian Woodward.  One morning in early autumn the lives of English naturalist Ian Woodward, FZS, and his garden-loving wife Zenka were suddenly changed. In their country garden near London they were befriended by a robin, England’s unofficial national bird. It was the start of an amazing relationship between man and bird that would provoke smiles and induce tears. It was a friendship that would arouse tenderness and stir up emotions of wonder, admiration and trust. “When bird trusts man,” says the filmmaker, “be proud.” Zenka and Ian (a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London) called the red and brown songster “Silly Robin”.


'The Testament' by Oleksandra Geylyk.  This documentary tells the story of Rabbi Nachman, one of the founders of the Breslov Hasidic movement, who lived in Ukraine at the end of the 18th century adn the pilgrimage which comes to his grave site.  Every year more than 30.000 hasids from all over the world travel to his grave in the small city of Uman to fulfill a testament about him.  In this way jewish tradition comes to life again, in a place where there has been much pain for the Jewish people in recetn times.


Student Films:


'I'm Ghana' by Francesca Perticarini.  This is a film about Fatahiya, an exchange student from Ghana, who was able to come to the US through a scholarship she won.  In the film she shares some of her story and what it means to be in the US.  


'4242' by Sara Estaquio.  Cristi has just moved 4242 miles from home to an unknown country, far away from family and friends.  At first, she is happy for the challenge. But soon she begins to question her place in this new world that seems to be a lost town, made of absences, distances, silence and indifference.   


'This is who I am now' by Francesca Perticarini.  This mini-student film tells the story of a woman who breaks up with her fiance because she realizes she doesn't need anyone next to her.




'Fight MS' by Randi Orr.  This advertisment was done for a fundraising camaign for Julie Amos, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 23. She fights MS every day and manages to maintain a positive outlook. Julie's story is one saturated with struggle as she battles with the implications of MS and the effects it has on her family. The Amos family has become stronger as a result, and they work to raise money for the treatment needed to save her life. The stem cell treatment costs $130,000, they are halfway to their goal, ad they are raising money at this site here:  https://www.facebook.com/julsoffriendship/




'A Lost Heaven' by Tobias Bieske.  This is the soundtrack to a new movie.  In this film the world has changed.  The Earth's rotation has  slowed Days and nights seem endless , resources are scarce. People lose hope and  orale The society becomes increasingly isolated . One night, crossing the paths of three women and a little boy at a lonely gas station middle of nowhere ..




'Major League Priest' by Frank Vespe.  A former Major League pitching prospect truned priest gets a second chance to return to the game he loves, but first dodge the mob and an ex-sweetheart.  


'Text Messages to God' by David Perkins.  This screenplay is an action adventure story where an archeologist Daniel is on a dig in Iraq when he meets Amira who is in charge of the site, and they run into some very unsavory characters!


'The Man who Beat Mark Spitz' by Daivd Perkins.  True life story of Doug Russell, first swimmer from Texas to win an Olympic gold medal (Mexico 1968) in an individual swimming event.


'Valley of the Blind' by David Criswell.  Somewhere deep in the heart of the Himalayas a missionary has discovered a lost civilization made up entirely of the blind. When his agnostic friend hears of this civilization he heads out to find the valley with suspect motives, but when he arrives he finds the people are not so helpless as he had thought, and what he sees will shake his agnostic faith and prove that "in the Valley of the Blind only love is blind."


'Unwed' by Joey Kent.  After 35 years of private anguish, Ruth Kilmer summons the courage to share her long kept secret and track down the son she was forced to give up for adoption. 




'Bathsheba's Tea Party' by Corean Strong.  Bathsheba hosts a grand tea party and invites 18 women of the bible ( good and evil women)... They have lots to talk about. Focus and message is how they lived their lives and how it impacts how we are living ours today.


'Feed My Sheep' by Scott Ennis.  In this story a boy learns repsonsibility on his father's sheep farm


Here is the Line up for the 30 July 2016 Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 30 July 2016 Film Festival:

Feature Films:

'Providence' Rachel and Mitchell both grow up in the small town of Providence, Tennessee. Their paths keep crossing and at one point it looks like they'll finally get together. But the opportunity slips away and they go their separate ways. It takes a tragedy many years later before they're reunited. This time will they let the moment pass or will they take a step of faith and trust God to work a miracle in their lives?

Short Films:

'My Life My Way' by Ravi Rapaki. This film tells the story of a teenager's pursuit to find home away from home, will she find it?

'Greater Ground' by Ben Mansfield.  In this story a lonely art student, in his final days at university, has lost interest in things that used to make him happy, and starts to question if there is more to life than seeking happiness.

Documentary Films:

'From Bohemia's Woods and Fields' by Ian Woodward.  This documentary, filmed in Bohemia, uncovers the amazing story of Bedřich Smetana (1824-1884), the great Czech composer of the operas Dalibor and The Bartered Bride and of the epic orchestral suite  Vlast (“My Country”).

The Separates and the Separation of Church and State' by Kevan Keane.  This film details the role of four Baptist preachers in colonial Virginia who played a crucial role in the development of American religious freedom.

'18' by Asher Segelken.  This documentary has the director traveling America interviewing young men and women who express what it is like to grow up here and what it means to them!

'The Caravan Film' by Margot McMaster.  This documentary follows a group of people and there horses as they make an amazing journey over 5 motnhs and 2,500 miles from California to Florida!


'Rescue me Lord' by Joseph Chettham-Wilkinson.  This awesome song is about thanking Jesus for coming and dying for our sins so we can go to heaven!

A Joyful Noise' by Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson.  This awesome song is about singing a song of Praise to Jesus and making 'A Joyful Noise' for Him!

'Lonely girl' by Barbra Angel.  This great song talks about how when the world let’s her down and she feels like a 'Lonely girl', if she reaches out for the Lord, she will no longer be lonely! 


'Seriah's Legacy' by Julie Kaufman.  This screenplay tells the story of a teenage girl named Emily and a horse named Seriah who found her way straight into Emily's heart one evening.  As their bond grew, Emily felt she needed to know more about Seriah and of the life she had before she bacame hers.  Finally knowing the truth of her past and of the slaughter of so many wild horses that were born to be free, Emily made a promise to Seriah to be their voice so that their legacy of freedom is returned to them!  This is Seriah's legacy!

'Avianna' by Roberto Chiesa.  After a 25 year absence from her father a daughter finds out he is in the hospital suffering from Alzheimer's and dying from cancer. She makes the difficult decision to reconnect the lost and damaged relationship. 

'Resurrection Time Conspiracy' A group of evil people develop a matter transfer and time travel machine to go back in time and disrupt the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus in 33 AD, and the stories heroes Simon, Amy, and Ram must stop them!

'Gabrielle' by Roger Sampson. A single mother must make a difficult choice to save the life of her little girl!

Here is the line up for the 25 June 2016 Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 25 June 2016 Film Festival:

Feature Films:

'Sisters' by Lynn Moody.  What if all you ever wanted was to take a deep breath? Praying for a miracle, sixteen-year-old Hannah Heinz has fought Cystic Fibrosis all of her life. When she meets twelve-year-old soccer player Sammy Foster and her family, she discovers the real reason for living it. A Precious Light Pictures film written and directed by Lynn Moody, "Sisters" is a poignant drama about why we're here, and what we're all destined for.

Short Films:


'Milkshake' by SangJin Ko.  After their parents died, an adopted teenage boy struggles to live with his adoptive little sister against harsh reality.

'Too Many Ghosts' by Ian Woodward.  A young soldier named Joe Franklin reflects on the folly of war immediately after the end of WWII.

'Ugly Me' by Hyangil Kim.  Susan was a violinist grown strictly by her mother. However, she was fired from the position of the mistress in the famous orchestra and finally decided to leave to find herself.


'Samaritan' by SangJin Ko. A homeless man struggles for survival on the street but no one cares about him.  

'Cristian' by Dorna Rusti.  Cristian (55 years old) sees a girl (20 years old) in a park, crying. He is going through a nostalgic moment. He recalls one of his failed rendezvous from when he was young and decides to tell the story to the stranger in the park, convinced she is sad due to a similar reason. His story is short: in his youth he met a girl and asked her out on a date, but she never showed up. He is still obsessed with her image. He is certain it was love at first sight, although he didn’t even know her name. Cristian introduces himself and the sound of his name spoken out loud in the quiet park triggers the revival of those past moments. Cristian relives the failed date. The girl he was waiting for was involved in a car accident and died calling out his name, not too far from the place where they were supposed to meet. This cry for him between life and death haunts him for the rest of his life and finally leads him to the truth.

Documentary Films:

'The Sereer: Desperately Trying to Please God' by Ken Beale.  The Sereer people groups live in an ancient culture that was historically steeped in Animism, Voodoo and spirit worship. In the past two centuries modern Islam has taken a stronghold here. The people hold fast to the pillars of Islam. They pray five times a day, they fast during Ramadan, They give to the poor (though they are incredibly poor themselves). It seems they so desperately want to please God, but they don’t know God because they don’t know the truth about who Jesus is.

'A Vision of Destiny' by Christine Giles and SilverGirl Films.  A documentary film highlighting the work of an American woman in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. Cariana Nash Karugireyo sees unlimited potential in the children of Uganda. Her vision is to build a world-class international school.After their parents died, an adopted teenage boy struggles to live with his adoptive little sister against harsh reality.


'Evangelicals for Climate Action' by Sam Kauffmann.  This film introduces Evangelical Christians who are working for action on climate change and the environment. They explain how they became passionate about the environment, their fears about the future of our planet, and how their passion is based on their deep faith and love for creation. Citing key passages in the bible, they call on all other Evangelicals to join them.  

Educational Films:

'Jesus is my Booski' by Cameron Arnett.  Jesus Is My Booski is a children’s fantasy series set in the enchanted kingdom of Zoe. In constant pursuit of the unseen Booski who has all solutions to life’s problems, the mythical characters Jasper (Mic Sykes), Sha na Owa (Shawn Collins), Country Boy (Reagan Givhan) and a host of others shine a comical light on issues such as self-esteem, abuse, faith and character. Popping out of a green screen background, the Booski emerges to the urban sounds of hip – hop, with steady intervals of joyous praise breaks, praise reports, and a slight touch of a reality show. The Booski’s the protagonist that has already defeated the villain, A.Cuser and all other “bad guys”. In every conflict, the Booski is the solution.


'Dogs with Jobs' by Jake Shannon.  An advertisement for a company called ‘West Australia Guide Dogs’ fundraiser called ‘Dining in the Dark’!  This very funny advertisement has guide dogs dressed as people doing various jobs to show that guide dogs are very smart and lovable!  Guide dogs for people who are vision impaired are very expensive to raise and train, and there are more in need of them then the supply.  This company had a fundraiser in which people had dinner in a blindfold with family and friends and raised money off of sponsors which they donated to help raise and train more guide dogs!


'EArTH Day' by Ian Hughes.  In the lead up to climate negotiations in Paris, a 'philosopher of the future' attempts to bring his environmentally themed story to the big screen during a 48-Hour Film Project. The film that results reveals a story far grander than the limited run time will allow.

'The Sacrifice' by Roger Sampson. In this story Roland Jennings is a powerful corporate raider who's life is abruptly turned upside down when he's diagnosed with terminal cancer. Now he must choose what is most important in life. 

'The Lonesome Trial' by Arlette Thomas-Fletcher.  This story is a story about the prodigal son amidst a back drop of fighting with the founder of the town and a preacher over a lost love and homesteading.

'Finding Family' by Timothy Benson.  A teenage girl and her two younger siblings, struggle to understand their own self-worth and the concept of family after years of abuse, neglect and abandonment.  It portrays the fragile children in America's Foster Care system and the beauty and power of adoption.



'The Sereer: Desperately Trying to Please God' by Ken Beale.  The Sereer people groups live in an ancient culture that was historically steeped in Animism, Voodoo and spirit worship. In the past two centuries modern Islam has taken a stronghold here. The people hold fast to the pillars of Islam. They pray five times a day, they fast during Ramadan, They give to the poor (though they are incredibly poor themselves). It seems they so desperately want to please God, but they don’t know God because they don’t know the truth about who Jesus is.


'A Vision of Destiny' by Christine Giles.  A documentary film highlighting the work of an American woman in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. Cariana Nash Karugireyo sees unlimited potential in the children of Uganda. Her vision is to build a world-class international school.After their parents died, an adopted teenage boy struggles to live with his adoptive little sister against harsh reality.


Here is the line-up for 28 May 16:


Official Selections for the 28 May 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

The Cokeville Miracle' by T.C. Christensen.  The remarkable true story of a town facing a terrible tragedy and the sheriff's investigator who struggles with his faith as he gathers evidence that defies earthly explanation.

'The Wish: A Story of Hope, Faith, and Generosity' by Terrence 'Ty' Manns.  The story of a young beloved high school teacher who needs a kidney transplant that is helped by her faith and her students.  

Short Films:

'My Brother's Keeper' by Samantha Norsworthy.  When a forbidden friendhip happens during a time of historical nationwide divide, something wonderful happens.

'Open Hands' by James Burns.  In this Christian Western short film rancher Clay Cain is sentenced to hang after he's found with the body of Luke Owens, a known card shark who swindled Clay's father in a game of cards to obtain the Cain family ranch.  While Clay waits his demise he must deal with the hate he has for Luke and his brother Perry.  

'Harmony' by Enriquez Diaz.  This film tells the story of a young female musician with a mental disorder who struggles with hallucinations and seeks normal relationships with her friends and family.




'The Final Solution' by Brian Ronalds.  Chance? Coincidene? Prophecy? An in-depth examination of the United Nations security ouncil Resolution 666 and how it closely parallels Revelation 13:16-18.  


'The IBUR Connection' by Joe Diamand.  The IBUR Connection is a film about miracles. It was filmed in Israel, the West Bank, Morocco, Ukraine, and Poland. It is a historical spiritual road trip told from the tombs of Saints and Prophets.  At the tombs of the Saints, there is an energy known as an IBUR. When pilgrims go to the Saints at their tombs and ask for miracles, the IBUR helps to make the miracles come true. 


'Turning 60: A Road Trip' by Grant Dixon.  Grant decides to do something different for his 60th birthday and sets out with his wife on a road trip that takes him from Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, to a small regional town in the country's South Island.


Animated Films:

'Agrinoui' by Alexis Chaviaras.  A young mare visits Cyprus to take part in races. Frustrated from failure, she abandons the racetrack after confronting her strict father.  The mare will meet new friends who will try to help her find her courage.


'God's Love Letter' by Terri Bea-Sopher.  This song is about the Bible, God's Love Letter to all of us. 


'Quest for Light: Adventure of the Magi' by Byron Anderson.  Captivated by an extraordinary star, three Persian warrior priests journey along the Silk Road battling evil and struggle with their faith until they are transformed by God on their way to Bethlehem.


'Custom Altarations' by Robert Millett.  Cultures clash when a disposable drunk in search of a new life stumbles into a little Italian Pentecostal Church one Sunday night in South Philadelphia.


'Enemy Witnesses' by Terri Bea-Sopher.  Max Wilson is no longer a prized fighter but he always finds himself in a fight. When he takes on a construction job on the site of a dilapidated dojo, former Pastor Sifu Seayo enlists his help to thwart off would-be treasure hunters seeking a hidden treasure somewhere on the property. Sifu and Max both learn that the Past is the hardest enemy to defeat and win!.


'Echoes of the Hollow' by Barbara West. A young man from Appalachia leaves the shadow of the mountains and embarks on a journey of redemption after being involved in a swinging bridge mishap that causes the death of two young women.


'Ad Nauseam' by Ionnis Vougioukas.  This student script tells the story of a possessive brother, hid sister Mary, and her boyfriend.  When the brother tries to break up his sister and her boyfriend tragedy strikes, and he is forced to relive the tragedy over and over as his punishment.  

Here is the line-up for 30 April 2016:


Official Selections for the 30 April 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

- 'Scattered' by Cyntia Leon.  During the reuniting of old college freinds at a graduation party, a mysterious force takes hold of their reality.  Trapped and frightened, those chosen are forced to face the the dark side of themselves.

- 'Walk on Water: Family Reunion' by Rich Nation.  In this drama/comedy, Lilly lands a job filing court documents for MacKenzie, her friend from the past, only to discover traumatic details about her own childhood that she must now confront.  Meabwhile, MacKenzie must confront her own family as her brother who's a fugitive of justice pressure's her to keep silent about him.  As they look to one another for comfort, both women are forced to come to terms with who they really are spiritually and whether or not they can forgive family members for what they've done to rthem.

- 'The Red Rose' by Ian Woodward is a musical fantasy about a moderen day Alice in Wonderland.  But whereas Alice experiences the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter, the Girl encounters toy soldiers, marching bluebells, a dancing swan...and a Young Man who becomes her Prince Charming.  With music by Tchaikaovsky and a cast of aspiring young dancers choreographed by Jacqueline Harman, THE RED ROSE features brilliant rising stars Jessie Talulah and Nicholas Anscombe in a fanciful tale of youthful whimsy and innocence.

Documentary Filns:

- 'April Zero One' by Marie Cavailles is a documentary filmed in Kiev Ukraine in 2015 which explores young adults and what it is like to be living in the Ukraine in these turbulent times.  Young people in the Ukraine have many freedoms now and the ability to go on the internet and see other parts of the world.  Should they move to Western Europe which has a better eceonomy but is more libeeral, or stay and try and build a life in theri own country which is struggling financially, but is better because it is conservative and religious.  W well done documentary about young people in another part of the world!

Student Films:

- 'I Will Not Fear' by Nick Lindsay and Southern Adventist University is a Student Film which tells the story of Ed Rusk, an Ironman triathlete, who started participating in these races to improve his health.  But when he fell ill during a race, God gave him the encouragement to finish.  In this short documentary, Ed tells a lesson of faith about God's willingness to bring hope amid trial!  

Educational Films:


- 'Fingerprints of the Flood' An education film by Daniel Barwell which shows through teh science of geophysics, Gravity, Magnetism, Satellite Imagery, and Advanced Computer Animation, that the Biblical account of the flood happened exactly as recorded in the scriptures.


- 'Koinonia with God' by Tate Hipps and 'The Dwelling Place Ministries' is an eductaional film diving into how to have an intimate relationship with God.  The film explores the elements of Faith, Humility, Thanksgiving, Transpanrency, and Listening, and does this by having strong Christians explain these elemnts! 




- 'Traces of Eden' by Barbara West tells the story of a restless treasure hunter who secures a seafarer's aged journals and travels to a remote isle for sunken treasure.  When his ship capsizes and he experiences the loss of his son and crew, he doscovers remnants from an ancient paradise which lead him on a mystical, life altering journey where he is transformed by an other worldly encounter!


- 'A Question of Faith' by Terrence 'Ty'' Manns tells the story where a Pastor's life spirals out of control after his act of temptation contributes to the tragic texting and driving accident and death of his 12 year old son.


Here is the line-up for 26 March 2016

Official Selections for the 26 March 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Films:

- 'Message of Hope' by Tom Lee and BLUESKYMAGIC PRODUCTIONS - this awesome feature film tells the story of 6 teenagers,, Sarah - Michael - John - Billy - Bonnie - Bridgette, from an upper-middle-class background, who are under extreme pressure to be successful from parents and society, but in the end the movie shows that the most important things in life are not material possessions and success, but helping others and knowing Jesus.  

- 'Mission Improbable' by Mr. Donald James Parker and SWORD OF THE SPIRIT PUBLISHING - this awesome feature film tells the story of Matthew, a well to do Pastor in a well to do church, who gives up his fabulous lifestyle to become the Director of a rehab center in Crossville, TN, and by so doing discovers what being a Christian is really all about!  This movie was Produced by Mr. Donald James Parker, Directed by Mr. Matthew Perdie, and Edited by Mr. Darren Dixon.  It stars Mr. Collin Brown, Ms. Julie Tapken, Mr. Mike Tinker, and has a special guest appearance by Ms. Kelly Nelon Clark! 

- 'Redemption of the Heart' by Mr. Isaac Meeks and RLT PICTURES - this amazing movie tells the story of Alex Montoya, a young Christian man whose life spirals out of control after he leaves the Faith.  When he reaches bottom, and all hope seems lost, a kind man named Jacob helps him to turn back to Jesus and straighten out his life!  This movie shows us first that no matter what we have done, it is never too late to turn our lives around and come back to God and the Church!  Secondly, it shows us over and over during the movie that as Christians we need to give people second chances and forgive them, because that is what Jesus did for each of us!  The movie was Written and Directed by Isaac Meeks and Sandon Yahn, Music by Todd Maki, Edited by Sandon Yahn, and stars Crister De Leon, Melissa Dixon, David Morales, and Joe Lambert!  The colorist was Dennis Thomas, and songs were by Angie DeNicholas, Antwon King, Mike Lifquist, Mark Musuka, Manuel, Luke Page, and Sean Dee!  

- 'Fourth World' by David Bolt - this powerful feature film, inspired by true events, is a fast paced adventure in the dark underworld where poverty, gangs, and drugs have taken over; but there is hope even in the darkest places when good people help out the helpless!  The movie was brought to life by David Bolt (Producer and Director), Brandon Campbell (Music), Lacey Scott (Producer), Steve Bolt (Producer), Tom Pfingsten (Producer), Michael Bayer (Producer), Cheryl McKay (Consulting Producer), Brian Godawa (Writer), Austin Sheeley (Writer), Jonathan Dillon (Editor), and stars James Kyson (Legion), Andrew Cheney (Hudson), Kaitlin Cheung (Rubilyn), Brian Fong (Laz), and Jennifer Klekas (Elena)!!

Short Films:

-  'Adoration: A Natural History' by Mr. Ian Woodward and ENCORE Films, ‘Adoration’, a wildlife docudrama by lifelong English naturalist Ian Woodward, is a portrait of the countryside seen through the seasons, its fauna and flora, and through the eyes of Nature Woman. Although ‘Adoration’ is ostensibly a film about the seasons, there is also a hidden religious message. This wonderful educational film was Written and Directed by Mr. Ian Woodward, Camera and Editor Mr. Ian Woodward, and Stars Ms. Kim May as Nature Woman.




- 'The Phoenix: Hope is Rising' by Phillip Gioja is an impactful documentary about an Illinois homeless shelter called the Phoenix House or C-U at Home which struggles to stay within the law and help as many homeless people as they can.  It was created by Phillip Gioja (Director), Isaac Musgrove (Cinematographer), Ryan Marshall (Production Assistant),Steve Gioja (Drone Pilot), and stars from the Phoenix House Melany Jackson, Tony Contois, Stephanie Lee, and Dan Denton.  




- 'Sandal's Acre' by Phillip Dorr.  This awesome script tells the story of Sandal Woods the poor struggling foreman at an orange grove, and Remi Razlund the rich owner who, in ordering the destruction of Sandal's unkempt acre of herbs and medicinal plants, ends up destroying his only chance at life!    

Here is the line-up for the 27 February 2016 Film Festival:

Official Selections for the 27 February 2016 Christian Film Festival:

Feature Flms:

- 'The Jewelry Box' by Guillermo Fossa Olandi and DOXA FILMS.  This amazing feature film is about newly married Sofia and Alejandro, who because they are chasaing all this world has to offer, make some wrong decisions, and it costs them dearly.  But we see in the end no matter what you have done, you are never too far gone to be restored to God and those around you who love you.   The film was Directed by Mr. Guillermo Fossa Olandini, Executive Producer is Ms. Ariel Colacilli, Sodia was played by Ms. Nahilin Gaitan, and Alejandrio was played by Mr. Andres Giunta!

Short Films:

- 'a prodigal' by Alex Philippi and Plumbline Productions!  This amazing short film and reenactment of one of Jesus' parables was written and Directed by Alex Philippi and stars Alex Philippi and Wolfgang Philippi!

- 'I'll Walk with God' by Ian Woodward and ENCORE Films!  This wonderful short film and musical romance was Written and Directed by Ian Woodward, and stars Norman Bowman, Virginia Byron, and Claire Heverin!

Student Films:

- 'This Path' by Ms. Nasim Bowlus!  Whutney Vesterfelt is not unlike any 23-year-old songwriter.  She owns an ipod full of songs, some written by her and some by others.  But lately she has kept one song on repeat.  Originally intended for someone else, this song reflects the path she now finds herself on.  Her song, entitled 'The Path', illustrates the strength found in suffering - something  Whitney knows all too well.  This film was Produced, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Ms. Nasim Bowlus.  It stars Ms. Whitney Vesterfelt, the singer-songwriter, Mr. Allen Vesterfelt, Whitney's Husband, and Ms. Darla Rakes, Whutney;s Mom.  Light and Sound was done by Bryan Campbell and Dominic Silva.  Music, including the song 'This Path'. by Ms. Whitney Vesterfelt.  

- 'A Step Beyond' by Ryan Murchison and WHITE RAZOR FILMS!  This amazing film shows what happens when you choose the 'wrong' path in life.  This modern version of one of Jesus' most memorable parables, about the good straight and narrow path which leads to life, versus the wrong wide easy path which leads to destruction, was Written and Directed by Ryan Murchison, and stars Matthew Buren as Nick, Kenyai O Neal as Jacob, Amy Norvell as the evil Angel leading people down the wrong path to destruction, and Jack Rochelle as the good Angel leading people down the good path to life.  It also has a special song 'Christ is the Way' by Evan Edwards.  

Music Videos:

- 'Melpomeme' by Thespina Patronas; Director Michael Felanis; Assistant Director Kostas Dimakis; Produced by DREAMPIX Productions; Music 'Melpomeni' was by Thespina Music; Cast: Thespina Patrona-Danezi & Marios Drosos


- 'Wings of a Dove' by Mr Jerry Thompson and BIGDOGFILMS tells the amazing story of Elbert Dove Thompson and his great American family as they come through the depression, Worl War II, and on to the present!  It stars Jerry Thompson, Billy Swain, Kirsten Thompson, J Tyler Thompson,, and Shawn Culp.

- 'The Blessing for the Land of Egypt' by Mr. Ashraf Adel Aziz.  This fascinating documentary details the sites the Joseph, Mary, and Jesus went to while they were in Egypt after fleeing Herod.  It also shows video footage from a church dedicated to Mary in Maadi Cairo Egypt one of the places they stayed at.


- 'The Tribute' by Mr. Mike Reid. This awesome screenplay tells the story of a young woman who ends up living the life she desperately 'needed', not the life she desperately 'wanted' to have.

- 'NuJay's E.W.C: You Better Recognize' by Mr. Zivan Holloway Jr.  This amazing script for a mini film tells a story about reaching out to non-Christians in love, not judgement.

- 'The Forgiveness Dance' by Ms. Judy Belshe-Toernblom.  This awesome script for a feature film tells a story about forgiveness.