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CBA 2023 Awards
Christian Book Award Winners for 2023!


Below are the 2023 Christian Book Award Winners!

CBA Winners for the 1 January 2023 CBAs:

‘The Land of Good Dreams’ by Tammy Thompson. Just when she lost everything, a mysterious world of light welcomes her in. For Samantha, life isn’t fair, not even close. Now in new foster care, and a new school, emptiness and loneliness consume her.

‘Hope Holds You’ by Tammy Thompson. An inspirational illustrated book on what it means to hold onto hope.

‘Christmas -The Greatest Story Ever Told: 25-Day Devotional Celebrating the Events Surrounding the Birth of Jesus’ by Vernita Simmons. Let the depth of Jesus’ love and peace of His presence fill your heart this Christmas season. Many of us have Christmas traditions that we pass down from generation to generation. So, during this hectic season, somehow, many have overlooked the true blessing of Christmas. This glorious holiday brought us something more precious than; the traditional customs many use to honor this rare occasion. Still, in this heartfelt masterpiece, Christmas -The Greatest Story Ever Told, a 25-day devotional captures the miraculous events surrounding the birth of Jesus.