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CBA 2023 Awards
Christian Book Award Winners for 2023!


Below are the 2023 Christian Book Award Winners!

CBA Winners for the 1 October 2023 CBAs:

‘Sofia’s Beauty’ by Brenda Gates. Sofia is trapped in an abusive marraige but refuses to leave because her evil husband owns a modeling magazine and she is addicted to the lifestyle, status, and money he provides. Her life is turned upside down when she wakes up in the 1800’s as a single woman with no money. As she begins life anew in this strange tough time, she meets wonderful people who teach her what life is really about! What is God trying to show her, and what choices will she make?

‘Time To Really Live Free’ by Darlene Gaston. What does it mean to ‘live free in Christ’? Why would Jesus tell us to ‘go and sin no more’ knowing that we sin every day? Are you tired of beating yourself up because you can’t live up to your ideal of what it means to be a good Christian? This book explores these important topics and will help you find your freedom in Christ, because it is time to really live free!

‘The Door Is Open’ by Darlene Gaston. Jesus opened the door for the whole world, the entire human race, for all time, and invited all of us to live in God's portion. When we know that we know for 100 percent surety, within our core values, that God loves us no matter what, then we walk like we are loved 100 percent, and this is how everything else follows.This book explores these important topics and will help you understand these things and more!

‘Liam McTrium Series: Fear at the Museum’ by Julienne Lingle. Join Liam McTriumand his friends as they learn about God's promises together through many trials and adventures.

‘Calington Castle 1: Learning to Love the Truth’ by Richard Feller. An action adventure book series set in Medieval times for kids and parents to read together which highlights themes of ‘having integrity’ and ‘doing the right thing no matter the consequences’ and ‘what is truth and how do we know the truth is’! Set around a kingdom that is crumbling from the inside, KING HENRY, the protector of Calingtonand carrier of the light, has now fallen under an evil person’s influence, and his son, PRINCE LIAM, is forced to travel outside the kingdom to find the truth behind what is going on and why. However there is a bigger battle being waged behind the scenes, and LIAM is the dividing object of these forces affections!

‘The Planet Blue: The Adventures of Harry Lee and Bingo’ by Johnny Walker. The Planet Blue - a children’s story teaching about love, respect and God. Harry Lee and Bingo travel from the PLANET BLUE to earth to help earth children learn about nature and the beauty of the world God created.

‘Quest for a King’ by Gary Ivey. This first book in the ‘Age of the Kingdom’ series is a fictional telling based on actual Biblical accounts that follows several generations of multiple families in the time when Israel first decided to have a king. A catastrophic battle sets in motion events that birth Israel's first monarchy, but the king's fecklessness puts the fate of the nation in doubt. Can Israel's fledgling kingdom survive attacks from without and rivals within?

‘JOB'S VICTORIES - A DEVOTIONAL: inspirations for overcoming trials’ by REV Jim Darnell. A devotional with 224 daillysegments focusing on healing, a new way of thinking, and how to discover God’s thrill along the way!

‘LIGHTNING BUTTERFLIES: CATCHING THE TELEPORTATION BUG’ by Dawn Renee Darnell and Jim Darnell. Deep in the jungles of Africa, discovering the secrets of the lightning butterflies winds itself through coercion to reveal the mysteries of teleportation, escapes, captures, a legendary faith, witchcraft, comical personalities, being framed for bank heists, love, predictions of doom, caught between crooks and tormentors; and most of all, the preparing of hearts for God’s miracles. African events are based on actual experiences, real places, and true legends. A clean Christian Novel!

‘SCHOOLHOUSE DOGS: FACE LIFE’ by Dawn Renee Darnell and REV Jim Darnell. The escapades of 12 puppies in an action-packed, fast-paced adventure starting on the first day of school. The puppies face bullying, bad teachers, boy humor, and girl chitchat with some hilarious scenes. Through forgiveness, acceptance, commitment to selfless giving, and encouragement, friendships are made!

‘The Gospel of the Four: A Unique Conflation of the Four Gospels into a Single Continuous Narrative, Explicated by the Author's Commentary’ by Peter Boaz Jones. What started out as a small project to document the 42 miracles of Jesus recorded in the New Testament of the has turned into much more! This well researched and scholarly presentation of The Gospel of the Four shows how all four texts parallel each other intrinsically without the anomalies frequently and erroneously mentioned by many even devoted believers. It is a complete synchronization of the Synoptic Gospels with the Gospel of John, which takes account of all the relevant arguments relating to this particular subject.

CBA Winners for the 1 July 2023 CBAs:

‘Feebee and the Hero's Path’ by Trey Williams. A family friendly kids adventure where ten year old Feebee and her faithful velociraptor friend Priss-zilla go on an epic adventure to save her family from an evil giant named Og!

‘Adaline and Yorky: Learning to Be Kind’ by Julienne Lingle. A family friendly kids book where Adaline and and her friend Yorky the unicorn find it hard to be friends with a bragging Alice. Will they be able to follow the Bible and learn to be kind?




‘Because of You, I Lost Everything! True Stories Told from the Eyes of a Missionary Kid’ by REV Jim Darnell. A first hand account of the author’s many bizarre and amazing adventures growing up in Africa as the son of missionaries!

CBA Winners for the 1 April 2023 CBAs:

‘Fight or Flight: Double O'Two Mysteries’ by Double Blessing Ja’Naya and Jay’Den-Alexis. A family friendly kids adventure where young detectives Miss, Madam, and their faithful sidekick Deputy take the case to solve a murder mystery in the United States!

‘Check and Mate: Double O'Two Mysteries’ by Double Blessing Ja’Naya and Jay’Den-Alexis. A family friendly kids adventure where young detectives Miss, Madam, and their faithful sidekick Deputy take the case to solve a mystery in Paris France!

CBA Winners for the 1 January 2023 CBAs:

‘The Land of Good Dreams’ by Tammy Thompson. Just when she lost everything, a mysterious world of light welcomes her in. For Samantha, life isn’t fair, not even close. Now in new foster care, and a new school, emptiness and loneliness consume her.

‘Hope Holds You’ by Tammy Thompson. An inspirational illustrated book on what it means to hold onto hope.

‘Christmas -The Greatest Story Ever Told: 25-Day Devotional Celebrating the Events Surrounding the Birth of Jesus’ by Vernita Simmons. Let the depth of Jesus’ love and peace of His presence fill your heart this Christmas season. Many of us have Christmas traditions that we pass down from generation to generation. So, during this hectic season, somehow, many have overlooked the true blessing of Christmas. This glorious holiday brought us something more precious than; the traditional customs many use to honor this rare occasion. Still, in this heartfelt masterpiece, Christmas -The Greatest Story Ever Told, a 25-day devotional captures the miraculous events surrounding the birth of Jesus.